Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 23rd August 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 23rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: South grounds
Hanuman and his team cross through the ridge finally, and move onto new contours. they finally land in a land thats almost like paradise, green and laden with fruits of all kinds. angad and his team are mesmerised as they eye such gorgeous food, after weeks of starvation and hunger. they eye the fruits leeringly, to devour them completely. but hanuman is boggled and tensed, and stops them as they are about to devour on the food. he tries to show that it just might be a hallucination or an illusion to trap them, and they shouldnt fall in it so easily. hwe asks them to consider how is it possible, that in barren land, such a land of vegetation exists. but compelled by hunger, they stop reasoning, and rush to eat it all, including jaamvant,

despite his attempts at trying to convince them otherwise. they rush off in various corners, while hanuman resignedly sits down to meditate, and starts chanting lord rama’s name. meanwhile, they hungrily eat the food, and start going inebriated as they eat to their heart’s content. then catching them off guard, the branches start circling around everyone, and they continue getting sucked inside the stem of the trees. they all scream for help. finally hanuman’s meditation is broken, by screams of angad. he immediately rushes to his help. he stops the incoming branches at him, to take him captive too. as angad and his team are being tied up by green branches, they holler to hanuman, who is apalled to see them like this. he screams as to who dared to keep his friends captive like this, as he wont allow it at all, and talks about how if the person doesnt reveal himself soon, then he shall be forced to tear apart every tree in the jungle. but he isnt able to find anyone, as the branches disappear inside the bark. he chants Lord Rama’s name yet again, and gives in the fullest strength, so that he holds the branches and they are unable to gulp him too. finally a feminine voice emanates, asking them to stop. when she apepears, hanuman wonders who is she. she stealthily appraches him, while he is surprised. as she comes closer, the branches disappear, hanuman extends his humble gratitude, and she blesses him, saying that being a monkey, she appreciates his mannerisms. he asks them to be freed. she says that they deserved it, as they stole food without permission, and now they shall become her trees’ food, deservantly. hanuman apologises on their bahlf, and explains their condition of starfvation and hunger. she asks why didnt he use it then, as he is the first person, to fight off hunger like that. hanuman says that he doesnt rest or eat, till he doesnt fulfill his target, and now he is out to start his most important work, that of Lord rama. hearing this, she is startled. he asks whats the matter and where is she lost, as his friends are getting delayed, and they need to rush. she is overwhelmed with graitude, as she recognises him, as messenger of lord rama. he is boggled, and asks how does she know his name. she says that she is Swayanprabha, who is responsible for preserving this place, by Queen Hema, wife of demon Maayasur. she says that his coming here was foretold to her, and how she had to help him. he asks her to comply then. He asks her the permission to go with his friends, so that they can search sita, who has been kidnapped by raavan, and they dont have much time left. she complies, and opens up all the stems to free angad and his team. hanuman is overwhelmed, as he eyes them back safely. he introduces them all to her, and they profusely apologise, as hanuman tried, but they forgot all mannerisms. she says that its their good luck, that hanuman is with them, as his discipline, mannerisms, wit and strength shall always protect them. she blesses him, that soon he shall be successful in finding sita, and he is overwhelmed. he thanks her saying that he is lucky if that happens. she expresses her desire to participate in his mission too. she says that she shall take him and his team, to a place, where his search starts at a new level, and soon they shall be closer to sita. he complies, and presents himself for her directions. she asks them all to close their eyes, and they all comply. she smiles at them. when they do open their eyes, they find themselves near the shores of the sea, and they are all puzzled as to where they reached. all are boggled, as they look at each other. they wonder where to go from here, and wonders how will they fulfill their task now, as there isnt much time left. hanuman says that there must be a reason they are here, and they shall get the first clue here itself. he deduces that they need to cross the sea, to reach to her. all are concerned, as to how some of them might be able to do this, but not mostly. The screen freeezes on hanuman’s shocked face.


Precap: Jaamvant explains to hanuman that now only he can perform this task, as he is the most capable and brave amongst all of them gathered here. He nudges hanuman to remember who he is, and what he is capable of, and his experiences, who is known for his troubleshooting, and whose strength, power of the mind and bravery is unmatched. hauman is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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