Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 22nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 22nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anjana enjoys the unending shower of petals. Nani asks Marjarika to send info to Kesari that Hanuman is back. Anjana tells Hanuman that the flowers are very beautiful. You are the most beautiful and fragrant flower of my life. Hanuman has another brought gift for her. He shows her the footprints of Shree Ram. You might not have met him but I brought this for you. Anjana looks at the footprints. They emanate a bright radiance. Flashback is shown. Hanuman took his Prabhu’s footprints on a slab. You will always stay near me this way. Ram steps onto the slab. Flashback ends. Hanuman asks for his father. They tell him that he went to meet some astrologer. We have sent someone. He will be back soon.

In the Devsabha, all the Devta’s discuss about the impending danger. Devguru

proposes requesting Shani Dev to be calm during this tenure. Agni Dev points out that he never listens to anyone. He looked upon Mahadev during Amrit Manthan too. Indra Dev nods. this is why I am requesting you all to be calm and together in this mission.

Anjana and Nani thank Vaid Raj and Vaid Raj for making Hanuman normal. They also request the couple to stay back for a while. We want to take care of you. They nod.

Shani Dev comes for the Devsabha. No one looks directly at him. All the other Devta’s are tensed. Indra Dev talks about the maha Purnima when he will be casting his shadow on Chandra Dev. Shani Dev knows about this already. All the Gods praise him. Shani Dev asks them what they want from him. Indra Dev requests him not to look at Chandra Dev. He will not be diverted from his path this way and Amrit can be saved. He thinks that this is important to save Amrit. Shani Dev agrees. He adds that Chandra Dev himself is not present here as of now. All the Gods are here except him. This delay is not acceptable. Is this how he will save Amrit? He might not understand his responsibilities well. Chandra Dev says I am very well aware of my responsibilities. He greets everyone next. He tells Shani Dev it will be good if he does not raise a question on his responsibilities. I am the son of Sapta-Rishi Atri, Daksh’s SIL and husband of his 22 daughters. Mahadev has got me on his forehead and is called Chandrashekhar. I am capable to handle all my duties. Shani Dev explains him on the importance of Maha Purnima. It can affect other planets also with you. We are all gathered her for the same. Chandra Dev suggests Shani Dev to do his work. I will manage my work. Shani Dev gets up angrily. It is useless to worry for the one who is not worried for himself! Surya Dev worries Shani Dev’s angry reaction. What if he looks directly at Chandra Dev? Shani Dev begins to walk out of the Sabha but Chandra Dev’s words have hurt him badly. He tells Chandra Dev loud that he cannot save himself from him now. He looks directly at Chandra Dev! No one can save you from me now! The other Gods get worried. Indra Dev thinks Shani Dev only looked at Chandra Dev slightly as of now. He will not calm down until he does that completely. Shani Dev walks out of the Devsabha. Surya Dev wonders what happened to Chandra Dev. What will happen to Chandra Loka and Amrit now?

All the three ladies serve food to Vaid Raj, Vaid Rani and Hanuman. They eat the food. Hanuman feeds his mother and vice versa.

Shani Dev is sitting angrily on his throne. Chandra Dev insulted me today for no reason in Devsabha! Chandra Dev’s words haunt him yet again. Light shows us way but extra light blinds us as well. Before insulting me you shouldn’t have forgotten who I am! I am Shani Dev. All the Lokas shiver in fear when they think of me. No one can save you from me now!

Vaid Raj and Vaid Rani get up as it is time for them to leave. Anjana thanks Vaid Raj for bringing Hanuman to her. I request you bring him to me at times to make me meet him in future also. I will be indebted to you. Hanuman asks her what she is saying. Do I have to go with Vaid Raj ji again? She tells him to go with Vaid Raj ji. I have donated you to him. You will have to go from Sumeru. He refuses to leave her. She explains that one cannot take back their words / promises or donation. I don’t want you to be in any trouble because of it. He asks her why she wants to distance her son from her. She reasons that Vaid Raj ji has a right on him now, not her. I cannot stop you now even if I want to. Hanuman cannot understand how she can send him away from her. Anjana turns her back to him. She requests Vaid Raj to take Hanuman from here before she breaks down. She silently cries. Vaid Raj asks Anjana to firs decide if she is satisfied. Is your son completely fine now? She nods and thanks him for the same. parents have to stay away from their kids for their welfare. I will be happy thinking he is fine wherever he is! Hanuman feels sad to see her in tears. He is about to address Vaid Raj as Bhole Baba and then covers up. A mother will be unhappy to be distanced from her Bhola kid. How can the son go away from his mother when he sees her unhappy? Vaid Raj holds his hand and walks up to Anjana. It is time for us to leave and not for Hanuman. Anjana turns in surprise. Hanuman thinks Ma might now know that this is the miracle of Bhole Baba and Mata Parvati only. They have come to return me to you.

Precap: Anjana is keeping a fast on Maha Purnima. She explains the significance of the day to Hanuman. Shani Dev decides to cast his spell completely on Chandra Dev now.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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