Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 22nd September 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 22nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sunderkand
As jambuwaali lies dead on the ground, all are aghast, while raavan is stunned. aditi reprimands raavan that this is exactly what she warned him about. his father is enraged, and says that he shall send his sons to take revenge and hanuman shall lie next to him on the ground. raavan fumes. Meanwhile, hanuman watches around, and finds himself surrounded by other demons too. they too swear to kill him, while he eyes them. hanuman taunts as one demon claims one big challenge over the other. hanuman thinks that his trick is working, as raavan is sending better demons now, that he has to finish and then get to rama asap. he pretends to be scared and then smilingly intimates his tail, that fights them all off. he sends that cage off towards

the royal palace, in the hope that raavan shall send a better warrior now, and the more he kills off, the more rama’s victory is ensured.

Meanwhile, at the courtroom, aditi asks raavan what shall he do, if they are all defeated too. she says that she doubts their victory. before anything can be said, the cage falls right in the middle. she gets the chance to reprimand raavan, and asks who shall he want to send now, to confront the monkey. aksh volunteers to go, and mandodari is tensed for the safety of her son, while aditi is distraught. raavan tensedly complies though. aksh promises that he shall have the monkey at his father’s feet in notime, and seeks permission. mandodari tries to make him understand and stops him. she turns and pleas to raavan too at the sake of her motherhood. but raavan shuns their doubts, asking her not to get weak. aditi complains, but raavan is too bli nded by ego and power, and ridicules them all. aditi reprimands his for his selfish motives, which have overpowered the welfare of the demonic clan. he doesnt comply and sends him off to fight. raavan ridicules rama away and says that hanuman has been sent by the lord and not a petty man like rama. raavan says tht hanuman needs to be encaptured and punished. aksh says that his wish shall be complied, and that it shall be set as an example. raavan is very happy at his daring. mandodari resignedly complies and does the tilak. raavan asks her to behave as a warrior’s mother and wife, or else he shall leave her rightaway. aditi is distraught as he takes her blessings and leaves.

In the gardens, trijata sits beside sita, and sees a dream. the demons ask what she felt. she says that she felt that raavan is sending someone very powerful to catch hanuman, who is obliviously eating away the fruits in the gardens, searching around for more demons to confront. anila is sure that hanuman shall be easily victorious over everyone. sita thinks that hanuman wishes to demonstrate rama’s power in front of raavan. as he eats to his heart’s content, he finally finds an arrow spearheaded at him, and it hits him straight on, and he is thrown into the air, as he is already drowsy due to the intake of huge quantity of fruits. aksh smiles on, as hanuman falls off the cliff, on which he was standing. he falls on the ground. the screen freezes on his face.


Precap: hanuman commends that for the first time, someone his stature has been sent by raavan. both eye the other’s enemy, and hanuman deduces that he is the prince. the lords and naarad watch tensedly. Aksh gives his intro, and talks about his grand powers. hanuman says that his idea is working, and now raavan is sending his sons, and his motive shall be fulfilled. akash traps hanuman in a whirlwind of arrows, while he tries to think of a way to get out of it. but he is sure that evil powers can never win over good intentions and measures. aksh guffaws as hanuman stands stuck.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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