Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 23rd November 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 23rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

One of the powers, which Hanuman had pushed away, is about to hit the bubble / Rishivar. Yakshraj says now I will show you how you will get defeated by your own attacks that you will make on me. Either you will be responsible for Rishi’s death or you will be cursed by him. Hanuman looks up at the bubble in which Rishivar is doing tapasya. Hanuman thinks that things will go wrong this way. Hanuman flies up and catches hold of that power. He throws it on the floor. Yakshraj looks on shocked. The floor shakes and so does he. Hanuman comes down. Yakshraj says you did a good job but you wont be able to save yourself now. Yakshraj attacks Hanuman again. Hanuman jumps and pushes it back at him. The two soldiers standing behind him dies.

Ravan looks at the brave fighters his FIL

has brought. My army has a lot better men than this. Why do you think they are special? His FIL shares that these Asuras are supposed to die by Narayan’s Nar avatar only. They will sacrifice their lives for you. Ravan understands the logic. This would mean that whichever person dies, will hint at that person to be Narayan’s Nar avatar. His FIL nods. They cannot die by anyone else’s hands. Ravan tries to kill one of them using his swords but the guy simply disappears. Ravan looks at his FIL.

Yakshraj gets angry. Enough! Hanuman gets caught in one of Yakshraj’s powers. A black cloud of smoke makes it impossible for him to even shift a little. Urvashi feels bad for putting Hanuman in trouble.

Ravan stabs one Asura but his wound disappears the next second. Ravan is shocked. He tries hurting other Asuras too but nothing affects them. Ravan smirks. You are right FIL. They will get killed by Narayan’s Nar Avatar only! Now their death will tell me the whereabouts of that Narayan’s Nar Avatar. Now he cannot hide himself from me for long. Save yourself if you can. I am coming to kill you!

Urvashi blames herself for Hanuman’s condition. I did so wrong with him. It wouldn’t have happened if I would have let him meet Indra Dev. His powers would still have been with him. How will he defeat this mayavi Yakshraj! Yakshraj mocks Hanuman. I have heard you are called Sankat Mochan. You yourself got into trouble. It will be a thing to see if you free yourself from this problem or get all the more entangled in it! Use force. Hanuman tries but in vain. Rishiraj opens his eyes. He calls out for Yakshraj angrily. You kidnapped me and broke my tapasya. Now no one can save you from my anger! You will burn because of my curse. Hanuman greets him. He requests him to calm down. Don’t let your tapasya go to waste. I will handle him. I will free you and Urvashi Massi. Yakshraj laughs. See what happens with you (Hanuman) now. Hanuman looks at the stairs. Yakshraj challenges him to save himself.

Kesari comes to his room. I heard some sound coming from here. He looks around but cannot see anyone. Nani says maybe some wild animal was nearby. There is jungle nearby. Kesari talks to Marjarika about some Sankat. He said Hanuman has gone to help one of his loved ones. They hear some noise again. Marjarika thinks of Atibal whom she had locked in a trunk. She goes towards the room. Kesari advises her to be careful. Kesari follows Anjana (Marjarika) and Nani. They find the tunk empty. This surprises Marjarika. Kesari asks them about the noise. Marjarika gives the same excuse. Kesari nods and leaves. Marjarika and Nani leave as well. Atibal comes out from behind a big antique peace. She locked me in a trunk! Now I will show her what I do. I will tell Lankesh everything. He himself will punish her.

Hanuman continues with his attempts to free himself. Urvashi and Rishivar look on. Rishivar thinks Hanuman got stuck in such a big Sankat yet he is talking about taking me from here. His confidence is worth praising. What will he do though? Hanuman thinks that these chains have gotten all the tighter.

Yakshraj attacks Hanuman using another power of his. Hanuman shouts as he gets hurt. Yakshraj laughs. His happiness is short lived though as Hanuman gets free. He looks at Hanuman all shocked. He broke those chains! Now I will have to use my special powers on you. You wont be able to save yourself from them. Hanuman asks him to save himself from Sakha first. He tells Sakha to teach a lesson to Yakshraj.

Precap: Yakshraj talks of engaging Hanuman in Yaksh-vyuh. Kesari prays for Hanuman’s safety. Urvashi knows how dangerous Yaksh-vyuh is. Even Gods have trouble with it. What will happen to him?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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