Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 23rd December 2015 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 23rd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman continues counting the meteors. A few of them are surrounded by black smoke. It will be difficult to count them but I have to. One meteor breaks into two. More follow suit. My counting will go wrong this way. I have to concentrate. Every alternative meteor is diving into two. I have to count them in separate styles. A few of them divide into three. Hanuman looks around worriedly. He asks Sakha to help him. Sakha extends itself and ties them one type of meteors together. Hanuman is finally able to get the right count. He counts the other lot while Sakha collects another bunch of meteors together. Hanuman counts them all that ways. He thanks Sakha for helping him. Hanuman reaches Surya Dev’s chariot. The water is intact. Surya Dev is happy to see him. He has completed the

Parikrama. Hanuman tells his Gurudev that he completed the task without dropping a drop of water. I also counted the meteors. Surya Dev asks Arun Dev if he remembers how many meteors he comes across daily. You will have to cross check the count. Hanuman gives the count. Arun Dev says you dint do it right. Hanuman thinks. I haven’t told you the complete count yet. They are the meteors which divided into three. There are more which divided in two parts. He then gives the total count. Arun Dev confirms the count given by Hanuman. Hanuman smiles. Tridev are happy too. Surya Dev looks proudly at Hanuman. You completed the task even though the conditions were against you. You understood the importance of concentration. Hanuman gives him the credit for it.

Right then, Surya Dev is informed about an emergency meeting that is due tomorrow morning. It is to stop Hanuman’s education. Hanuman wonders if he will gain knowledge or not now. Another problem is here now! How will my education complete this way? Surya Dev cannot understand how a God can do so. Hanuman asks his Guru how someone can stop his education. I passed your test. Surya Dev assures him he will talk in his favour tomorrow in the meeting. I will try my best that no one can create a hindrance in your path. It is evening now. Your training will resume tomorrow once I return from the meeting. He himself is clueless what’s happening.

Ravan is sure Hanuman’s education will be stalled at any case now. Varun Dev could not escape Rahu’s spell. Now he will do my work. He will not let Hanuman’s education get complete. You (Rahu) made me really happy. I will see how Hanuman fulfils the task which Narad ji had hinted at! He asks Kalnemi if they got any info from Vajrasur. Did he reach Dandak Van till now with kids from Sumeru? Kalnemi declines. Ravan is irked hearing it. You all should head towards north side. Kidnap more kids. Gather them all at Dandak Van. I want to find that Narayan’s Nar Avatar asap. Kalenemi leaves with his soldiers. Ravan thinks the sooner I kill him, the sooner I will be happy.

Mata Parvati says now Narayan is also bind by Kalchakra. One, who takes birth, has to die one day as well. She can see that a big problem is about to come upon Shree Ram. Only Hanuman can solve this problem for him. Varun Dev is creating a problem for him though. Mahadev agrees with her. Varun Dev should understand it. This is also a test for Hanuman. Only he can find a solution to it now.

Hanuman thinks his parents are anxious to get him educated. How will I meet the person, to meet who I have taken birth then if my education is stalled?

Hanuman greets Gurumata. She assures him not to worry about Devsabha. She tries to feed him laddoo but he politely denies. I am not feeling like eating anything. She asks him he would have said the same thing to his mother. Hanuman thinks of his mother. He eats laddoos from her hand. She again tells him everything will be fine.

Surya Dev is in the Devsabha. Hanuman waits for him at Surya Loka. I wonder what would have happened in Devsabha. Will I be able to gain education or not!

Precap: Varun Dev refuses to let anyone else gain education from Surya Dev if his son is refused. Surya Dev informs Hanuman about a competition between Hanuman and Varun Dev’s son. Hanuman looks tensed.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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