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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 22nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jealousy and hatred make people turn to evil. This was happening with Urvashi. Heart gets polluted once you start feeling these two feelings. One must keep their hearts in control.

Hanuman is glad that he will become intelligent this way. Anjana talks about doing Shree Ganesh about his Akshar gyan. This confuses him as Rajpurohit too had said the same thing during the puja. Why is it so? She explains that they should think of lord Ganesha before doing any good work. He makes everything good. Hanuman reasons that the work can finish better if we remember his parents. Anjana denies. We pray to Lord Ganesha first. He became Pratham-Pujya because of his smartness. He is a son but still people pray to him before praying to his parents. There is a long story associated with it.

Hanuman is eager to know it but she wants him to learn his first alphabet first. Anjana writes Shree Ganeshaye Namah on the board. She then says Om. This world is made from Om. Hanuman repeats after her. She is impressed as he learnt it real fast. Next she shows him how to write it. Hanuman too writes on the slate with her help. All the Gods above smile.

Indra Dev asks Urvashi if she is in senses. She reminds him of one of his apsaras – Punjisthala. Our work, responsibilities and everything is alike. How did she get special rights then? You do recall the curse that she had received? Indra Dev thinks of the same. Urvashi adds that Punjisthala got the curse which was going to last till she becomes a mother Now that she is a mother, why is she still on earth? You will have to call her back. You will have to free us apsaras from this life in case it is not possible. We too want to become mothers. We want to live like a proper woman too! Indra Dev requests her to give up on her wish. She is a mother of Anjana. Urvashi stays put. You will have to change the rule for us too then. A woman can be happy only once she lives womanhood completely. Either free us or call Punjisthala back here! Other apsaras too say the same thing. Indra Dev agrees. I will make preps to call Punjisthala back. Urvashi and the other apsaras look happy with his decision.

Devi Shachi asks her husband why she is doing so. It will be wrong to separate Hanuman from his mother. You had to apologize to everyone because of him in the past too. He tells her that he doesn’t need anyone’s help in running Swarg. I will manage everything on my own.

Hanuman’s training continues. This time he writes Om all by himself. Anjana says this is just beginning. You will understand it a little later when you go deep that education is a little tough too. He doesn’t mind taking all the trouble but please tell me Ganesh ji’s story now. She agrees. He keeps everything back in its place and sits down on the bed to hear the story. How did Ganesh ji become Pratham-Pujya?

Anjana begins the story. This is a very old story. Once, all Gods discussed over who the best God is. Whoever will be the best will be prayed to before anyone else. All the work stopped while they were busy debating on the topic. They went to Kailash to seek Shiv ji’s help on the same.

Lord Shiva says you all are great at your positions but the best amongst all of you will be Pratham-Pujya. Let us have a small competition to decide it. Kartikeya is sure Ganesh wont be able to do anything. If father keeps me in mind and thinks of the competition then it will be great. Lord Shiva announces that all the Gods will have to take a round of earth. The one who wins will be declared Pratham-Pujya.

Hanuman jumps on his bed in excitement. What happened next? Anjana says all the Gods sat on their carriages. Hanuman recalls his friend Airavat. Anjana continues, every God thought of their victory only. Indra Dev and Kartikeya talk confidently to each other. They are also sure that Ganesh wont succeed as his mouse wont be able to run fast. Nandi offers to become Ganesh’s carriage but Ganesh ji doesn’t want his mouse to feel bad. We don’t change carriage and it is wrong to win in any competition with anyone else’s help.

The competition begins. Lord Shiva reminds them that they have to take a round of the world. All the Gods start their journey except Ganesh ji as his Mushak stays put at one place. It cannot fly in air.

Hanuman thinks that all the Gods left first but still he came first. How? Anjana clears that the competition wasn’t of a race but of mind.

Lord Ganesha looks at his parents.

Precap: All the Gods return after taking a round of earth. Lord Shiva declares Ganesh the winner. Hanuman calls it impossible as Ganesh ji got stuck at Kailash only. Anjana suggests him to hear the entire story first.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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