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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 22nd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone is gathered in the courtroom. Chitraketu says this Naag Kid came here in our area and disrespected our Maharaj. He deserves to be punished. Garud’s agree with him. Hanuman asks them to stop. We discuss matter in court. Present your opinion but it will be wrong to harm my friend in any way. Jatayu calms everyone down. He tells Hanuman what he wants to say in his friend’s favour. Hanuman shares that his friend dint enter illegally. He was worried for his father and came here looking for him. He is a kid, weapon less and weak than all of you. How can he be a danger then? Chitraketu talks against Naag’s. They have been our enemies since always. Hanuman talks about their tradition. Guests are Gods and always respected. You want to hurt a little kid? He asks Maharaj Jatayu

what this tradition is. Chitraketu is concerned about their security. These Naag’s are very cunning. Meghasur ate our so many friends. Hanuman says Bhushan is the son of the very same Panchfann who captivated Meghasur. He made peace with you all. His son is looking for him today. You should help him instead of punishing him. Chitraketu stays put. We will surely punish anyone, a kid or anyone’s son, if they will blame their Maharaj. The other Garud’s agree. Chitraketu still does not believe Bhushan’s story of Panchfann being kidnapped. He even knows our secret now with Hanuman’s help now. He can tell it to our enemy Naag’s. We wont let it happen at all! He cannot step out of our land now. Garud’s second him. Hanuman corrects him. Bhushan came here to alert you all that Meghasur is gathering Naag’s to attack on you. If a war happens then there will be a lot of bloodshed on both the sides. Chitraketu is hell bent upon punishing Bhushan. Hanuman reasons that he will not gain anything by hurting Bhushan. It will be right if you are able to stop this war from happening. Bhushan wants to save everyone while you all want to kill him?

Vali and the Mahabali look at each other. Vali gets half of his powers. Lightning strikes. Everyone is boggled. Vali says I have a boon. I will get half of the powers of whoever challenges me. he pushes Mahabali who falls down. Vali sits on the throne once again. Vali tells Mahabali he is the king now. Follow my orders. Arrest him!

Chitraketu asks Jatayu to punish Bhushan asap. It is important for our security. Hanuman wants to know the reason. chitraketu calls Bhushan one of their enemy. He also knows our secret now. How do we trust him then? Hanuman asks him how should Bhushan accept it then that Garud’s have not kidnapped his father. He saw Maharaj Jatayu kidnapping his father with his own eyes. He turns to Jatayu. A kid risked his life to come here. Is this not proof enough?

Meghasur is on his way to Garud area with his army.

Jatayu gets upset. Is it not a thing to believe if I am saying it that I did not kidnap Panchfann? Chitraketu supports Jatayu. Hanuman too feels that Maharaj Jatayu is right. I feel maybe some third person did maya. I feel as if someone is trying to instigate enmity between Naag’s and Garud’s. Jatayu thinks he might be right.

Vali announces that anyone who tries to challenge him will have to fight with him. Mahabali (Kokat) tells Riksharaj he is upset. Sugriv refuses to let it happen. I will die but wont let it happen. Riksharaj gestures him to be quiet. He removes his crown and walks up to Vali. He makes Vali wear it. Everyone look on sadly. Vali makes everyone cheer in his name. Courtiers reluctantly do so. Vali corrects them as they forgot to use Maharaj. He tells Kokat that the former king’s work here is done. Send him to jail now so he cannot plot anything against him. Take him there with full respect. He is my father after all. He smirks. everyone is shocked. Sugriv tries to say something but Riksharaj stops him. He leaves with Kokat. Vali stops his commander. I dint allow you to go yet. Call a Sabha in Vansangh. Say that everyone has to come. This is the order of Mahantam (Great) Maharaj Vali!

Hanuman wants to avoid the war at any cost. We will have to find a way out. Chitraketu angrily says Hanuman. Naag’s are not strong enough to make the mistake of attacking us. We will have to decide something regarding Bhushan.

Meghasur is near the Garud area. Kalnemi is also there in Naag avatar. Meghasur tells everyone to make sure no Garud gets to live. We have to kill everyone. A Garud notices Meghasur and his army coming in their area. He informs the security guy about the attack and goes to inform Jatayu. The Garud at the security post rings a bell. Everyone hears it. Garud informs Jatayu about Meghasur. Jatayu orders Chitraketu to go with his army to stop Meghasur. Make sure little Garud’s are safe. Chitraketu agrees.

Hanuman wants to talk to Meghasur. Jatayu says your life can be in danger if you do there. Hanuman does not want the war to happen. Jatayu allows him. But I wont be able to stop this war if any Garud is hurt. Hanuman nods. Bhushan wants to go with him but Hanuman denies. He leaves him with Jatayu and flies away.

Hanuman joins Chitraketu. Chitraketu tells Hanuman how the Naag’s look so eager to fight. It is useless to expect them not to fight. He orders other Garud’s to kill all the Naag’s before they take any step further. Hanuman requests him not to do so. Don’t instigate them for a war. I will talk to them. Maharaj has given me permission. He tells him something (in mute). Hanuman flies away. I have to stop Naag’s at any cost. Even if one Garud is killed then this war wont stop.

Precap: Chitraketu says Bhushan should not escape from here alive. Meghasur too refuses to back down. Kalnemi (in disguise) tells Hanuman it will be destructive for Garud’s if Panchfann is found here.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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