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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 21st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anjana is putting Hanuman to sleep. She is happy to see her son sleeping peacefully after so many days. He does not even ask me to sing a lullaby for him nowadays. Hope there is no hindrance in his sleep. She kisses him on the forehead and caresses her cheek before leaving.

Devraj Indra appears there. He thinks of Mahadev’s command. He blesses Hanuman who smiles in his sleep. Devraj Indra becomes a ball of energy and merges with Hanuman. He takes Hanuman’s name. Hanuman is transported to another land. He is meditating. Devraj Indra calls out for him. Hanuman opens his eyes and greets him. You called me? Devraj keeps his thumb on Hanuman’s forehead. I am going to train you in Maha Yoga through Shakti Deeksha. After this you will get all knowledge. You have now a control over

the 5 elements of nature as well. Now you can turn your body into 1 element instead of all the 5 whenever you wish. Hanuman asks him about it. Devraj says everyone is made of 5 elements – fire, water, air, earth and sky. Now you can make your body dependent on only one element whenever you wish. You can also become invisible now.

It is morning. All the energies mix in Hanuman. He wakes up. I was dreaming? Why does it feel like it was real? Hanuman thinks of Devraj’s words. He excitedly gets up. He thinks of an idea and stands before the mirror. He wears his crown next. I don’t know if it was real or a dream that I witnessed just now. If not, then I wish to disappear like Vayu element. He is surprised to see it happening in reality. I can disappear! He is super happy. I can become invisible Devraj ji. Thank you very much. Lightning strikes as a way to bless him. Sugriv’s mother comes there. He notices her looking tensed. Don’t worry about Sugriv Bhaiya. I have made Raksha-Chakra for him. no outsider will be able to break it. She says I am worried for Vali as well. He is aggressive. He has taken the wrong path of adharma and injustice. Such people only get doomed. He is my son also after all. He understands how she is feeling. She asks him to promise her he will always protect Sugriv, but will never kill Vali even if a war like situation arises between them. Hanuman says how you can think so. Vali Bhaiya is like my elder brother. I can never do it. I will still promise if you wish. He premises her thereby relieving her. She is touched by his words and hugs him.

Hanuman’s friends come there. We too want a promise from you. Hanuman is surprised to see them here in the morning. They say that they never find him here too often. We want a promise from you that you will make us eat ladoos with you. Ladoos are made whenever you come here. Say yes for it. Hanuman happily agrees. The kids run away. Sugriv’s mother mentally thanks Hanuman for the promise that he made to her just now. You have indirectly promised to protect both of my sons this way.

Ravan is with an Asura. That vanar kid’s well-wisher Sugriv is hiding in Sumeru. HE and everyone must be thinking he is safe but no! He got life because of that vanar kid only. He orders Mayasur to go to Sumeru right away. Use your maya. Do anything but bring Sugriv here. The Asura agrees. Ravan tells him to be careful about that vanar kid. He might look like a kid but he is undefeatable. He shouldn’t even feel your presence. The Asura nods. That vanar wont get to know about my presence till my work is done. He disappears.

Hanuman feeds ladoos to all his friends. They are ecstatic. Hanuman tries to excuse himself to check on Sugriv Bhaiya once but they don’t let him go. You had promised us that you will stay with us and enjoy ladoos. You have made Raksha-Chakra for him anyways. Why do you need to be with him all the time?

Sugriv looks at his wounds. It is not even hurting now. I am recovering. The Asura (Mayavi) reaches there and looks at Sugriv. He tries entering inside the Raksha-Chakra but is pushed back by the powers. Sugriv feels someone is there. He asks who is there. The Asura keeps quiet. I will still take you away from here. This Raksha-Chakra wont be able to save you. Sugriv gets up to look around.

Hanuman relents. His mother, Nani and Daasi’s are making ladoos. He asks for more. Nani denies. You all already took many. We have to distribute ladoos in Sumeru as well. Hanuman looks at his mother who shakes her heads. She notices Hanuman’s friends peeking at him. He runs back to them. They advise him to use his latest power of becoming invisible. No one will know anything. Hanuman becomes invisible and picks up a plate. Nani notices one plate empty. She is puzzled.

Mayavi takes the disguise of Vali. I cannot go inside but I will force you to step out now Sugriv. The Asura acts to be tearful before Sugriv. Sugriv is shocked to see him. Vali (the Asura) says sorry to Sugriv. I made a very big mistake brother.

The kids keep eating all the ladoos. Nani is yet again boggled to see the missing plates. Hanuman tells his friends he will just be back. I will check on Sugriv Bhaiya and come.

Precap: Vali (The Asura in disguise) acts before Sugriv. I trusted an enemy like Lankesh and thought of Hanuman, who solves everyone’s problems, my enemy. Sugriv falls for his words. We all are with you Bhaiya. The Asura succeeds in getting him out of the Raksha-Chakra and chains his hands.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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