Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 21st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with hanuman going to search the gandharva demons and their commander tamukh. Hanuman finds those demons as they are heading towards ayodhya. Hanuman lands and his landing creates a strong wave that pushes the gandharv demons behind. Gandharv leader says hanuman! hanuman says yes I have come to kill you all.
There mama yudhjit says how will hanuman defeat those demons alone? Luv and kush say don’t worry, hanuman ji alone burnt lanka and also helped defeat many strong demons. Lord ram says yes mama shree, hanuman will fight them.
There gandharva commander says sankatmochan mahabali hanuman! e are no normal demons, you will not be able to defeat us and our weapons. Commander says I am gandharva commander tamukh and our king divhasta has sent us to defeat

your lord ram. The demons attack gadha’s from their weapons. Hanuman is ready, as the gadha come near hanuman, hanuman hits them with his gadha, the gadhs go back. suddenly the gadha’s turn and come back, hanuman thinks how weren’t those weapons destroyed, when I hit with my gadha the wepons are either destroyed or sent into deep space. Tamukh laughs and says hanuman I told you we are not any common demons, we are gandharv. Tamukh and his soldiers attack more gadha. Now the gadha’s start shining and hanuman’s sight is blurred because of too much light. Hanuman says I cannot see the weapons.
There mama yudhjeet is taken care by a doctor and he says I still doubt that hanuman will be able to fight those demons alone. Bharat says don’t worry mama, our army will be ready and I will take them to fight the gandharv. Pushkar thinks I shall by then go and help hanuman ji.
There hanuman fights the gadha and now with his gadha attacks all gadha together but the gadhas always come back. now, the gadha of gandharv come together and form a circular cage around hanuman. pushkar comes on his arrow. Pushkar lands and now says I will help hanuman ji. The demons see him and attack gadhas on him too. Hanuman thinks pushkar wont be able to fight these demons. Pushkar attacks his arrow on the gadha’s but the gadha still come back. pushkar is shocked. hanuman thinks I have to save pushkar first. Hanuman says jai shree ram and becomes huge and breaks the cage. Tamukh is shocked. hanuman then comes near pushkar and fights the weapons, he becomes huge and hits all the gadha’s very fast with his own gadha. The gadha go.
As hanuman brings pushkar on the other side, hanuman creates a shield around pushkar with his gadha and says the knowledge I got from my guru suryadev, I have created a line around you pushkar which will not let any evil near you. hanuman says pushkar don’t come out of this line. Pushkar says yes hanuman ji. Hanuman now go backs to fighting the demons. Tamukh tells more soldiers to attack gadha on hanuman. the soldiers attack gadha. Hanuman now throws his gadha on these weapons, the gadha hits the weapons and then hits some soldiers. Tamukh saves himself. the soldiers behind are destroyed and some are sent into space, as the soldiers go, the weapons coming towards hanuman also disappear. Hanuman thinks, so I now know how to defeat them, if I kill the soldiers then the weapons will disappear too. Hanuman does the same and as more weapons are attacked, hanuman attacks his gadha on soldiers and the weapons together. The soldiers are destroyed and the weapons disappear too. Tamukh says so the monkey now knows how to defeat us. Tamukh says to his soldiers that they shall take that young warrior captive and we will take him with us to gandharv king till I will keep hanuman busy. Tamukh keeps hanuman busy and some soldiers go to pushkar, but are attacked by the shield of pushkar, one soldier says we cannot attack him lets go and attack that monkey from behind. The soldiers go behind hanuman as hanuman walks towards tamukh to kill him. pushkar is shocked and says I will not let them hurt hanuman ji. Pushkar comes out of the shield, the soldiers come and say you came into our trap, they then attack pushkar and bind him by their spell. Tamukh thinks, they should do the work fast otherwise hanuman will come here and kill me. Pushkar breaks the bind, but he is taken captive again by another stronger bond. The soldiers say our work is done, tamukh says yes our work is done now we shall go. bharat is coming in his chariot to help hanuman and pushkar. Hanuman reaches tamukh but everyone disappear taking pushkar. Hanuman says what work is over? They did not win the battle? Then bharat says pushkar! Hanuman sees behind and pushkar is taken by soldiers.

Precap: In the palace, yamraj comes and says that no one is near lord ram now I will tell him that his time is over. As yamraj is going to lord ram, from the other side hanuman is coming!

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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