Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 23rd September 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 23rd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sunderkand
Raavan tells his commander that the revenge for his sons shall be taken his son, when he gets hanuman, defeats him and brings him right to his feet where he rightfully belongs. mandodari and aditi watch tensedly. raavan wonders if Aksh too would be defeated by hanuman laden with the lord’s powers, and gets tensed. Mandodari emotionally wonders where would this war lead.

MEanwhile, hanuman descends down on the ground, while raavan’s son happily watches. Lord Indra is tensed, as the weather delapidates, and sita gets boggled, while the other demons are tensed too. she calls out to rama to protect hanuman. the message reaches him and he opens his eyes. hanuman meanwhile has memories of blessings of rama, and as rama’s

voice asks him to get up, he opens his eyes and gets up with vigour. he chants lord rama’s name loudly, and then takes his flight, while raavan’s son gets tensed, as he eyes him. hanuman commends that for the first time, someone his stature has been sent by raavan. both eye the other’s enemy, and hanuman deduces that he is the prince. the lords and naarad watch tensedly. Aksh gives his intro, and talks about his grand powers. hanuman says that his idea is working, and now raavan is sending his sons, and his motive shall be fulfilled. hanuman shows the courageous gada and the magical tail. he appears in grand form, that scares aksh. hanuman asks if he got scared but aksha stays defiant. they start their duel, as aksh barges arrows, while hanuman tightens his grip on the gada to thwart the attempt. he finds that the arrows are poisnous, but he manages to outsmart all the moves. aksh then starts his demonic weapons, but to his dismay, hanuman thwarts those attempts too. Aksh tensedly thinks that hanuman is centred on his weapon, and whilst he aims the other, hanuman would miss it. but hanuman notices it, as it approaches. aksh waits to see what happened. hanuman uses his one weapon on the other, to defeat aksh. hanuman’s courage, makes aksh think that he needs to act smart. he starts circling around him in great speed, and hanuman is boggled. akash traps hanuman in a whirlwind of arrows, while he tries to think of a way to get out of it. but he is sure that evil powers can never win over good intentions and measures. aksh guffaws as hanuman stands stuck. he chants LOrd rama’s name, as a solution. he comes in diminished form and easily gets past the arrow’s trap, as he rises high up in the sky. once all the arrows dissipate, hanuman returns back in the grand avatar.

Meanwhile, the demons rush and give this news to trijata, that upsets sita as she hears it. the demons ridicule trijata’s warnings and say that hanuman’s end is near. they taunt sita, that now hanuman shall be defeated and killed by akash, but she is sure that hanuman, blessed by rama himself, shall not be stopped. the demons hear tensedly. aksh tries yet another powerful weapon, while hanuman thoroughly enjoys it. he throws it at hanuman, but to his surprise, it gets past hanuman without hurting him, and goes straight towards where sita is seated in the Ashok Gardens, whil sits sits smiling, oblivious to all this. he thinks that the looming danger shall unnecessarily upset sita, and he has to stop it with his own body, and takes the flight to outrun the weapon, before it hits sita. he appears in the pathway, in grand form and chants Lord Rama’s name. the weapon approaches and aksh wonders why is he so upset at saving the woman, that he doesnt even care for his life, by coming in the path of his weapon. hanuman’s body turns into steel, as he chants lord rama’s name, preparing himself to face the weapon. the screen freezes on his face.


Precap: Raavan is sure that his brave son shall defeat hanuman and kill him, and avenge the death of warriros. meanwhile aksh confronts hanuman, and showing him a weapon, says that this is directed at him, and if he manages to stop it, then he shall go to that lady and himself see that she meets her doom. hanuman stands tensedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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