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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 23rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman asks if Ashutosh Mahadev is another part of Mahadev.
Rishi Matang shares that Ashutosh means the one who gets satisfied easily. Hanuman relates what his mother had said. Rishi Matang says Mahadev gives everything to the devotee he likes. Hanuman wants to know what’s in the mantra that Narad ji shared this particular mantra only. What’s the meaning of Mrityunjaya? Rishi Matang explains the meaning of Mrityunjaya. Thinking of this mantra only can postpone death. He chants the mantra. Hanuman is intrigued and so are the kids. Please tell me more about it. Rishi Matang points out that there are 35 letters in the mantra. Letters are Brahma. Hanuman recalls his mother teaching him the same when he had just begun to study. Rishi Matang says these letters are equal

to 35 Gods. Hanuman gets thinking. How do we win over death? Rzishi Matang says all those Gods gear up to save the devotee. You will know it when you listen to the rest of the story.

Markandey went to Kedar Shiv as soon as Devrishi Narad left. He himself made a Shivlinga and began to pray to Mahadev.

Hanuman says it was the last day of Markandey ji. How long did he pray? Rishi Matang replies that there is no time limit for praying. It is based on your devotion. Markandey began chanting the mantra immediately.

Hanuman wonders if a tiger was approaching Markandey. Rishi Matang nods. Markandey has just begun praying when the tiger approached him like his Kaal.

A tiger looks at Markandey. Markandey continues praying without paying any attention to anything whatsoever. The tiger is near Markandey. Right then, a lion comes from the opposite side. The tiger steps back hearing its roar. Tridevs smile.

Hanuman knows Devi Ma must have saved Markandey. He is the vehicle of Devi Ma only. Rishi Matang says Mother Nature is like Ma only. When a devotee is praying with a pure heart then Gods do anything to protect them. Hanuman thinks if Kaal changed its decision too. Rishi Matang denies. Kaal always does what’s decided. Hanuman thinks of Kaal Dev’s anger. If he stayed put to his wish then how did Markandey ji get a long life. Rishi Matang nods. He decided to go to Markandey himself to kill him. Markandey was so lost in his prayers that he lost track of everything.

Kaal Dev comes to where Markandey is praying. It is time of your death. My Mrityu-Paash will take away your life right away. Markandey does not stop praying even when Mrityu-Paash pulls him.

Hanuman thinks Markandey did the right thing by holding onto Shivlinga. Rishi Matang says he had full faith in his prayers and Lord Shiva.

Markandey thinks of his parents’ tearful faces as he keeps holding onto the Shivlinga. Kaal Dev tells him emotions hold no place before Kaal. Life is because of rules only. Markandey looks up and can see Mahadev’s shadow. He begins praying with higher devotion thinking Mahadev is with me. Kaal Dev tells him even Mahadev will not be able to save you today. Mahdev appears there. Kaal Dev takes back his Mrityu-Paash and greets him. Markandey is glad that his prayers reached him. He greets Mahadev. Mahadev is happy by his dedication and love for his mother. Tell me what you want? Markandey says I only want to serve my parents for long. They have been in constant pain thinking about my less life. Mahadev asks him if he is asking for it only for his parents’ sake. Markandey adds that other than that he also wants to help the people. Mahadev wants to know what he means by that. Markandey’s answer makes Mahadev happy. He blesses Markandey to have a long life. Kaal Dev is taken aback. What did you just do? This is impossible. This kid’s life is over. I came to take him with me. Mahadev points out that people can even change their fate by karma. Markandey did the very same thing. he postponed his death by his karmas. You too should go back now.

Hanuman says Markandey ji won in the end. Kaal Dev must have gone back then. Rishi Matang declines. Hanuman is surprised. Kaal Dev dint listen to Mahadev? Rishi Matang was bound by his rules.

Kaal Dev says it is my dharma to take this kid’s soul once his life span is over. Let me follow my dharma. Mahadev says good deeds are above any dharma. It is not just mine but your duty too to give importance to good deeds. You should give up on this now and go back. Kaal Dev does not want to break the rules of Kaal Loka. Mahadev tells him to follow it then. I too have blessed this kid with a long life now. I stand between you and this kid. You will have to face me first. Kaal Dev agrees as he is bound by the rules. Kaal Dev turns into Yam (the same shadow seen by Hanuman in his dream). I cannot give up my dharma, even if I have to die in the process. Forgive me Mahadev, I am helpless. Mahadev increases his size and changes his avatar. Kaal Dev comes back to his original avatar. Markandey’s parents come running there and other Gods as well. Everyone greets Mahadev. Mahadev says I gave up before this kid’s devotion and Tejasvita. Attack me.

Hanuman asks if Kaal Dev dint budge. Rishi Matang agrees. Acting stubborn over religion gives rise to disagreements and fights only. Every other God knew this. Other Gods came there to make Kaal Dev understand but in vain so Markandey intervened.

Markandey politely tells Mahadev he does not want this long life if it becomes a problem between Gods and running this world right.

Hanuman wonders if Markandey ji made any mistake by stepping in between Mahadev and Kaal Dev.

Precap: Kaal Dev thinks Kesari wont be able to complete his pilgrimage or life. Not just you, but entire world will know what happens when you interfere in Kaal’s work or how Kaal punishes when you try to go against Nature.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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