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The kids keep eating all the ladoos. Hanuman tells his friends he will just be back. I will check on Sugriv Bhaiya and come. They ask for one more plate of ladoo before allowing him to go. Hanuman agrees. He steals more plates of ladoos. Nani wonders aloud what’s happening. We are making ladoos constantly but they aren’t increasing. Anjana wonders if it is Hanuman. But he isn’t around!

Vali (The Asura in disguise) acts before Sugriv. I am ashamed of what I have done. I hurt my own brother. I wont be able to look into your eyes. I am neither worth calling a brother nor son. I jailed my own father with these very hands. I hurt my mother badly. These hands are sinful. They should be destroyed. He begins to hurt his hands. Sugriv tells him against it. these hands only

have given me love, have saved me from so many problems. Vali denies. my acts have left me alone. I have everyone yet no one. Death is better than such a life. Sugriv tells him not to say so. He begins to step out of the door. The Asura keeps acting. I couldn’t distinguish between an enemy or an ally. I trusted an enemy like Lankesh and thought of Hanuman, who solves everyone’s problems, my enemy. See the result! I am all alone. There is no one who will hug me and wipes my tears or comfort me. Sugriv falls for his words. If you really have a change of heart then not just me but we all are with you Bhaiya. The Asura succeeds in getting him out of the Raksha-Chakra and chains his hands. Sugriv is shocked. Who are you? You cannot be my brother! The Asura pulls his chains to hurt him. Whoever I may be I have come here to take you to your brother only! Sugriv says you cannot take me from here like this. Mayavi comes to his real form. No one can stop me from doing anything, not even your friend vanar!

Anjana holds Hanuman’s ear while he is still invisible. He winces in pain. She says I am your mother. Son can be invisible or hide anywhere a mother can understand his presence. I have anyways told you to use your powers for good, and not fun. Hanuman agrees. Please free my ear. Anjana relents. She cutely holds his face and then takes the plate from him. Hanuman holds his ears. Anjana is all smiles. You turned naughty after getting new powers! Hanuman says sorry. I did it for my friends. She agrees to forgive this time. I will punish you next time. He runs away holding a plate of ladoos. You will punish me Ma? She calls out after him but he does not pay heed. She acts stern so he returns the plate to her. let me take some for Bhaiya. He must be hungry.

Sugriv tells Mayavi not to force him to come with him. If I call out for him and he comes here then he wont spare you. Mayavi is confident. Sugriv shouts Hanuman. Hanuman hears his voice. He is surely in some problem. He runs towards Sugriv’s room.

Mayavi says I will take you from here before that vanar kid comes here. No one can understand Mayavi’s Maya. He disappears along with Sugriv. Hanuman comes but does not find Sugriv in the room. Everyone has gathered in the room by now but is clueless. Sugriv’s mother questions Hanuman on his promise to protect Sugriv. You made a Raksha-Chakra around him as well. Where can he go then? She cries. Hanuman says I am also thinking the same. No one can take Bhaiya out of this Chakra without his wish. Where did he go then? They hear someone laughing and look up towards the sky. Mayavi shouts in over confidence. I could not go inside but I forced Sugriv to step out. He is my captive now. Sugriv’s mother cries. Hanuman asks Mayavi where he is taking his brother to. Mayavi takes Vali’s name. Apologize to him if you want to see Sugriv alive. Plead him to have mercy on Sugriv and not give him death penalty. Mayavi and Sugriv disappear. Everyone is tensed. Hanuman apologizes to Sugriv’s mother. If I had any clue about the Asura then I wouldn’t have left Bhaiya alone for even a second. Asura would have failed to take Bhaiya ouot of the Chakra then. She breaks down. What shall I do now? One of my sons has become an enemy of my other son. Vali said he wont spare Sugriv’s life. If he is not stopped at the right time then he will surely kill Sugriv. How will Sugriv be saved now? Anjana says don’t worry, nothing will happen to Sugriv. Sugriv’s mother reasons that Sugriv wont be safe there when he could not be safe in the Raksha-Chakra made by Hanuman. Kesari ji promised to save my son. my trust is broken! That Asura broke such tight security and took my son with him. She turns to Hanuman. You are Sankat Mochan. You take care of everyone’s problem. You too could not save my son. Hanuman assures Sugriv’s mother that no harm will come on Sugriv till he is alive. I will just go to Kishkindha and bring Bhaiya back safely. Anjana looks shocked. I wont allow you to go to Vali.

Anjana says Vali has lost his mind. You may be Sankat Mochan for the world but you are only a son to me. I have a right to stop you from putting yourself in trouble. He replies that father trusted me and assured Bhaiya’s mother of his safety. How can I break that trust? Anjana says is there no other way to save Sugriv. He replies that he would have stopped if there was indeed some other way. If I don’t go today then Bhaiya’s life will be in trouble. I wont do anything without your permission. Problem can be any which way but I only get strength to fight them through you. How can anything happen to me if I have you? Bless me that I bring Bhaiya back safely here asap. She blesses him. Hanuman greets others and then flies away. They all pray for both Hanuman and Sugriv’s safety. Nani is sure Vali will try to hurt Hanuman. I am equally worried for both the kids. Don’t know what Vali’s mind will prompt him to do. Anjana is worried of something bad that can happen. Vali’s powers have increased after joining hands with Asuras. Hanuman may need our help. We should leave for Kishkindha along with Kesari ji. Sugriv’s mother regrets putting Hanuman’s life in risk. He wont attack because of the promise. I did wrong.

Hanuman stands before Vali.

Precap: Hanuman asks Vali to tell him about Sugriv. Vali shows him. Vali challenges Hanuman for a fight between them. I will free your Sugriv Bhaiya if you succeed in defeating me.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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