Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 21st July 2015 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 21st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

All the kids urge Maruti to save the bird. Only you can do it. Do something. Save them. Maruti gets determined and starts running. The kids look on in awe as Maruti starts flying high in the air. Maruti follows the eagle. Leave it or Maruti will punish you. He flies in front of the eagle. He holds out his hand for the eagle to give him the baby. The eagle drops it. Maruti catches the baby safely in his hands. The kids continue to look up in amazement. Maruti lands safely on the ground and keeps the baby back in the nest. The bird is saying something. Maruti tells it not to thank him. There is no place of thank you in friendship. Maruti finds all his friends staring wide eyed at him. They rub their eyes. Maruti is confused. why are you all looking at me like that? One of the kids asks

him why he dint share that he can fly. Maruti is in thoughts. I was just protecting the baby of the bird. He realises that he was flying in the sky. How can it be? Father could never do it but Maruti!

The meeting of the kings start. King of Pambasur wants everyone to take a decision about the Asuras real soon or they will keep spreading the terror. Kalnemi comes there in the disguise of the king from Madhupur. He wasn’t invited there but the king of Pambasur welcomes him gladly. The meeting resumes. It is important to be united to tackle the Asuras. Kesari agrees. Kalnemi whispers to another King that now they will have to rely on Vanars for fighting with the Asuras. The same king talks lowly about Vanars. They aren’t smart enough to fight with anyone. Another Vanar is offended. Kesari calms him down. Rikshraj adds that they have been invited here. The Vanars and humans get into a verbal scuffle. Kalnemi is enjoying it. I will never let Vanars and humans unite. Continue fighting! My plan worked. All the kings walk out one after another.

The Asuras will continue to win till such negative thoughts continue to reign.

The kids discuss about how Maruti flew in the air. The kids ask him to try once again. Another kid suggests him against it. You might fall or anything can happen to you. It is dangerous. Maruti reasons that there is nothing like fear in this world. And even if there is, we have to fight bravely with it instead of running away.

The kids cheer for Maruti as he takes his position. He trips in the first time and is almost about to fall but controls himself. He smiles. He falls the second time. His friends help him in getting up on the third time. They are concerned for him. The kids tell him to let it be. Maybe we imagined it. We are worried for you. You might get hurt. Maruti says Ma said that fear is a deception. I will try once again. Those who stop trying are weak. Maruti isn’t weak. I will have to try again. Maybe I will succeed this time. Maruti fails in another attempt.

The daughter of the head of the village is crying in the corner. His wife wonders if no one can help them now. Who will marry our daughter if this relation breaks? Her husband agrees to talk to Maharaj Kesari for a solution. Chakrasur comes there.

Maruti is standing on top of a one storey type thing. The kids request him not to jump but Maruti jumps. He is falling and kids shout in fear.

Precap: Vayu Dev asks Maruti to jump at the counting of 3. Anjana is heading there to stop her son. She is shocked to see him flying. Maruti notices her and fails in his attempt. He starts falling.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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