Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 22nd June 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 22nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ashram
Hanuman is overwhelmed to have found that the lord himself gave darshan to him. the lord proclaims that only true dedication, sincerity and firm will and determination is needed in the devotion, for darshan. hanuman is overwhelmed. the lord says that he is excited to taste the bhog, and asks if he wouldnt do the honours. hanuman apologises for the delay, as he was spellbound, and then offers the deseert that he got made. The lord himself tastes it, while hanuman looks on mesmerised, and comments that its very sweet, and that its complete by the sweetness of the devotion, and asks him to feed him more. he complies. the lord eats on. Later, rishi angiras enters along with his other disciples, and comes to the temple. he is shocked to find hanuman’s

hands smeared with the bhog, and he himself turned towards the lord’s idol, mesmerised. he comes upto him, angrily, and enraged asks hanuman what he did, and how did the bhos finish up. hanuman then tells what happened, and how he fed it all to Lord Ram. rishi asks if he is joking, and asks him not to test his patience, and enrage him. Rishi is enraged as he asks hanuman whats this evil curse, and where did all the bhog go, as they both eye the empty vessel. Hanuman says that he is ready o face his ire, if he made any mistake, in his naivety. rishi gets enraged and says that this isnt a mistake but a sin. all are tensed, particularly his parents. anjani asks him to answer the question. he asks hanuman not to test the patience and reply honestly, and asks him where is the bhog. hanuman stands boggled and confused. anjani and kesri are shocked. hanuman is still unable to respond. She asks him to respond atleast, or else rishi shall be enraged. hanuman innocently again narrates his earlier statements. rishi doesnt believe it, and asks how can he eat it himelf and then lie. he asks who would believe that the lord gave him darshan and ate from his hands. hanuman says that he isnt lying, and narrates everything that happened to him. anjani thinks that the rishi might be doubting, and knows that hanuman wont lie, and wonders if its another one of hanuman’s devotional miracles. rishi asks if the lord himself came here, at his first instant of devotion. hanuman narrates what all he had to do to get him here. rishi says that its all a figment of his imagination, and is lying like this. hanuman says that he knows whatsoever may be the stakes, he always speaks the truth, and that the lord himself knows he has eaten it, and not hanuman. anjani points out how there is still bhog on the idol’s mouth. hanuman wonders how he made such a big mistake, as he couldnt wipe his face after having fed him, and decides to rectify it. she says that she believes her son, and is amazed at the devotion of hanuman, and points out how lucky he is. hanuman is about to clean the face, when rishi says that its miraculous, how she has stopped seeing sense in motherhood, and cant see through lies, as hanuman did this to prevent any false accusations. hanuman apologises and says that he never lies, and its true that the lord himself ate it. rishi asks how many lies shall he serve, but he shall find out himself, as if what he says is true, then there shall be smell in his hands of the dessert. Rishi angiras is unable to believe as he goes tensedly towards the idol, and then touching it, he is able to see everything that happened and is shell shocked. he says that its impossible, while ajani and kesri are amused. he says that this cant be. anjani says that now he has to believe that everything happened exactly as hanuman narrated, just like the reincarnation of lord vishnu as lord rama. kesri too asks him to believe, that on the way of religion and truth, hanuman never waivers and always is truthful. anuman looks on tensedly. rishi is flustered wondering if its possible that hanuman’s plea drew the lord himself here, who didnt even bother to give darshan to him, and wonders how can this child’s devotion be superior over him. rishi says that to respect the statement of his parents, and the work of hanuman himself, he shall give him another task. hanuman readily agrees and asks whats to be done. rishi then asks him to arrange for the puja, on ekadashi, and for the smearing of the Lord’s idol, they need pious waters, which he shall be getting. hanuman says that there wont be any delays, and promises that he shall get the water from Chandra sarovar, early in the morning, before the brahma muhurat. all smile.

Scene 2:
Location: Chandra Sarovar
The next morning, in the wee hours, hanuman arrives near the sarovar, and enters into it, but is oblivious of a deadly crocodile sitting underneath, who senses his movements, and progresses towards him. Meanwhile. hanuman looks around tensedly, as if sensing something, but then waives off his concerns, hanuman tells himself to get the waters soon from the Sarovar, and hence cant afford distractions, so that he is able to please the angry Rishi by getting it at the right time back to sumeru. saying so, he dives in to get water in his vessel. he again senses someone approaching, and gets nervous. but seieng nothing, he waives off, and fills the water. the crocodile meanwhile surfaces over the water just by the time, hanuman gets up. he grabs hold of hanuman’s leg, and hanuman struggles hard to get free,, begging him to leave him, as he has to follow rishi’s orders, but cant harm him for that. his struggle continues, but when he doesnt budge, hanuman says that it seems he is enjoying torturing him, and therefore now he shall have to teach him a lesson, as he is forced to do so. he throws the vessel of water up in the air, and then grabs his jaws, and breaks him, killing him, and then immediately goes onto catch the vessel as it comes back. Just then, gorgeous aura surrounds the waters, and an apparition arrives, saying that he is Durgasen Gandharva and was stuck by the curse of Kashyap rishi, and is thankful to him, for having relieved him. he then asks him to listen on carefully, as there is greater trouble looming over his head in the near future. he asks what kind of trouble. he tells hanuman that he shall know of it, when the time comes, but asks him to remember that only Rishi Agastya can help him get rid of the problems, and that he must go to him only. he blesses him and then disappears. hanuman is tensed, but thinks about getting the waters back first, and decides not to delay. he takes the waters, and then flies back to sumeru.

Scene 3:
Location: Sumeru
As all are ready for the puja, hanuman returns back, saying that he got the waters as ordered by the rishi, before the brahma muhurat. rishi takes the waters, and pours it over the lord’s idol, and hanuman is overwhelmed to have done it successfulyl. but then suddenly, rishi is shocked to find the idol having turned black, from one side, and all are aghast while hanuman himself is apalled. rishi drops the waters in horror, exclaiming that its a bad omen, and that he has tainted the idol of his lord. The screen freezes on his apalled face.

Precap: Rishi blames hanuman for having tainted the idol of his lord. Kesri tells him that he shall do whatever it takes for him to make the idol pure and untainted again. Rishi says that this child have have to do it only now. hanuman says that he shall immediately get ganga waters. rishi asks him to get ganga herself here, as only that would suffice. all are tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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