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Anjana still talks about Maruti’s young age. We cannot compare bigger things with such a tender age. She offers to show him something. She walks up to where different pots are kept. She fills water from the bigger pot in the smaller one. It gets full pretty soon. it isn’t wide enough to hold all the water that a bigger vessel can hold. Please don’t teach Maruti things that he must not know about right now. Please don’t help him in all this till the time he is grown enough to understand it. Vayu Dev says I am just a medium. Everything is in the creator’s hands. I can stop myself after your request but I am sure you wont be able to stop Maruti. He has to learn what he is bound to learn irrespective of age or time. He blesses her and disappears. His words still echo

in Anjana’s head.

Anjana comes to her room and finds Maruti high up. Maruti becomes tensed upon seeing her and loses his balance. He collides with the room but hugs her to butter her up. This was stopping me every now and then. Anjana cannot stop herself from smiling. I know everything well. Please don’t try to fly you may get hurt. I want to talk to you about a lot many things. Maruti thinks that his mother is worried as he cannot fly properly yet. She will surely get happy with me when I will learn to fly properly.

Ma Parvati says Anjana knows that Maruti is a special kid. She knows about his strengths yet she stays worried. Lord Shiva says a mother’s heart always looks at her kid like any normal kid. She can never see any God in her kid. A mother is like that only. Mothers can never stop worrying and neither can the kids stop acting naughty. This has been the tradition since the beginning and will continue till eternity.

The head tells his wife to run towards the palace if Chakrasur comes back again. She nods back. He leaves with the other villagers to go and talk to Kesari about the situation.

Anjana tells a story to maruti. He realises that a son has to take all the responsibilities of the state in his father’s absence. Someone rings the bell. Anjana explains that people ring this bell when someone is in trouble. Maruti wants to go and check but Anjana makes him lie down. She goes out to check. Maruti too gets up as soon as his mother goes out from the room.

The people from Mridungpur village come to the palace. The head shares that his daughter’s wedding is due tomorrow but due to Asur Chakrasur’s terror the groom’s family has refused to come for the wedding itself. They but are shocked to know that Kesari will not be back before tomorrow. She tells their commander to go to help the villagers. You only have to tackle this situation in Maharaj’s absence. He nods but adds that he has a responsibility to take care of her and Maruti too. we have been given special instructions not to leave you both alone. Anjana explains that the biggest responsibility of a king is to look after and protect its citizens. He agrees. The villagers thank her. Anjana assures them that it will all be fine. She stops in her tracks as she notices Maruti. Maruti recalls his father giving him the task of taking care of the palace and the state when he wont be there. He next thinks of the story that his mother had just told him. Maruti steps in and greets everyone. Don’t worry. I will help you. I will come with you all. Anjana looks at him in shock. I will protect you from Chakrasur. I am the prince of Sumeru. It is my duty to protect the citizens of my state. Anjana reasons that he isn’t old enough to perform the duties of a prince yet. You are a kid. Yu cannot go. The head of the village agrees with her. Maruti reluctantly gives in. He requests his mother to let him go. They need me. She declines. He tells her not to worry. I had killed Vrikshasur and father too had told me to take care of the state in his absence. I will handle everything. She tells him not to argue with her. Go to your room and sleep. She takes him in.

Maruti closes his eyes. Anjana is sure Lord will protect them. She notices him peeking at her. Close your eyes. I want you in the bed in the morning. He nods. Daasi asks Anjana to eat something but she is concerned about the citizens. I wont eat anything until they are all fine.

Anjana is praying to Lord Shiva. You have always helped your devotees in troubled times. Please protect my citizens. Ma Parvati folds her hands before Lord Shiva. Anjana has complicated the situation for Maruti. He says you know motherly love sometimes become a boundation for the kids. She wonders how Maruti will get out of this now. He has been born to kill Asuras but Anjana has told him against it. Lord Shiva makes a light shine on Maruti. He gets up and thinks of the situation. I am coming Chakrasur!

Precap: Atibal has brought a message for Chakrasur from Ravan. He has asked Chakrasur to fill Lanka’s treasury. Chakrasur laughs evilly. Maruti is on his way to Mridungpur.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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