Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 21st February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with hanuman fighting those forms of shatanand and everyone is fighting and learning from hanuman. Hanuman also uses his tail and attacks the forms of shatanand with his tail. The army of shatanand’s form decreases and slowly everyone is defeated as hanuman kicks one in the sun. shatanand gets angry and thinks this monkey hanuman is the problem and because of him too, ravana died. Shatanand thinks I have to kill this monkey, then I will kill everyone. From shatanand’s anger, a monster arises. It comes walking towards the army and lord ram and hanuman. Shatanand says see my anger gave rise to a monster and how will you fight it? hanuman thinks I have to kill this monster and shatanand has to be defeated. Suddenly shatanand’s forms rise and everyone is shocked.

Hanuman is shocked and thinks how did they come back? Shatanand laughs and says see no one can kill my forms and they will always reappear.
There sugreeva attacks the monster and fights with it. the monster fights and attacks sugreeva as he defends with his gadha and pushes the monster behind. On earth, sita says that shatanand is like his brother ravana and has ego too. He wont accept defeat and I worry for my lord.
There hanuman thinks all the forms returned but this time the form which was thrown on the sun did not return and this is the solution. Hanuman starts kicking the forms on the sun as sugreeva fights the monster, angad and all commanders fight and throw the forms on the sun. shatanand is shocked to see this. He gets angry. Hanuman finally kicks all the forms on the sun and then he defeats the monster by helping sugreeva and kills it. shatanand is angry on hanuman and he removes his bow and weapon. Lord ram and everyone see him. Shatanand attacks the arrow on the sun and the sun turns dark. Suryadev is weakened. The sun turns dark and darkness starts coming. Shatanand now laughs and says this darkness will now suck the life out of everyone here and no one will live today. The darkness is coming.
On earth sita sees the darkness coming and says it seems that shatanand is using his power to bring darkness upon the universe and at this moment maybe shatanand has become powerful over my lord and his army, sita says I pray my lord defeat this monster.
There in heaven indra dev says that shatanand says that shatanand attacked the sun and now darkness is coming. How will hanuman and lord ram tackle this? Narad muni says lord ram is Narayan himself and he shall always have a solution. Lord ram takes his bow and stands stiff. The darkness come slowly and as it comes sugreeva, angad, all monkey commanders and the army and vibhishan are standing and their life is slowly being sucked by the darkness. Hanuman thinks we have to do something quick otherwise this darkness may kill all my monkey brothers. Lord ram says that light is not there and shatanand can be killed by the sun’s fire too. Shatanand stands tall and is laughing. He says this darkness will soon kill everyone and now even my revenge will be over. The darkness slowly covers everyone and is sucking the life out of them. Sugreeva and angad say lord ram do something and this darkness is powerful.

Precap: hanuman and everyone fight the forms of shatanand and jambhuvan kicks them. Hanuman kicks shatanand and he falls on his throne. Father says this evil monkey hanuman is overpowering shatanand.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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