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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 23rd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman thinks that all the Gods left first but still Ganesha ji came first. How? Anjana clears that the competition wasn’t of a race but of mind. This is the secret that the Gods couldn’t understand. Hanuman too is confused. Anjana resumes the story. The race was on.

Kartikeya and Indra Dev are in a tough competition with each other. They also are very confident that they will win over another.

Lord Ganesha is still in Kailash.

Hanuman calls it impossible as Ganesha ji got stuck at Kailash only. Anjana suggests him to hear the entire story first.

Nandi feels bad for Ganesh. If only he would have listened to me! Ganesh comes to where his parents are sitting. Ma Parvati asks the reason for his returning to Kailash without completing the competition.

Lord Ganesha greets his parents and seeks their blessings. Nandi is curious as to how will he win the competition now as everyone has been way ahead of him. Lord Ganesh begins to take a round around his parents while sitting on his carriage (Mouse). Nandi is confused. Why is Ganesh bhaiya taking a round around you and not the world?

The other Gods continue competing with each other in space.

Lord Ganesha completes his round. Kartikeya reaches Kailash first. I won as I came back first! Devraj Indra is next. An excited Kartikeya touches his parents’ feet.

Hanuman points out that Kartikeya ji came first. Why are you saying that Ganesh ji won? Anjana replies that only is the knowledge which the entire world must understand.

Nandi announces that Shiv-putr won. Lord Shiva nods. This is truth that my son only won in this competition. Indra Dev accepts his defeat to Kartikeya. Kartikeya tells Ganesha that he gave a fitting reply to Devraj. He was teasing you a while ago about your carriage. Ganesha says I did compete. Kartikeya takes it as a joke. You came back before me? Lord Shiva affirms. It is true that Shiv-putr only has won but it is Ganesha who has won. Kartikeya wonders how it can be. He was not there in the race! Lord Shiva shares that Ganesha took 3 rounds. He has proved it that whoever uses their brains always wins. Kartikeya still cannot understand the connection of brain with this competition. Lord Shiva says I had told that one has to take round of the world. If you had used your brain then you would have understood the secret behind my words. You measure strength when the source and people are equal to one another in all aspects. Ganesha understood my point and took 3 rounds around us. Ma Parvati adds that a kid’s world is his parents. This is the ultimate truth. Whoever respects his parents deserves to get respect in return. That only is the Pratham-Pujya. Lord Shiva gives the right of Pratham-Pujya to Lord Ganesha. Kartikeya realises the meaning of his parents’ words and appreciates Ganesha. Ma Parvati remarks that Ganesha will be prayed to first before doing anything auspicious.

It is true that parents are the world of a kid. No one can come to world without their parents. Ganesha proved it. One should always serve their parents and not misbehave with them. It is their utmost duty. Nothing can be bigger than that. This world is a karma-bhumi. Whoever comes in the world has to do their karmas too. One cannot only serve others and forget all about their karmas. The one who balances both the things nicely deserves to be respected and loved.

Anjana asks Hanuman if he learnt something from the story. Hanuman nods. Brain is greater than strength. Parents are a kid’s world. Gods too bless those kids who treat their parents with respect and serve them. They bless such kids too. He gets an idea. He takes her with him and then makes her sit next to his father.

Hanuman takes a round around his parents. His Nani asks him about it. He replies that he is walking around my world, my God, my everything – my parents. This is why I am taking a round around them. Anjana and Kesari are touched by this gesture. He kneels down before them to seek their blessings. I bow down before my Gods! All the Gods from above bless them.

Precap: Anjana cannot understand why Urvashi is addressing her as Punjisthala. Urvashi makes her touch her anklets / Ghungroos. Anjana recalls everything. She steps back in shock. Urvashi shares Devraj Indra’s order with her. You will have to return to Swarg Loka now! Anjana looks at the anklet in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Nic episode,nice learnings nice story of Lord Ganesha how he took rounds around Shivji and Ma Parvati and even Hanuman enjoyed it……

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