Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 24th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 24th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vayu Dev requests Tridev to give Maruti his life back. Devraj Indra greets them all. No one is happy to see him but simply nods in reply.

Anjana and Kesari are in their house temple. She sends the daasi’s to make food for Maruti. He will ask for it as soon as he is back. We must not fall back on anything. I will make everything for him today. Kesari is very much concerned for her. He sits down before the Shivlinga. Please save our son. Please return him to us hale and hearty. Vrikshraj comforts him. Lord Shiva will surely get Maruti back all safely. Be patient. Kesari recalls the happier times. This palace was filled with his laughter every day. His mesmerizing smile, voice, the palace was all active all the time. It is so silent today! Vrikshraj suggests him to be strong

as he has to handle Anjana too. She is a mother. Kesari replies that both mother and father have the same feelings but a father has to pretend to be strong. I am equally worried for him. Vrikshraj agrees. If you lose patience then everything will be over. Kesari hopes that Anjana’s belief wins!

Devraj Indra calls Maruti discourteous. I kept trying to tell him, to make him understand and to stop him but he dint pay heed. No one has broken rules till date like he has done by swallowing the sun. What else was I supposed to do? You (Lord Vishnu) only tell me, how will a kid who breaks all the Maryadas can be a helper of Maryada Purshottam Rama? He turns to Mahadev. Vayu Dev wants Maruti to be alive again just so his word stays. But if we do so then we will be breaking the law of nature.

Anjana is cooking food herself. Everyone comes there to see what’s happening. She notices the daasi’s standing in a corner quietly. Get back to your work. I couldn’t satiate his hunger earlier only. If it happens again then I wont leave any of you. Her mother breaks down. Anjana rushes to her side. Don’t cry Ma. He will come. Why do you all look so sad? My son will come. Vayu Dev has promised me that he will bring him back safely before lotus withers away. I have faith. Why aren’t you all understanding it or trusting me? Kesari agrees to believe in her belief. Your motherly love will bring us to him. He will fill our lives once again. I have faith he will come back all hale and hearty.

Maruti’s friends write down a wish on the stone – please send our friend safely to us. They wish / pray together and then pour it in the water. We don’t like anything without him. They recall the old times when they all used to play together. Neel comforts both his friends not to lose hope.

Ma Parvati tells Indra Dev to stop. Don’t try to justify your act by talking about rules. He is no Asura or had attacked you that you used Vajra on him. He reasons that he did what a Devraj was supposed to do. She reasons that this position only has made him arrogant. You couldn’t realise that it was one of his leelas. She asks Mahadev to do justice. I am sure you will return Maruti his life. Vayu Dev too has his hopes pined on him. Indra Dev says Mahadev could have brought Dev Sati back to life if he had to but he dint! If I went against the rules of nature and punished this kid then I am here before you. You can kill me. But if I have done what was my duty then it will be wrong to change what I have done. Brahma Dev explains about laws of nature to Vayu Dev. Boon of life cannot be given to Maruti without Indra Dev vouching for it or it will be against Dev Maryada.

Suddenly wind starts blowing. Anjana looks at the lotus flower. Please save my son. Everyone says the same after her.

Mahadev says Maruti is my ansh but I too have to follow the rules / law of nature. Rules are not made to be broken. Devraj Indra is relieved. Mahadev says rules should be strict but they should have a place for pity and mercy too. Devraj too knows it. it is important that the fear of punishment stays so everything runs smoothly. If I say in favour of this kid’s life then no one will be scared of me anymore. Vayu Dev tells them that they can follow the rules diligently then. The people bound by rules can only realise others’ pain when they themselves have to go through it. He looks at the Tridev pointedly and disappears with Maruti.

A mother can have mercy on everyone, love everyone and can bear anything but she cannot take it when her kid is in some problem. It is way too much for her to handle.

Anjana stands up in shock as she notices the change in lotus. My son is a little kid. Please help him. Forgive him thinking him to be a kid if he does something wrong. He is too small which is why he doesn’t know what’s wrong or right. Punish me if you have to! I am here but don’t give him any pain. Give all his pains to me. He is too small, please don’t punish him. Sugriv and everyone eye the flower sadly. She remembers Vayu Dev’s promise. She screams out loud as the flower withers away. The lotus has withered! Her voice echoes all around the world and all the lokas.

Precap: Anjana asks Bholenath the meaning behind the diyas blowing off on their own. I promise you, if a woman can give birth to someone and start the world then she is capable enough to end it too!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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