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Maruti looks at himself in the mirror and can finally see his tail! Its connected to me only. I couldn’t see it till now. he runs around the room excitedly and makes a mess of things. I found my tail! He tells his tail not to hide from him ever again. This is my order. You will have to abide by it as you are Maruti’s tail. Are you really my tail? The tail nods in reply which makes Maruti happy. you will have to listen to me like everyone else’s tail does! I am your Swami from today onwards. The tail shakes in negation. Maruti recalls the kids mocking Neel for not being able to control his tail. He thinks of making his tail do some work but the tail doesn’t want it. Maruti thinks that maybe the tail doesn’t know how to do. He shows it to him but the tail is not following

his orders. He goes to meet someone elder to him (his tail basically). He notices a guy’s tail doing some work on its own. I will have to do something! The vanar keeps the vase in its place. Maruti is amazed. He tells his tail to take out a flower from the vase. His tail picks the vase instead. Maruti tells him to leave it. The vase breaks. Maruti is scared that his mother will scold him now. He notices Anjana coming from the opposite side and hides. She notices the broken vase.

Maruti returns to his room. His tail lies as it got tired. Anjana brings milk for him. She notices the state of the room. Who did this? Maruti looks at his tail. Should I tell Ma about you? Maruti confesses that I have done it. I have found my tail so I am happy. You too must be happy seeing me happy? She denies. A mother is happy to see her son happy but the son should be simple, good and obedient. You wouldn’t have done this if you were good and intelligent. She is enjoying teasing him. There is no point getting upset. You will have to set it right. I will talk to you then only. Maruti tidies the place. He arranges everything properly and complains to his tail. My mother got upset because of you. This has never happened before. I was so happy to have found you but look what all I have to do now. Anjana hides her smile. She hugs her little one next. Drink milk so you become strong like your father. He has a condition. Answer my question first. She wants him to finish the milk first. Good boys always listen to their mothers. You are the best. He feels that his mother sometimes acts like kids. She tells him to finish all the milk. Parents give good values to their kids so he can remember it for life and follow it. She makes him finish the whole glass. A moustache forms around his lips. They enjoy the moment. He wants to go to school. How am I small when I have a moustache now? She wipes the milk off his face.

Maruti wants the tail to go to school asap. It wont learn anything otherwise. You look huge but are actually like a kid. Maruti goes to the school. He listens to the Acharya teaching his disciples. He too chants the mantra after the Acharya. All the kids touch mother earth to seek her blessings.

Vrikshasur knows that Maruti is here. I know you cannot stay without me. A wood cutter is cutting woods. He overhears Vrikshasur laughing out loud and gets scared. A branch holds him. The guy calls out for help. Vrikshasur is confident that the day is not far when he will eat Maruti.

Surgiv picks up a gada. He asks brother to practise gada fighting. Vali is sure that he will win as he is the greatest. He then decides to show / prove it to Sugriv. He makes Sugriv blindfold his eyes and follows suit. Vali warns him to be careful. I will attack fiercely. Sugriv says I only will win today. Vali asks him if he thinks that mayavi Markat will help him. Sugriv tells him not to bring Maruti in this discussion. This is between us. Vali loses his calm. You are bringing him between us. There is no one who can win from me and there will never be! You have changed since that Markat has come. You had never disobeyed me or mistrusted me. Sugriv cannot leave the side of truth. That is a small kid. It doesn’t suit you. This infuriates Vali. Vali attacks all the more fiercely. Sugriv cannot understand why his brother gets so aggressive when he thinks of that Markat. Vali taunts him that that Markat dint come to save him. Vali hurts Sugriv. He continues to beat Sugriv badly. Sugriv tells him to look clearly. This is no war. Vali realises his mistake. He helps Sugriv in getting up as he is all bruised. I dint want to beat you but you are making me angry by doubting on me. I am not doing it for myself. I am doing it for Kishkindha and our family. Devrishi Narad ji had predicted that this Markat will be the reason of our destruction. Sugriv cannot believe it. Your words don’t seem false but I cannot believe it when I see the little kid. Vali throws his gada angrily.

Devrishi Narad has warned Vali that Sugriv will leave him after meeting the most powerful Vanar in case Vali takes the path of adharma and arrogance. Vali continues to lie to Sugriv to instigate him against Maruti. Vali thinks that Narad ji was right. Sugriv has changed but I will not give up. That Mayavi Markat will be dangerous for Kishkindha one day. Sugriv lives in present. No one has seen the future. We reap what we sow! I find that kid very different and brave. Vali turns to go but Sugriv stops him. I will never come in your way but I will always protect Maruti if you try to hurt him at all. I will stand as a shield before him. Vali leaves.

Maruti had started changing Sugriv for good. He dint use to believe his brother blindly anymore. He had started to think and analyse the situations on his own.

Kesari tells Maruti that it isn’t right to go anywhere alone. Where did you go? Maruti says I had gone to school. Kesari thinks that Vrikshasur is nearby only. Maruti finds him lost in thoughts. Kesari doesn’t say anything to him. The school will shift here from tomorrow. They both chant Gayatri Mantra. Anjana comes there and finds them thus. She covers them with the duvet and goes out. Maruti looks at his tail. How to tell someone that my tail doesn’t listen to me! Everyone will mock me. Ma will be hurt. Kesari is fast asleep. Maruti sits and looks at his tail. Kesari too wakes up. Can’t you sleep? Maruti wants to listen to the lullaby. Kesari calls out for Anjana. Maruti too calls out for her. They go out to find her as she is not replying.

Kesari and Maruti finally find Anjana. She is surprised to see them awake. Kesari says Maruti cannot sleep without listening to your lullaby. Anjana smiles. You couldn’t stay without me for such a small time? What if I have to go away for some work for long? What if something happens to me? what will you do then? They both look at her speechlessly / wide eyed. Maruti hugs her sadly. It cannot happen. I will find you and bring you back here in case it happens. Anjana is touched. Kesari tells Anjana never to say it again. Men can rule the world but he breaks down when anything happens to his kids or family. She realises her mistake. I dint intend to hurt you. Please forgive me. He replies that their presence is very important for Maruti. Remember it always. She nods.

Maruti is sleepy. He takes her inside so she can sing the lullaby for him. Anjana sings the lullaby for her son. Both Kesari and Maruti fall asleep listening to it. She too lies down to sleep.

Vrikshasur repeats it.

Precap: Maruti notices the kids doing dangal. Vali is surprised to see Maruti standing next to him. Maruti holds his hands. I know you are enjoying it too. Let’s go ahead to watch it. He holds Vali’s hand and tries to move forward but Vali stays rooted to his place. Maruti asks him if he is scared.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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