Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 22nd October 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 22nd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kesari practises angrily. He beats the soldiers / opponents badly. Hanuman comes there. I too want to practise mace fighting. Kesari agrees to teach him. Hanuman tells him that he cannot fight with him. Ma says one should always look at the opponent as an enemy. I cannot see you thus. Kesari reasons that it is important for a war. It will help you learn better. You will lose if you think of your enemy as your friend. Practise with me. Hanuman nods. Marjarika and Atibal watch them from a distance. Hanuman does not attack his father so Kesari reminds him of his mother’s words. Attack! Hanuman tightens his hold on his mace. Kesari keeps guiding him all along. Strength / force and mind together make up for the best attack. Kesari begins to save himself from Hanuman’s attacks. Atibal

is enjoying it but he wishes that Kesari gets hurt for real. Marjarika tells him to just wait and watch. Kesari falls as he ducks to save himself. His mace flies away too. Hanuman’s mace escapes his grip and heads towards Kesari. Marjarika is sure Kesari will be hurt now as the mace holds immense power. Hanuman steps in between his father and the mace. The mace hits his chest but there is no effect on him. This upsets Atibal and Marjarika. The son saved his father yet again! Kesari is all emotional as he looks at his son. Hanuman looks all sad. They share a hug. I dint leave the mace. It fell from my hands on its own. Kesari says nothing can happen to a father if he has a son like you. But such incidents happen while practising or fighting. I will teach you how to hold the mace so your grip never loosens on it. Hanuamn thinks that maybe he applied extra force on the mace. Kesari vouches to teach him how to use his powers by keeping balance in mind.

Ravan looks at all the planets from a distance. They will soon be under my control. 3 planets have already changed their position upon my askance. I will very soon force the other planets to change their position too. You all were planning to kill me! I wont spare anyone. No one will be able to stand before my power. I will make you all do what I want. I will remove death from my life. I will bring destruction for the entire world so that Nar form Narayan and vanar kid dies. It will be only me and Lanka in the end which will be left alive.

All the Gods approach Mahadev and Ma Parvati as Ravan is troubling them beyond their limits. Even Shukracharya, Rahu and Ketu are on Ravan’ side. they are creating hindrance in other planets’ way. This world will finish off untimely if this continues. Ravan is your devotee. Only you can stop him. They request Mahadev to do something. Brahma Dev remarks that the boon that he gave became a problem for everyone. Ravan has got security from Nar and Vanar now. He is away from everyone’s grip because of his kavach. Sadly, I cannot help you all. Mahadev says the situation is really tensed. If Ravan gets successful in doing what he is doing then he will never die. No one can change what’s already destined. Let the present situation continue.

Marjarika thinks that both the father son got saved today but she has begun her work. It will show the necessary effect one day. Lankesh too has started his work. I have to keep Hanuman inside the palace only. Nani keeps her hand on Anjana’s shoulder. Hanuman twirls his Nani because of which she forgets what she had come here for. Hanuman teasingly calls them both forgetful. He takes his mother with him so he can remind her what she forgot. Hanuman rests his head in his mother’s lap. I cannot sleep these days as my mother forgets to sing his favourite lullaby for him. Please sing it for me today. Marjarika gets worried.

Precap: Hanuman insists that his mother will have to sing lullaby for him. She sings one for him. He asks her if she has changed. She thinks that maybe she got caught today. it is better to die by his hands instead of dying by Ravan’s hands. Hanuman holds her hand to stop her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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