Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 21st September 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 21st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman repeats after Rajpurohit ji. The palace echoes with the cheers of Hanuman ki Jai!

Ma Parvati can see that Hanuman’s mother is happier than Hanuman. Lord Shiva nods. A mother is always more proud n happy of anything related to her kid.

Hanuman sits on the throne. Vayu Dev blesses Hanuman. Maintain the dignity of this position. He congratulates the couple as well. Sugriv gives him money as a token from Kishkindha. Hanuman accepts it gratefully. The apsaras come up to bless Hanuman next. Hanuman gives them a gift. Swarg Loka must be very beautiful. Urvashi nods. Devraj Indra has sent this gift for you. Hanuamn remembers him well. Greet him from my side and give my love to Gajraj. They bless him. Hanuman’s friends want to wish him now.

Apsaras are amazed

to see Hanuman. He is so good and has such a great personality. Another apsara too wishes to become a mother but it is just not possible for them. Punjisthala is so lucky. Urvashi is jealous of Anjana. She has a husband, a son, a family and everyone respects her. Why can’t we be as lucky as her?

Atibal walks forward to give his special gift to Hanuman. As soon as you play with it, you will become Ravan’s slave. A soldier stops Atibal. Who are you? Where have you come from? Hanuman tells the soldier that he knows him. He was in Sumeru in Chakrasur’s time. He fell in a pit while trying to save a kid. I had helped him then. Flashback shows Kaikasi giving this gift to Atibal to be given to Hanuman. Hanuman wants to open it but Atibal asks him to see it later. There is something special for you. Atibal leaves. Daasi takes the box from Hanuman.

Kesari gives the special gada to Hanuman. I had decided to give this magical gada to you on the day you become Yuvraj. This gada is very special as it comes back to its owner after taking care of your enemy. Hanuman is excited.

Urvashi takes leave from Anjana. Anjana requests her to spend some time with them but Urvashi wants to go somewhere as she got some time free. Rambha and Chandra will stay back.

Ravan has heard about the apsaras of Swarg Loka who have gone to Sumeru. They will go from here only on their way back. He notices Urvashi. She tries to break free from his clutches but in vain. She talks about all the curses that he has received. It is better to leave me than face adverse situations. Ravan wants him to become the main dancer in Lanka. Urvashi talks about her love for Devraj Indra. Ravan asks him what she was doing on earth. Devraj Indra is nothing before me. Urvashi says I went to Sumeru to meet my old apsara friend Punjisthala. She shares the story of Punjisthala with him. Ravan thinks of Atibal’s telling him about Hanuman and his powers. He sets Urvashi free but it makes her confused. Who scared you? Ravan retorts the word that fear is not in his dictionary. I pitied you. You can never become a mother like Punjisthala after all. You will always dance in Indra’s court. You cannot have any other happiness. Go and ask for your rights from that selfish Indra. She nods. Either Devraj Indra will have to give me all the rights like Anjana or he will have to call her back to Swarg Loka!

Hanuman wants a gift from his mother too. He hugs her. You are my biggest gift. Don’t leave me ever. She is surprised. Why would I leave you? She kisses his head lovingly.

Urvashi talks about the injustice that has happened with her and the other apsaras of the Swarg Loka too. Devraj Indra will have to do justice with us. Ravan is glad as he created rift in Urvashi’s mind. A jealous woman is easily misguided. Go and shake Indra. She will act as per my wish now. I will snatch that vanar kid’s kavach. Every kid’s biggest kavach is its Mother! You will have to go to Indra Loka when Indra calls you. You will have to leave your little son at any cost. How will you save your son from me now!

In his room, Hanuman looks at the gifts that he has received from everyone. He sits down to play with them. Anjana and Kesari smile to see him thus. They both sit down next to him. Anjana says you must sleep now. You have to get up early tomorrow. He isn’t sleepy. I want to play with my toys. Kesari reminds him that he is a Yuvraj now. It doesn’t suit you to play with toys. Hanuman reasons that he has only got toys as gifts. Kesari asks Anjana to start teaching him now as he must know about everything. She agrees. She makes Hanuman lie down. Kesari suggests her to sing a lullaby for him. He will sleep in no time. Anjana sings the lullaby. Hanuman falls asleep in seconds.

Precap: Anjana talks about doing Shree Ganesh about his Akshar gyan. Hanuman asks her why everyone says Shree Ganesh before starting any good work. Anjana shares that there is a very good story behind it. Hanuman is eager to know about it. Urvashi puts forward her point before Devraj Indra.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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