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Scene 1:
Location: Ashram
All are aghast to see this miraculous transformation of lord vishnu’s idol into Lord Rama. hanuman screams Raja Ram Ki Jai. he bows in front of the idol, while rishi is shocked. anjani comments that this is a miracl, and its the strength of hanuman’s worship, that the lord himself left the Vishnu avatr to take in the Rama avatar, and that hanuman’s worship is admirable. rishi saamvrat is amazed too, but his father doesnt seem too pleased. RIshi Saamvrat tells everyone, that Lord Rama is Kalyug’s reincarnation of the Lord’ Vishnu, and due to hanuman’s unrelenting devotion, they could see him rightaway. But Rishi Angiras takes it upon himself, that hanuman isnt to be given credit, as this is merely a test of his

devout followership, by the Lord Vishnu himself. Anjani is tensed whether he shall get enraged and give some curse to his son. he asks them not to praise hanuman so much, as that shall develop ego in him, and that to become a great disciple, hanuman shall have to serve the lord with utmost devotion. as hanuman is about to speak, kesri hopes that he doesnt say anything untoward. Hanuman expresses his desire to be a part of the rishi’s rituals in worship and devotion towards the lord, so that he might learn a lot. anjani too supports this tremendously. rishi angiras, says that children are immature, and that he wouldnt understands it completely, and that his naivety might create a disturbance. she says that wont be, as hanuman is highly obedient, and begs him to take in as his disciple. but kesri asks anjani to understand. Kesri tells hanuman to try and understand that in the Rishi’s personal puja and worship, his active participation shall be an interference. but rishi vehemently denies saying that ardent devotion is never an interference. hanuman listens intently. he says that he can take hanuman in his worship, but if makes a mistake, then he shall have to take the punishment too. all are tensed, while hea sks hanuman to think over nicely. hanuman says that he shall merely serve the lord, and not create disturbance, and thats his promise. but his mother is concerned as to what if he makes a mistake. Rishi Saamvrat takes permission to leave for Pampasar to start the yagna. he complies, and the rishi leaves. then he again turns to hanuman who eyes him with devout fellowship. he descends down the temple, and asks his disciples to come along, so that they can prepare for the extensive fasting. all disperse, while hanuman eyes the lord’s idol with utmost devotion.

Later, as the rishi starts his worship, hanuman is more than eager to help him, much to his dismay too, at times. he is surprised to see the vigour in his devotion to serve him. they chant mantras together, and he also does the rituals faster than even the rishi imagines.

In the middle of the night, when the rishi is resting, the tables containing water glasses, and fruits, by the side of the bed start turning itself. he is awoken from sleep, and eyes the rocking table, and is surprised. he wonders why the quake, while chants of Raam resonate in the environment. he is spellbound as he finds hanuman deep in devotion, due to which the surrounds are reverberating. he finds a mystical and divine aura surrounding Hanuman as he sits fully immersed in his devotion. he is amazed and super pleased with his devotion. hanuman notices him and seeks his blessings. he apologises to the saint, that he couldnt restrain himself, and was drawn to the temple. rishi cites his example as the extreme of devotion, and that he is impressed by his devotion, and that tomorrow, he shall give the Prashad of hanuman’s taste to the lord. hanuman is ecstatic to know that, and is profusely thankful, and wonders what to make now. rishi says that he understands his state of ecstasy and happiness, and asks him to go and rest, so that he can serve the lord in the morning. hanuman readily agrees, and seeking the lord and the rishi’s blessings, he retires for the night. the rishi too prays in front of the idol. hanuman rushes to anjani, and tells about what rishi offered him, and how happy he is. she says that she is glad that he is happy, and asks what would he liked to serve the lord. he is set to deep thinking, and settles for rice pudding. she heartily complies, and asks him to go and rest. he readily complies.

In the middle of the night, hanuman wakes up earliest and finds everyone asleep. he is tensed, anxious and impatient. she wakes up and finds him pacing around and is amused, saying that there is still sometime for morning. she asks him to come and sleep, with her only. he tucks in. they both dose off. but he wakes up yet again, impatient that the morning isnt coming soon enough.

Finally, the next morning, hanuman is ready for the prashad of his rice pudding, as he walks upto the temple, while rishi is busy decorating the temple. he is amused and asks hanuman to bring it near the idol. rishi accidentally drops the water kept for the bhog, and considers it an omen, and decides to come back having changed clothing, but thinks that would take time, and the lord’s bhog time shall be delayed. he thinks that the bhog cant be delayed. hanuman asks if by his permission, he can do the same, as then there wouldnt be delay. rishi asks what about the mantras. hanuman says that he learnt them by heart having observed him only. rishi is impressed, and leaves, leaving him to do the bhod. he is overwhelmed with emotions, as tears flush down his cheeks, as he offers the bhog to the lord, feeling highly gratifying. Anjani watches from a distance. he offers the rice pudding, and then puts Tulsi leaves in it. he does the mantras and chants, perfectly, and then drapes the curtain, so that the lord can come and have the bhog. he thinks that the lord must definitely come behind the curtain, and thinks that it shall be lucky if he could have seen the lord, even if for a second, and that if he leaves, he wouldnt be able to see the lord again. he peeks through the curtain to be able to see the lord, when he comes for the bhog. he is tensed when he sees the rice pudding as it is, and wonders if he made a mistake, due to which he didnt eat. he thinks that he cant let the lord go back hungry stomach. he then prays to the lord, apologising if he made any mistake. he begs him that he made it hismelf, and if he doesnt accept it, rishi shall be enraged. he prays to the lord to accept the bhog, as if he doesnt, rishi wouldnt allow him anywhere near him. he closes his eyes in anticipation and then opens them back, to find the pudding as it is. he again literally begs the lord to accept the bhog, and convinces himself that the lord shall have to come. he continues to vehemently talk about his purity of worship. he begs to be forgiven for any fault. he says that if he stays hungry, it shall be killing for him, and says that he shall never again dare to do this again, and begs him to just eat it once, and promises that he wont commit this mistake ever again. he says that he knows he got over excited, and is literally in tears as he begs the lord to have sympathy on his devout follower.

Scene 2:
Location: Heaven
Vishnu and Lakshmi continue to discuss that its apalling, but this isnt the right time to meet him. they both are moved to tears, when she says that this isnt arroagnce, but actual feelings, and he should listen to him. vishnu vanishes into thin air.

Scene 3:
Location: Ashram
As hanuman has his head bowed down in apology, Vishnu appears in full magnificent form, in his re-incarnation as Rama. hanuman is overjoyed and overwhelmed to have finally met him. through his tears, he thanks him for having heard his prayers. the screen freezes on hanuman’s ecstatic face.

Precap: Rishi is enraged as he asks hanuman whats this evil curse, and where did all the bhog go, as they both eye the empty vessel. Hanuman says that he is ready o face his ire, if he made any mistake, in his naivety. rishi gets enraged and says that this isnt a mistake but a sin. all are tensed, particularly his parents. anjani asks him to answer the question.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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