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Epi begins with Rishi Matang saying a kid gets happy playing or earning money. We spend our life chasing materialistic things. He comes down at temples or pilgrimage sites in the end to look for peace. He never realises that it is right inside their house. Hanuman points out that it is our parents only. The happiness that you get by serving your parents is above everything else. Plus it gives you Moksha. The kids agree with him. Rishi Matang says Markandey’s parents too were feeling happy but they were constantly troubled by the worrying thought. They had very less time. Hanuman asks him

Marudmati is in tears. we got blessed by such a Tejasvi son yet he will not live long. Give him my age but make him live. Rishi Mrikandu comes home. Markandey takes his stuff from him. He

excitedly brings water to wash his father’s feet. His parents are touched. Mardumati asks her husband how come he is back so soon. You were going to visit Rishi Vyomkesh. Rishi Mrikandu shares that Rishi Vyomkesh is coming to our hut only. Marudmati feels lucky to know he himself will be visiting them. Markandey wants to bring ripe fruits for Rishi Vyomkesh. Rishi Vyomkesh remarks that a Rishi like you only can do such a good upbringing of a kid. The couple greets Rishi Vyomkesh and welcome him. Rishi Vyom compliments Markandey. Your son has caught a place in my heart. Send him to my Gurukul for further education. I will feel lucky to have a Tejasvi disciple like him. Colour fades out from the faces of the couple which leaves RIshi Vyomkesh wondering if he said something wrong. They tell him everything. We have been counting every second, every minute. Death is closing on my son.

Hanuman says there can be no bigger pain for parents than this. They have been counting every second of their son’s life. Rishi Matang says if it is up to them then they can give up their own life to save their kid. But no one can change or stop Kaal. That unfateful day came after all.

The couple prays to Shivlinga. They speak of the dilemma. It is the last day today. Our son is 10 years old. Please have mercy on us. Make Markandey live long. Markandey comes there. They wipe their tears. Markandey says I have been looking for you since morning. He touches their feet to seek their blessings. I have turned 10 today. Bless me. Marudmati turns her face away and cries. Markandey is confused. Rishi Mrikandu blesses Markandey. She must be so happy that tears of happiness fell from her eyes. His friends come there just then. They suggest celebrating the big day. One Rishi comes there. He too asks for a celebration. Rishi Mrikandu thinks of the irony of the situation. The Rishi’s suggest working together on it. Markandey too wants a bhoj. Marudmati thinks how to tell their son what is going to happen. Rishi Mrikandu agrees for the bhoj. Marudmati says I will make arrangements but Markandey assures his parents he will make all the necessary arrangements for bhoj and havan. He leaves with his parents.

Hanuman is sad. Seems like Markandey ji has no idea he will not live long. Rishi Matang agrees. If one realises the duration of their life then their life loses meaning. Markandey’s parents had not told anything to their son, but truth cannot hide for long.

The Rishi apologise to Rishi Mrikandu for they had no idea about today. Marudmati wonders how to make their son stay with them for long. Rishi Mrikandu says Mahadev’s words can never be wrong. Marudmati talks about the unfateful day. My son has no idea today is his last day. Markandey calls out for his mother. Everyone is shocked to see him. All the bags fall down from his hands. He walks up to his parents. This must be worrying you for years. This moment of pain had not come today if you would have made me aware of this truth earlier itself. Father only taught me that karma can change destiny. I too would have done something. Rishi Mrikandu asks him how he will do it. Markandey insists upon try. No one can separate me from my parents so soon. I promise you both. I will win over death. I will change my fate. The family shares an emotional hug. Markandey takes their blessings. I will be back soon. He leaves. Marudmati calls out his name but Rishi Mrikandu stops her.

Hanuman wants to know if Markandey ji could fulfil his promise. Rishi Matang says Markandey promised his parents but he himself had no idea how he will do it. The kids want to know what happened afterwards. Rishi Matang says Markandey left for jungle with a heavy heart.

Markandey is in jungle. I cannot see my parents sad. What should I do? He prays to Mahadev to show him some way. You only gave me this life so you should help me now. Narad ji is passing by from there. Markandey greets him. Narad ji blesses him a long life. Markandey says your blessing will go in vain. He tells him who he is. Narad ji realises that 10 years are about to complete. Markandey says it is his last day today. Narad ji has already blessed him. Markandey requests him to show him some way. I have promised my parents I will look after them. I will go back only after completing it. Narad ji points out that no one can change what Kaal has decided. But there is one way. Markandey requests him to tell him asap. I want to make my parents happy. Narad ji advises him to make Ashutosh Mahadev happy by chanting a mantra. Go to Kailash if you want to make him happy asap. Narad ji shares the mantra with him. Markandey agrees to go there and chant the mantra. Narad ji blesses him.

Hanuman wants to know what’s in the mantra that Narad ji shared this particular mantra only.

Precap: Hanuman says it was the last day of Markandey ji. How long did he pray? Kaal Dev comes to where Markandey is praying. Hanuman wonders how Markandey ji could get long life if Kaal Dev dint budge.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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