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The soldiers suggest the old couple to wait till morning. It is not possible to meet anyone before that. You can rest in the guest room till then. Ram wakes up as he feels Hanuman’s presence. He sits up straight. He stands near the window. Devi Kaushalya asks Ram what happened. Ram says pardon me. You woke up because of me, but this sweet voice calling out my name is pulling me to it.

Mahadev tells Hanuman to be patient. You will meet Ram in morning.

Devi Kaushalya tells Ram he must have seen some dream. Sleep now.

Next morning, Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughana think of what to do so their elder brother smiles. They decide to go in the court. Someone’s any sort of act might bring a smile on Bhaiya’s face.

People do all sorts of acts (dance,

music) but fail in bringing a smile on Ram’s face. These people are actually different Gods in disguise. The commander asks them if they cannot do anything to make Ram happy. A man dressed as a peacock steps forward. Indra Dev smiles. Kartikeya is very talented. He will certainly do something unique. During Kartikeya’s performance, Ram requests his father to allow him to go inside. His brothers follow him. Kartikeya stands back in the line sadly. Kaikayi’s Dassi (Manthra) whispers in Kaikayi’s ears. If Ram continues to be upset like this then the yagya will not complete. It will mean that our Bharat will sit on the throne. Raja Dashrath addresses his citizens. Can none of you calm down my son’s disturbed mind? The soldiers inform Raja Dashrath about a Vaid waiting outside. He might cure Ram. Indra Dev and other Gods say when we could not do anything then what will he do. You can call him inside if you want, but nothing will happen. Raja Dashrath asks the soldier to bring the Vaid inside with due respect.

The soldier informs Mahadev that he can go inside now. Hanuman is in an altogether different world as he keeps chanting Ram Naam. they walk ahead. Mahadev goes inside all by himself at first. he greets all the other Gods and vice versa. He greets Raja Dashrath next. Ram will be fine, but I will need a prize in return. Raja Dashrath says I have already agreed to give half of my state to whoever brings a smile on my son’s face. Mahadev replies that he does not need all that. I want a promise from you as per my own wish. I will ask for it at the right time. Raja Dashrath agrees to give him his everything as well. Manthra gets worried for Bharat’s future. Mahadev says he only needs a promise right now. Tell me if you accept my condition. Devi Kaushalya accepts it. We only want our son to get back to normal and stay happy. Mahadev recalls Anjana saying something similar for Hanuman. Raja Dashrath gives his word to Mahadev / Vaid. Mahadev tells him to stick to his words in future. Raja Dashrath replies that people of Raghukul can even give their lives for their promises. Devi Kaushalya ties a knot in her cloth, just to remind her of her promise to the Vaid. Just bring the smile back on my son’s face. Mahadev agrees to try his best using the medium of dance and song. Indra Dev remarks that they have already tried those options. Mahadev points out that everyone’s music can have different meanings. Some are only for entertainment while some have devotion. Kartikeya offers to help him. Manthra smiles thinking it will not be of any use.

Raja Dashrath sends a soldier to bring Ram. Mahadev begins to play Damru. Mata Parvati hears it from outside. She tells Hanuman to come. Swami has given a signal to us. You will meet Ram now. Hanuman once again says Ram with love and devotion. He goes inside with Mata Parvati.

Ram’s brothers ask him to come. Everyone is waiting for you in the court. Hanuman enters just then. He is continuously saying Ram. Ram stops in his tracks hearing his voice. Everyone in the court is pleasantly surprised to see Hanuman. All the brothers turn to look at him as well. Ram walks towards the court. Hanuman and Mata Parvati stand with Mahadev. Ram’s eyes are searching everywhere for Ram. Kaikayi wonders what this vanar kid will do.

Mahadev tells Raja Dashrath that the music will be his now, while the kid will dance. We will do the treatment together. No one looks so convinced.

Ram’s brothers wonder why Ram is suddenly walking towards the court. We kept asking him to come but he dint pay heed. They decide not to question him.

The Rani’s are confused to hear Hanuman chanting Ram Naam all the while. His words echo around the world and show a positive effect on life.

Tears stream down Hanuman’s cheek as he notices Ram entering inside the court.

Precap: Devi Kaushalya is confused to see Ram and Hanuman looking at each other. Hanuman keeps saying Ram. Ram walks up to where Hanuman is. They both look at each other.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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