Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 22nd January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 22nd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mahadev, Mata Parvati and Hanuman resume their journey towards Ayodhya. Narad ji remarks that Hanuman’s devotion is out of this world. It will be an equally amazing moment when you will meet Ram. The meeting of a God and devotee!

Hanuman notices a valley full of flowers. He flies away. Mata Parvati wonders what Hanuman is up to. Hanuman plucks different colorful flowers. He writes Ram using them. He keeps chanting Ram Naam with utter devotion. Mata Parvati remarks that Hanuman has touched the heights of devotion. Mahadev says when the devotion is at its peak, the devotee can see his Aradhya in everything. He devotes everything that he likes to his God. Hanuman has done the same with the flowers. They walk in a land that is completely barren and devoid of water. The people

there are in a very bad condition. They keep looking for water but in vain. They walk up to the old couple (Mata Parvati and Mahadev in disguise). Why are you heading in this direction? There has been no rain here since years. The people of this area are dying because of lack of water or shade. Dont walk in the mouth of death. Mahadev and Mata Parvati observe the condition of the citizens. They are all helpless. Mahadev tells Mata Parvati he is sure Ram Naam’s effect will be positive for this land. Hanuman gets down from Mahadev’s shoulder. He runs around in the area and sings Ram Naam continuously. Everyone looks at him in surprise. The citizens suggest the old couple to take the kid (Hanuman) from here. He is getting mad because of lack of water. Mahadev thinks it is the thirst of devotion.

Hanuman writes Ram in the air using a stick as he dances. The guy keeps telling the couple to leave. You may yearn for water otherwise. Hanuman writes Ram on earth. The weather changes. Mother Nature reacts to it. The citizens fear earthquake but water pops out of earth. The citizens get ecstatic. A river appears there. The citizens cool their thirst from the water. The trees turn leafy. The citizens thank God for giving them life. They look at Hanuman, who is still dancing away chanting Ram Naam. They join him and follow his example. Mata Parvati says this happened all because of Hanuman’s devotion. Mahadev tells the citizens that they are going to Ayodhya so that this kid gets fine. The miracle that you just witnessed happened because of Ram Naam. Everyone should chant Ram Naam. They immediately put his advise in action. Mata Parvati suggests leaving for Ayodhya now. The citizens bow down their heads with gratitude before the old couple. You are God for us. Hanuman leaves with Mahadev and Mata Parvati.

Ravan cannot understand who got ready to take that vanar kid to Ayodhya. His Nana tells him about Hanuman’s journey till now. Hanuman’s utter devotion brought water and life in a barren land. Hanuman has completely lost himself in his devotion for Narayan. The old couple is taking him to Ayodhya to get him treated.

Devi Kaushalya and Raja Dashrath talk abuot Ram’s condition. He gets happy at one second and then gets sad at the second moment. Devi Sumitra is sure Ram will get happy soon. Devi Kaushalya cannot wait anymore to see her son happy. It’s been so long already. Raja Dashrath suggests an idea. We will make an announcement in the state. Whoever will bring a smile on our son’s face will get half of our state in return. You will have to be patient till then though. She is relieved hearing the idea and nods.

Mahadev tells Mata Parvati they are almost near their destination. Ayodhya is right before us. Hanuman looks at Ayodhya palace. Side by side he keeps chanting Ram Naam. Mahadev says the devotee can feel feel his closeness to God. Hanuman will meet Ram soon. They walk ahead towards the palace.

Gods appear in disguise and join the old couple and Hanuman. They request the soldiers to let them inside. Ram wakes up as he feels Hanuman’s presence. He sits up straight.

Precap: Raja Dashrath addresses his citizens. Can none of you calm down my son’s disturbed mind? Hanuman says Ram. Shree Ram walks up to where Hanuman is. They both look at each other.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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