Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 24th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 24th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Surya Dev is in the Devsabha. Hanuman waits for him at Surya Loka.

Varun dev says it is wrong that a vanar kid should be given education, and not to a Dev’s son. Surya Dev is being biased to Hanuman. Vayu Dev adds that Hanuman is not an ordinary kid but Rudra-ansh. Varun Dev knows it pretty well. But he is a vanar kid after all. My son should get education before him. I wont let his training complete if Surya Dev will continue to do so. Surya Dev asks him if he is challenging him. Varun Dev affirms.

Narad ji exclaims this is what happens when Rahu rules over you. Varun Dev himself has no idea what he is saying at the moment!

Surya Dev reasons he never acts partial with anyone. I myself test them. If Gav was good enough then he would have been trained before

Hanuman. No one has raised a question on my training till date! Varun Dev says I do it today. You are being partial by training Hanuman. We all know he helped you when Ravan had held you as captive. This is how you are paying him back. Agni Dev points out that his behaviour is wrong. Indra Dev says even Jayant’s education isn’t happening right now. I have no problem with it. Varun Dev insists that that should have been a concern. Surya Dev says the test measures the capability of the disciple and Guru both. Varun Dev says I don’t know what test you took of my son Gav. You dint take the test before me. Surya Dev has a solution which can prove out which kid is better.

Ravan is happy to know about the competition. Rahu and Ravan discuss how they shouldn’t let Hanuman win in this competition. Rahu worries about Hanuman’s mayavi powers. Gav has no such powers. Ravan says he will have them, if he doesn’t have them now. I will make him powerful. I will give him powers. After gaining them, Gav will easily defeat that vanar kid!

Surya Dev returns to Surya LOka. Hanuman asks him what decision was taken in the Devsabha. You will train me, right? Surya Dev replies that his further education is in his hands only. He informs Hanuman about a competition between Hanuman and Varun Dev’s son. Whoever will succeed in this competition will be accepted as my disciple. Are you ready for it? Hanuman nods. I am ready for any sort of competition. I have to complete my education. Surya Dev is impressed with his spirit.

Varun Dev guides Gav regarding the competition. Ravan comes there. Varun Dev is surprised to see him there. Ravan says I can go anywhere on my will. I have come to bless Gav. His win isn’t certain without it. He needs mayavi powers, which only I can give him. Gav asks his father why he should take any help from Ravan. Varun Dev reasons that right now Ravan has come here to help him. This isn’t wrong. Gav greets Ravan then. Ravan gives him mayavi mudrika. It will determine your success. Gav takes it from him. Varun Dev thinks he can do anything for his son. I can even befriend Ravan for it. Ravan guides Gav how to use it. Just press it before the competition starts. The powers will do the work. Gav is over confident of his win. Ravan points out that he can use it only once. If you use it again then the effect can be negative too. Gav says I understood. Thank you. Varun Dev thanks him for his timely help. Ravan only wants Hanuman to realise how useless he is. His defeat will hint at Gav’s future and at my victory. You too will have to do something for me. Varun Dev looks tensed.

Everyone has gathered to see the competition. Varun Dev and Gav reach just then. Hanuman greets Varun Dev but he does not even look at him. Gav smiles as he touches the mudrika. Hanuman wont be able to save himself from this. Indra Dev speaks about the competition that they have come to attend here. Whichever kid will be the winner will get training from Surya Dev. Surya Dev will say what it is. Varun Dev wants the competition should be tough. It should help us analyse the potential of both the kids. He thinks once Surya Dev decides something tough, I will do what Ravan told me to do. Surya Dev thinks he will keep such a competition that Varun Dev will withdraw from the competition on his own. He announces the competition. The kids have to get the flag out of Kal-Kumbha. Whichever kid succeeds in it, will become my disciple.

Vayu Dev is taken aback. No one has come out of Kal-Kumbha alive. Be it a Dev putra, Rishi’s son or Gandharva’s son. Everyone who went inside, got stuck there as a prisoner. Agni Dev too thinks the competition is tough. The soldiers guarding the Kal Kumbha are brave warriors. It isn’t easy to defeat them. Suggest something else. Surya Dev speaks of Varun Dev’s wish. This challenge is actually tough. If either of the kid is scared to go there then they can withdraw their names and end the challenge.

Precap: Hanuman and Gav start the competition.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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