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Epi begins with naughty Maruti holding out his hands before him. What should I do with it now? Purohit asks him to give it to him. He takes some and tells Anjana and Kesari that the kid is surely great. The bhasm turned into Vibhuti after his touch. Anjana is surely enjoying her son’s new antics. The couple prays to Lord Shiva. Anjana loves / adores Maruti’s cute and naughty acts. I am completely smitten by him. But I am also scared seeing him grow so fast. He is almost 5 years old in mere 10 days. I wont be able to witness more of it because of the same reason. Please let our son grow like any other normal kid. Don’t stop us from enjoying these moments.

Ma Parvati can understand her sentiments towards her kid. She goes to where Lord Shiva is meditating. Hey Bholenath,

Anjana is calling out for us. We should not overlook her wish. She turns to go when Lord Shiva asks her if anyone can keep the ocean in river. Ma Parvati is thinking from Anjana’s side. It is still time in Maruti and Shri Rama’s meeting. If Maruti continues to grow this way then what will the mission of his life? Don’t you want to witness the naughty little acts of Maruti? Lord Shiva smiles. I am mesmerised by little Maruti’s antics for sure. She requests him to listen to Anjana’s prayers. Lord Shiva blesses Anjana who thanks him for the same.

Everyone was glad by this blessing. But Vrikshasur was eagerly waiting for Maruti to come near Shambsadan forest. Maruti reaches the Kuldevi Temple with his family members. Vrikshasur says as soon as you step on my shadow then I will catch hold of you. No one will be able to save you from me then. He laughs evilly. The curious Maruti asks about the temple. Anjana shares that it is their Kuldevi, Lalita Amba’s Temple. She is everyone’s mother, including mine and Nani’s as well. Pray to her nicely. Maruti remarks that Devi Lalita Amba is very strong. He jumps to ring the bell but cannot reach it. Kesari helps him. Kesari tells his commander to be on high alert. Commander assures him of the same. Vrikshasur was breaking the pact very stealthily. Kesari knew it that Vrikshasur can turn evil anytime. He had alerted everyone. Vrikshasur is in no mood to let go of Maruti this time.

Anjana, Kesari and Maruti do the puja. Vrikshasur laughs out loud. The soldiers hear it. They go to look in different directions. Maruti hears it too on the second time. He turns around and notices a giant tree laden with fruits. He gets tempted. His parents are busy praying so he goes out of the temple. Vrikshasur opens his eyes. I will take my father’s revenge today! I will enjoy the flesh of this young kid. Maruti is now at the borderline of Sumeru and Shambsadan forest. Maruti looks at a fruit lying on the ground. He tries to pick it up when it flies to the opposite side. Maruti is about to step over the hedge when he hears a sage telling his disciples that he will be narrating Parshurama’s (Lord Vishnu’s 6th Avatar) story to them now. he starts chanting Rama. Vrikshasur cannot understand how he lost Maruti again!

The sage asks his disciples about a few Rama mantras. Maruti peeks at them from behind a tree. On the other hand, Anjana and Kesari offer a chunri to Ma. She turns to say something to Maruti but doesn’t see him there. The couple looks around but cannot see Maruti anywhere. On the other hand, a disciple (Neel) fumbles as he cannot remember a particular mantra. Other kids try to hide their laughter. Maruti recalls it that Devi Saraswati has whispered it to him when he was inside his mother’s womb. Maruti repeats it. Anjana, Kesari and everybody else hear it. The sage wants to see the person who has recited the mantra perfectly. Maruti steps forward. The sage is very much impressed by Maruti’s knowledge. He tells Maruti’s parents that no other kid in his school remembers this mantra. Maruti knows it without going to any school. This certainly points out to a better tomorrow. He blesses Maruti. Maruti asks his mother about school. He notices the kids playing with each other. One of the kids hit the other kid playfully with his tail. The kid complains to Acharya ji about Neel. Commander shares with Kesari that he can see everything normal but there certainly is something which is not right. Kesari requests the sage to shift the classes to the garden in the palace premises. The sage agrees. Maruti is yet again amazed to see kids playing with their tails. They are very proud of their tails. Maruti eyes his tail sadly. Maruti leaves with his parents. Vrikshasur hopes that he gets Maruti soon. Kesari, Anjana and their commander hear some strange voice. They stop in their tracks. Maruti joins them. Kesari orders his commander to make safe preps for the kids of the school near the palace. The commander nods.

Kesari was trying hard to protect these kids as they were the kids of some or other Gods. They were sent on earth as per my request only. Shri Krishna shares that it is of the time when all the Gods and Goddesses were tired of Ravan’s tortures. They all had come to meet me in my Narayan Avatar in Baikunth. I only had told them about my Rama Avatar. I had asked them to take Avatar’s in vriksha (tree) kul and vanar kul through their ansh on earth. I will take your help in the dharma against Ravan when it is time. Neel was Agni Dev’s ansh, Nal – Vishwakarma’s ansh; Gandhmadhav – from Kuber; Chandradev and Varun Dev had also sent their ansh on earth for the same. Sugriv was Surya Dev’s ansh. Vali was Indra Dev’s ansh. Maruti was the most intelligent, strong and best of all. He was my favourite. He was pleasing all the citizens on earth by his naughty acts. Vrikshasur was super anxious to eat Maruti.

The soldiers close the palace doors as soon as Anjana and Maruti are inside. Maruti was only worried about his tail at the moment. He notices one of the soldiers bolting the door with his tail. His tail is so useful! He tries to look at his tail but in vain. He observes everyone doing different different things with their tail or even multitasking. His attempts to peek at his tail fail. He keeps going round and round but still cannot see it. I am a kid so I cannot see it. Maybe when I grow up like my father then it will also grow. He recalls seeing the kids playing with their tails. They were also kids and had tails. Why can’t I see mine!

Maruti had not met any kid before this. He thought about his tail when he saw the kids at the school.

Maruti thinks that he will find his tail once he reaches school. I don’t go there yet so I am unable to see it. He spots his shadow and notices his tail. Whose tail is this? Why is it following my shadow? Is someone playing with me? The tail keeps on following him but he cannot see it when he turns or bends down. Is this some magic? The tail is small so cannot understand what I am saying. The tail is hidden when he changes position. Someone is surely playing jokes with me. Who hid my tail? He gets an idea. He looks at himself in the mirror and can finally see his tail! Epi ends on his happy face.

Precap: Vali tells Sugriv that he isn’t doing it for himself. I am doing it for Kishkindha and our family. Devrishi Narad ji had predicted that this Markat will be the reason of our destruction. Sugriv cannot believe it. His brother turns to go but Sugriv stops him. I will never come in your way but I will always protect Maruti if you try to hurt him at all.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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