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Scene 1:
Location: Sumeru
Rishi says that the tainted water did this, and is horrified at what he did. he points out the same to anjani, who was siding with hanuman, blinded by her motherly love and says that there is no similarity between his devotion and his child’s arrogance, and how he smeared it with soiled water and that his years of devotion was ruined. hanuman is apalled and says that he did merely what the rishi asked him to do, and he has no knowledge what he did wrong. she wonders how he did the mistake, and is scared that this might enrage the rishi, and he might curse hanuman. rishis says that since he made the mistake, he shall have to recitfy it too, or else he shall have to curse him. she asks him to be lenient on the child, and forget it as his mistake.

rishi asks him to shut up immediately blames hanuman for having tainted the idol of his lord. Kesri tells him that he shall do whatever it takes for him to make the idol pure and untainted again, and begs for apology for hanuman. Rishi says that this child have have to do it only now, as he has great pride on his devotion, which has resulted in this. hanuman apologises profusely and says that he shall immediately get ganga waters, that shall clearly make it pure yet again. rishi asks him to get ganga herself here, as only that would suffice, if he has so much faith on his devotion. all are tensed. he challenges that if he can beckon the lord to have his bhog, getting maa ganga wont be a hard job, and asks him to remember, that he shall not have any water or food, till ganga maa comes and purifies it, and if that doesnt happen, he shall sacrifice his life, and the consequences shall have to be borne by him. the disciples too side with rishi. she thinks that if this happens, then there would be evil curse on them of Bharhmin Murder. rishi asks if hanuman can get Ganga Maa. anjani wonders how is this possible. Kesri says that noone or nothing can divert the ganga from its discourse. Rishi asks hanuman if his devotion has that kind of power. anjani begs him not to test hanuman so severely, as he is a mere child. hanuman however accepts the challenge, and says that he shall get Ganga Maa here, as by the blessings, of his parents and rishi, he can overcome any tought situations, as when ganga maa coems, rishi’s puja shall culminate, and he shall be aquitted of his mistake. she asks if he realises the hardness of the challenge, and asks how would he manage to get ganga maa to change her path and come here. hanuman begs her not to worry, as he progresses ahead on the path of religion and truth, and someone or the other shall definitely help him, and begs for their permission, to leave, so that he only returns with ganga maa. rishi again reminds him, that till he doesnt get ganga maa, their fasting shall continue, with the disciples, and if anything happens to them, then its on his head. hanuman asks him not to worry, as he wouldnt allow anything like that to happen, and he shall reach back here asap with ganga maa. he takes everyone’s blessings and then leaves, citing their permission. all stand tensedly. his mother is apalled at the situation he is in, and wonders how shall he manage it.

Scene 2:
Location: In the sky
Hanuman remembers the advice to go to rishi agastya, and progreeses towards finding him.

Scene 3:
Location: Dwarka
Krishna meanwhile answers the questions of his wives, who are eager to know whether hanuman went to agastya and whether agastya helped him or not. Krishna talks about how agastya was a famed rishi. he says that hanuman is far more than that. he talks about how rishi agastya consummated heavenly avatar, in mortal life, and he has the capacity to do what even gods couldnt do. he talks about how once one of his disciples, Vindhyachal got the ego that is more powerful than sumeru and he increased his height so much so, that it started creating disturbance on the sunrays falling on earth, yet he continues and tried to reach to heaven. thats when rishi agastya had to intervene, and for the safety of the world, he reached Vindhyachal, and confronted him, lashing at him for his pride and ego, that he even forgot his basic mannerisms. vindhyachal says that he cant even think about it, and then bends down to greet him. agastya blesses him. he says that he is going to Jambudweep, and that its his order to remain in this state, till he remainds back. vindhyachal silently complies, and says that he shall fully do what he is told. then agastya went away, and never turned back, so that vindhyachal always remained like that, and couldnt hurt anyone else, by his height. Dwarka talks about another instance, when demons used to fight the gods, and then used to hide in the waters, and then agastya’s help was seeked. agastya took away the waters of all the seas, exposing the demons from their hideout, due to which the gods could easily fight them off, and defeat them. he says that when the gods were safe, on the brahma’s request, he gave the waters back to the seas. the wives are mesemrised to hear such tales. she says that if the rishi is so capable, then he would have definitely helped hanuman to get ganga maa.

Scene 4:
Location: Jambudweep
Hanuman reaches agastya’s ashram and begs for his help. he says that not just the idol, he shall have to purify the entire jambudweep. hanuman asks how shall he do it. agastya asks him to join the ganga with all the other rivers, to make them pure too. hanuman asks how would that happen. agastya says that he shall himself tell ganga to come with him, and hopefully get her to agree. hanuman says that he shall try everything possible, but this is possible only when ganga maa agrees to come with him. Agastya says that he shall try to help him in that, but before that, hanuman shall have to promise something. he asks what. rishi agastya says that he shall have to promise that he shall divert the direction of Ram’s attack. hanuman is boggled, when agastya says that he shall do so, in the future, on his orders. he says that he wont be able to do so, right going against the lord’s devotion. agastya asks if he can ask him to do anything wrong. hanuman asks him not to take it otherwise, as he got a little disturbed hearing that it was lord rama, and that he couldnt doubt his sincerity and dedication at all, a nd definitely there is some internal peace behind this motive and complies to his request. agastya then makes hanuman promise, that he shall do as per agastya’s orders, and change the direction of the lord ram’s arrow, when he wants him to. agastya says that now he can beckon ganga maa. hanuman waits in anticipation. agastya starts her chants, and finally, Ganga maa appears and agastya humbly bows down. hanuman is overwhelmed and bows with much devotional sincerity. agastya is humbled with gratitude that she came and begs her to hell hanuman, as per his plan. she agrees to go with hanuman, but then says that her current is very strong, that unsettles everything in its way, but in front of her stream, if even a single organism is affected, then she shall immediately revert back her direction and leave. she says that she shall comply and happily come if hanuman assures that he shall get every single organism out of her way. agastya asks if he shall be able to do so. hanuman and agastya are tensed to hear this. hanuman agrees to fulfill it to the best of his capacity. ganga is overwhelmed and says that she wont delay then and asks him to fulfill his promise. she starts flowing in the grounds of jambudweep. The screen freezes on Hanuman’s relieved face.

Precap: The tridev appear and tell anjani and kesri that their role in hanuman’s life is over now. they are apalled and aghast. meanwhile, hanuman starts his journey with ganga maa. anjani is concerned and asks them if there is any trouble impending him. brahma tells her that hanuman is bound on his way to be cursed. they are shocked and petrified.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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