Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 23rd October 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 23rd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman rests his head in his mother’s lap. I cannot sleep these days as my mother forgets to sing his favourite lullaby for him. Please sing it for me today. Marjarika gets worried. Please sing the same lullaby that you always sing. I will sleep peacefully then. Marjarika tries to divert his attention to the change in temperature. He cools the room by twirling on the floor. Strong wind blows in the room. Marjarika closes her eyes peacefully.

Ravan meets Chandra Dev. Rahu, Ketu and Shukra have already changed their direction for me. Now it is your turn. You will have to listen to me or else I will have to make you agree to it forcefully. Chandra Dev reasons that they cannot give up on the responsibilities appointed by Tridev. Ravan firmly tells him that he will have to do

it. They start attacking one another using their special powers. Neither of them is able to hurt the other.

Hanuman walks up to his mother. I have arranged for wind. Now you should sing the lullaby for me. Marjarika is tensed. I have never sung one. How do I sing today? Atibal thinks that Marjarika will be caught today. I should go. Hanuman insists that today his mother will have to sing lullaby for him. She sings one for him. He laughs hearing it. Which lullaby are you singing? What has happened to you? Have you changed, Ma? She thinks that maybe she got caught today. Atibal ran away too. If Hanuman doubts me then he wont spare me. He has killed so many Asuras. Hanuman repeats that she has changed. I understood everything. Marjarika thinks that her time is up. It is better to die by his hands instead of dying by Ravan’s hands. Hanuman says nothing can be hidden from me.

Ravan praises himself and his powers before Chandra Dev. You will fight with me? All your attacks will fail! Chandra Dev pushes some meteor his way but Ravan pushes them towards earth instead. It is impossible to shake a mountain by throwing meteors at it. Now they will create destruction on earth because of you! I will have to use Shiv ji’s given weapon to get you under my control if you don’t join hands with me now. Chandra Dev accepts his defeat. Ravan laughs evilly.

Hanuman says I know why you sung the other lullaby. He holds her hand to make her sit back on the bed. I have understood that you are unwell. Marjariks nods. I have headache. He asks her to rest her head in his lap. I have a solution for all your problems. I will sing the same lullaby for you which you always sing for me. You will sleep peacefully. Marjarika keeps her head in Hanuman’s lap and Hanuman sings the lullaby. In Indra Loka, Anjana thinks of how she used to sing lullaby to her son to put him to sleep. Marjarika is a little irked but slowly falls asleep. Anjana misses Hanuman. She cries.

Marjarika was so lucky to rest in Hanuman’s lap. If the love is true then even an Asur becomes a good person. Hanuman’s love is pure. Whoever gets lucky to get his love will definitely sleep peacefully.

Kesari looks at Hanuman and Anjana as they both sleep together. He caresses Hanuman’s head. I am very lucky to have a son like you and also to have a devoted / honest wife like you. He covers them with a duvet. You are a lot troubled these days Anjana which is why you are behaving differently. Everything will be fine soon, don’t worry! He leaves from there.

The meteors are about to collide with earth.

Ravan asks Chandra Dev to move from his way. Chandra Dev points out that it will be wrong if he changes his position. That ways, the ocean and all the other Jal Tatvas will create massive destruction on earth. It will be wrong. Ravan wants this only! You are under my control now. You will have to oblige me. Move from your destined path. Chandra Dev shifts. The effect of the same can be seen on earth immediately. Ravan is glad that he has 4 planets on his side now. The effects of the same can be seen on earth already. But that vanar kid hasn’t interfered in it so far. This means Marjarika has kept him occupied. I am so happy! Now it is the time to get the rest of the planets under my control.

Precap: Earthquake comes in Sumeru and strong wind blows. Kesari is clueless as to what is happening since last few days. Hanuman flies away towards the sky.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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