Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 21st January 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 21st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Devi Kaushalya tries to feed Ram his favourite meal. He sits all lost. his sister offers to do it.

Hanuman writes Ram in the sky using clouds. Mata Parvati and Mahadev stand nearby in disguise. Anjana, Kesari and everyone in Sumeru watch Hanuman writing Ram in the sky. On the other hand, Ram too keeps looking outside the window. Hanuman says Ram with love. Ram stands near the window. Devi Kaushalya wonders what has happened to her son. It feels like he is here but not actually here. He did not even smile seeing his favorite food. When will he be fine? She asks Ram what happened to him. Why do you stay so upset / sad?

Ram smiles hearing Hanuman chanting his name with love and devotion. He keeps looking at his name etched in the sky. Devi Kaushalya follows

his gaze. She is surprised to see the clouds in such a particular formation. Kaikayi’s Daasi too is stunned to see it. Devi Kaushalya is happy for her son. I want to thank whoever has done this. My son finally smiled. The clouds disappear the very next second. Ram gets sad again.

Hanuman begins to fall down towards the ground in full speed. Everyone gets worried for him. Mahadev catches him in his arms. He is still saying Ram all mesmerised. Anjana and Kesari are in tears. Mahadev (in disguise) walks up to Anjana. Did you see your son’s condition? Do you still want him to be here or do you want him to come with me so that he gets better? Nani says we will do whatever we have to do for Hanuman now. Mahadev adds that any delay can bring dangerous consequences. Anjana hugs Hanuman. He keeps saying Ram only. Anjana agrees to send Hanuman with the couple, if this is the only way to make him fine again. It will be a very big favour on him. Hanuman continues chanting Ram as Anjana hugs him again. She tells the couple to take Hanuman with them. I donate him to you. Mahadev reasons that you dont donate things as you cry. Both Anjana and Kesari hold one hand each of Hanuman for a while. Mahadev extends his hand towards Hanuman. Hanuman sits on his shoulder while he says Ram. ANjana, Kesari and everyone walk along with the elderly couple. Mahadev points out that from here onwards, they will have to move ahead all by themselves. The couple leaves with Hanuman. ANjana wishes her son looks at her once before leaving. I will understand that you think of your mother atleast.Hanuman does not look back. Kesari asks Anjana to come. Hanuman has gone to get well again.

The word Ram and its echo makes everything, every place pure. Rudra and Rudra-ansh were together. It is an unusual sight. Brahma JI and a few other Gods meet Hanuman on the way. They all dance together and chant Ram Naam. Mahadev makes Hanuman sit on his shoulder once again as they resume their journey towards Ayodhya.

Guru Vashishtha explains the significance of the piousness of the yagya to Raja Dashrath. The pious the fire of the yagya, the more benefits it will bring for them. If anything wrong falls in the yagya then the yagya can go all meaningless. Kaikayi’s Daasi smiles hearing it. You wont get the desired results in order to fulfil your wish to make Ram the King of Ayodhya! Raja Dashrath looks at his wives. He also assures Guru Vashishtha that he and his soldiers will make sure nothing goes wrong in the yagya. He alerts his commanders on the matter. Kaikayi’s Daasi thinks that the yagya is bound to fail. How can Bharat not get the place that he rightfully deserves? I will not let it happen.

Precap: Narad ji too meets Hanuman in disguise. Your devotion is out of this world. It will be an equally amazing moment when you will meet Ram. The meeting of a God and devotee!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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