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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 23rd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with hanuman saying jai shree ram and clapping. Ravana gets up and says you evil monkey and how did you trouble me? Ravana sees that the kundli has been changed and he tries to punch hanuman but stops and sees the diya fire flickering. Hanuman says now your son meghnad will die and no one can stop that.
There laxman attacks the indrastra and vibhishan thinks I hope hanuman has destroyed the cause that was protecting meghnad and he will die now. The indrastra is heading towards meghnad. In heaven lord indra says its nice that my weapon the indrastra is being used to kill that devil and he will die. Lord Shankar smiles, there ravana is looking at the diya as it is flickering. The indrastra heads towards meghnads head and as he is laughing and meghnads head

cuts and falls to the ground. Meghnad is dead. Vibhishan is sad as he was his nephew to, laxman says its okay. There the diyas light goes and ravana is shocked and the 9 gods say now your son is dead ravana. Ravana is angry and he goes to the 9 gods and says you went against me and I will kill you and even you guru ji you went against me. Guru says you betrayed your teacher and i did not teach you to disrespect others for your ego. Ravana gets a sword and says I will kill you all, all gods say you can not do anything to us as we have been freed by hanuman from your captivity and you can not do anything at all. Gods go. ravana is angry and goes to hanuman remembers the name of ram which hanuman took before bringing him up from meditation. Ravana says you cheap monkey and attacks his sword. Hanuman attacks with gadha, ravana is shocked. Ravana attacks again, hanuman attacks and throws his sword. Ravana is shocked. Hanuman says stop ravana and at least stop now, your son meghnad is dead. Ravana is sad and very depressed. Hanuman says think ravana and come at the path of righteousness now and I swear shree ram will forgive you because he is the person who does good with good and good with the bad too. Ravana is sad and is thinking now. Hanuman says just look at your court and it was filled with men and ministers, but everyone is dead. Ravana sees and is sad. Hanuman says look at the faces of their wives and mothers seeing their husbands and sons dead just because of your ego. Hanuman says ravana come at the path of righteousness and let go this ego and you can still protect what is left of lanka. Hanuman sees ravana and says if not then be ready to burn in your ego and die in the holy hands of shree ram. Hanuman says lord ram never lets any persons body be it enemy be eaten by crows or eagles and go and arrange for a good funeral of your son, hanuman goes. Ravana is very hurt by the words of hanuman as it was the truth.
There hanuman goes and laxman and vibhishan are waiting for him. Vibhishan is in tears. Hanuman says I completed my task with the help of lord ram, hanuman becomes big and says we should go and meet ram now and he takes laxman and vibhishan.
In heaven lord Shankar says iniquity always bows before those who go on the path of righteousness and ravana has had a big defeat today by losing his son. Lord indra says yes and he is very hurt by what hanuman said and I hope he goes to the right path.
There ravana walks from his staircase and is hearing the words of hanuman. He is sad and goes to his sons funeral where meghnads body is kept. Meghnads mother is crying at her sons death and there are women who are crying too. Ravana can not look at his son dead. Mom gets up and says what is the problem now? And see your son dead now and its all because of only you and your ego and lanka burned not because of hanuman but because of your ego and look around lanka and all the women have become widows only because of you. Mom says now only 2 women are married here and its me and sita, and at least don’t do something that even I become a widow. Ravana is crying and he looks at meghnads body and goes there, he cries and says see my son what your mother is blaming on me and get up and tell her that’s not the truth. Ravana cries and says get up meghnad and you are the one who defeated lord indra himself and gods were scared from you and get up.
There sugreeva says see hanuman has come. Hanuman comes and puts vibhishan and laxman down and comes to his normal size. Vibhishan and laxman say we killed meghnad and it was possible because hanuman helped us in a major part. Lord ram smiles. Hanuman takes his blessings.
There a sage comes and says ravana you are the reason that meghnad is dead and all warriors of lanka have died. Ravana says no I am not and gets up and says its because of that ram. Ravana says I will not leave ram and I will kill him his men and the entire monkey army. The sage is disappointed.

Precap: ravana removes all his gold and his vastra and wears smiple white clothes. He then sees one diya still lit and says all my sons are dead but whose life line is this depicting? Advisor says its your son.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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