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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 22nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maruti is standing on top of a one storey type thing. The kids request him not to jump but Maruti jumps. He is falling and kids shout in fear. Vayu Dev catches him in time. Maruti smiles looking at him. You always save me whenever I am in trouble. Vayu Dev smiles at his innocent reply.

Chakrasur continues to cause destruction in Mridungpur. The head of Mridungpur watches it through his window. Chakrasur is laughing evilly. No one will come to help you.

Vayu Dev has sent his friends home so Maruti can concentrate if he wants to learn how to fly. Maruti calls him his Guru. Guru’s are equal to father so order me what I have to do. Vayu Dev says it isn’t an easy task to fly. One has to master the rules for it. Maruti agrees to follow each and every rule.


Dev guides Maruti. You will have to invoke the Vayu tatva in your body and also a few other tatva’s in your body. Then only you will be able to do it. Maruti sits in the same position like him. Vayu Dev chants Om and lifts up in the air. Maruti looks on with surprise. Vayu Dev holds out his hand for Maruti and Maruti eeps his hand in his. The energy transmits and they both rise above the ground. Maruti jumps in joy, his hand parts from Vayu Dev’s hand and he lands on the ground. Vayu Dev makes him try once again. Maruti closes his eyes and concentrates. He is able to rise in the sky on his own this time. Now I know how to fly. I will go higher and faster now. Vayu Dev calls him down. You are way too excited which may become a reason for your harm. You will have to concentrate on the Vayu Tatva first so you can nullify your weight. Maruti reasons that he is lighter than him. Vayu Dev thinks of how it is important for Shiva’s ansh to fly. He has to do great tasks in the future. He calmly advises Maruti to be calm and focussed first. Maruti agrees to try but only on one condition that he wont try to save or help him in case he fails in his attempt. Vayu Dev promises him.

Anjana is worried that Maruti is still not back. Where is he! She calls out for a daasi. Have you seen Maruti? He had gone to play with his friends. Daasi informs her that Maruti’s friends went back to their houses but Maruti is with Vayu Dev in the garden. Anjana is surprised. Vayu Dev himself is here? Maruti stands on the same one storey type structure. Anjana notices him and is tensed. Vayu Dev asks Maruti to jump at the counting of 3. Anjana runs out. Maruti takes his position. Anjana is on her way to the garden. Vayu Dev counts till 3. Anjana shouts for Maruti but he jumps. She is shocked to see him flying. Maruti notices her and fails in his attempt. He starts falling. Vayu Dev begins to go and help him but then stops in his tracks. Anjana is in tears to see her son all enveloped in dirt. What did you do? Why did you jump from so high? He replies that he was just practising to fly. I haven’t learnt it properly yet so I fell. I couldn’t concentrate. Vayu Dev suggests him to be all focussed. He holds his hand up again but Anjana stops him. You don’t have to learn this. She tells him to go inside with a servant. Maruti remarks that he has to do great tasks so he will have to learn it. Anjana doesn’t mind it if he learns it when he grows. Maruti agrees when Vayu Dev too tells him to go inside. Follow what your mother says. He seeks Vayu Dev’s blessings before doing so. Vayu Dev tells him to calm his heart if you want to win in any situation. You may lose if it isn’t the case.

Anjana turns to Vayu Dev. I am thankful to the love that you have for Maruti but he is very young. You are teaching him how to fly? What if something goes wrong? He can understand her concern being a mother but I can see his strength. He isn’t an ordinary kid. Maruti tries to rise on his own inside his room. Vayu Dev continues, Maruti has to do some great things in future. He has to fly one day. Anjana says a mother’s heart is very tender. It can never be tough like a father. She always tries to protect her baby. Vayu Dev replies that one has to fall to learn his or her strength. Maruti has yet to understand it. Anjana still talks about Maruti’s young age. We cannot compare bigger things with such a tender age.

Precap: The people from Mridungpur village come to the palace. The head shares that his daughter’s wedding is due tomorrow but due to Chakrasur’s terror the groom’s family has refused to come for the wedding itself. They but are shocked to know that Kesari will not be back before tomorrow. Maruti steps in. I will help you. Anjana looks at him in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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