Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 23rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 23rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anjana requests Vaid Raj to take Hanuman with them before she breaks down. Hanuman looks at Mahadev. Vaid Raj replies that it is time for us to leave and not for Hanuman. Anjana turns in surprise. ANjana hugs Hanuman happily. Mata Parvati says no one can separate a mother from her kid. Whoever does so should be punished. Anjana says you both came in my life as God. You made Hanuman well too. We will always be indebted to you. Hanuman also folds his hands before them. Vaid Raj advises him to take care of his mother and do his duty. Mata Parvati adds that he should not forget them. Hanuman smiles and takes their blessings. It will be like forgetting myself if I forget you. I will come to take care of you. I am your son after all. They bless him.

Chandra Dev looks at the security

arrangements of Amrit. He says everyone must be scared of Shani Dev but I have not been made a guard of Amrit for some reason. he checks with his security guards. They assure him that no one can reach this area without his permission. Chandra Dev tries to check the security by throwing a spear towards the beams. The spear breaks. Chandra Dev laughs thinking that the same will happen to people who enter inside this area. These beams can even break the weapons. Someone will be a fool to come here. He shouts Shani Dev. Amrit is completely safe under me. His wife points out that he never comes her like this. You shouldn’t have done so. He tells her not to lecture him. She stops him. Father has sent a special ring for you to end the unfavourable effect of Shani Dev on you. He throws it away. Shani Dev cannot do me any harm. What will he do to me? His other wife, Chitra comes there. He asks her if she has also come to lecture him. he walks off. The first lady says father was right. He is already under the spell of Shani Dev. Chitra says this is not good. This is just partial effect. The situation will worsen when Shani Dev will look directly at Chandra Dev.

Everyone gets under the effect of Shani Dev in life. One should be extra calm and patient in this time so he can look for a solution.

Hanuman calls out for his mother as he is hungry. Anjana is doing a puja. Nani shares that she is praying to Chandra Dev for his well being. She said that Chandra Dev made her see you. Hanuman is delighted. I too saw her through Chandra Dev’s help. He tells the same to Anjana as he sits down next to her. Why are you doing this fast today? She says this will go on till day after tomorrow. she explains the significance of the Maha Purnima to him. It comes after 108 years. This fast is good for your health and for Chandra Dev too. She repeats after Purohit ji next. Hanuman thinks Ma will neither eat nor drink anything in the day. Purohit ji tells Anjana that her sankalp is done. Anjana requests him and his disciples to have food first. They nod.

Hanuman’s friends come to take Hanuman with them. We want to play with you. It will be fun today. He requests his mother to let him go. She asks him if he isn’t hungry. Hanuman knows she wont eat anything for many days for him. He lies to her that he isn’t hungry. He leaves with his friends. Nani is surprised. He said he was hungry just now. ANjana says kids forget hunger when it comes to play. They both smile.

Hanuman’s friends are eager to know how he took care of Hanuman. Hanuman wants to play first. It has been many days since I played. They take a promise from him first. You wont use your powers while playing. Hanuman promises them. They decide to play with the ball. Kesari reaches there when the kids are playing. They have a sweet reunion. Hanuman also seeks his father’s blessing. Hanuman tells him that Vaid Raj ji brought him here on his own. Kesari says I am indebted to him for returning my son to me and for returning the prince of Sumeru. Anjana comes there just then.

Kesari tells ANjna that the astrologer told me I will find my son in the palace only. I was rushing there directly. Hanuman says the astrologer must be really intelligent. Kesari nods. He wants to hold a big celebration for his son. What all should be there? His friends give a lot of suggestions. Hanuman thinks of his Prabhu’s words. It is the biggest duty of a king to take care of his citizens. The celebration should be such that every house is happy and in celebration mood. Ma has kept fast. It will complete when citizens will be happy. kesari is impressed by his thoughts. It will all happen as per your wish. Hanuman does not want everyone to be happy only for a day. True celebration will be when you will distribute food, clothing to everyone. Their happiness will be the biggest celebration. Anjana is touched. I see a new Hanuman in you. you have changed for good and have grown up. I am proud of you. Kesari seconds her. I see such a king in him who will keep everyone happy. He asks the commander to put Hanuman’s plan in action.

Hanuman also wants to help as it is taking too much time is doing so. He goes with lightening speed and distributes everything to his citizens. Everyone cheer for him. Hanuman looks at the citizens from above. he is happy to see them happy.

Precap: Narad ji shares the story of Shani Dev’s effect on Mahadev with Hanuman and his friends.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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