Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 22nd December 2015 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 22nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman blows at the burning meteors. The fire is doused but the meteors are in speed. It is still difficult to count them. I will have to do something. He smiles. Narad ji blesses Hanuman mentally. Walk past all the obstacles that come in your way. Reach your destination successful. Hanuman holds the water bowl in his one hand and walks ahead. Narad ji is sure no problem can stop him now.

Varun Dev enters inside Varun Loka through the secret route. His wife tells him about their son. he has given up food and water. He is not even taking rest. He is not even letting anyone come near him. It is all happening because of Surya Dev. She cannot understand how a vanar kid can be greater than their kid. Surya Dev has been biased here. Hanuman only freed him from Ravan. Varun Dev

thinks of the same. They all greet Narad ji as he comes there. Hanuman only freed Surya Dev from Lankesh. When Hanuman needed education, Surya Dev accepted him seeing his capability. Varun Dev’s wife says I was saying that only. Narad ji looks at their son. In reality your son gave one answer to the question. Hanuman gave three. He was still accepted while your son was rejected. He might be vanar kid but he will become greater than all the Gods one day. I am sure world will not pray to you all later. They will pray to Hanuman only. Varun Dev’s son asks his father who will pray to the sons of Devtas if a vanar kid gets all that. You should raise your voice against this injustice. Narad ji too asks Varun Dev to make a suggestion to Surya Dev. Get your son another chance. Varun Dev’s wife agrees. If you cannot go then I will go. Varun Dev agrees to put forward his point. Narad ji adds he is one of the chief Gods along with Surya Dev. Your decision will be right only.

No one can understand the reason behind Narad ji’s doings. He is Trikaldashi. Only future can tell what his motives are.

Hanuman stands amidst all the meteors as he counts them. I will have to finish this Parikrama by evening itself.

Varun Dev leaves to go to Devsabha. He meets Lankesh on his way. Ravan offers to help Varun Dev in this injustice but he refuses to seek an Asura’s help. The decision will be taken in Devsabha easily. My Grahdasha is fine. Ravan laughs at him. Do remember time changes in no time. My offer is open for you. If you get injustice in Devsabha, then do think of me. I will still support you. Varun Dev moves forward. I don’t need any Ravan to help my son get justice. Ravan is sure Varun Dev’s fate is going to change soon.

Hanuman is almost back to Surya Loka. I can see Gurudev’s chariot now. I am only a few feet away. There are only a few meteors which I haven’t counted yet. I will count them all soon.

Ravan summons Rahu. Get Varun Dev under your spell. Get on his head. Force him to take all the wrong decisions. They all will be beneficial for him. Rahu reminds him of Brahma Dev’s warning. Ravan is well aware of it. It is a way to cheat us. Do anything, but the world will always see you as and Asura only. Rahu gets thinking. I will just go and turn Varun Dev’s mind all negative.

Rahu greets Varun Dev. Varun Dev thinks it isn’t good to meet him. Hope nothing goes wrong. He excuses himself. Rahu says you can get away from me but not my shadow. It will fall on you. All your decisions will be wrong afterwards. Rahu’s shadow takes over Varun Dev. He starts thinking all negative. My wife was right. I have made up my mind. Hanuman’s training will not be complete till the sons of Devta’s get educated.

Precap: Surya Dev is informed about an emergency meeting that is due tomorrow morning. It is to stop Hanuman’s education. Hanuman wonders if he will gain knowledge or not now.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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