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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 21st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with laxman shooting his arrow that destroys all mayavi enemies and their mayavi powers. Suddenly meghnad is protected by a shield and laxmans arrow does not hit meghnad. Meghnad laughs and says see I am protected and now no one will be abel to stop me from killing you. Meghnad takes his bow and shoots his arrow, it hits laxman and laxman is injured. Hanuman says laxman!! Hanuman thinks I should let laxman rest and meghnads arrow has weakened him.
There ravana is praying to lord Shankar and all the gods who are held captive are seeing this from the crystal they are encased in. the diya which represents meghnads lifeline gets stabilized and the diya is protected by a same shield that is protecting meghnad. Advisor says now nothing will happen to meghnad and

seems lord Shankar is protecting him and has granted ravana his wish.
There hanuman keeps laxman and vibhishan down and thinks now I will fight with this mayavi evil meghnad. Meghnad says I have weakened and injured laxman and soon I will kill him and after that I will kill you and that ram. Hanuman says vibhishan take care of laxman I will fight him. Hanuman takes his gadha and says now lets see meghnad who protects you from my gadha attack. Meghnad is shocked. There ravana is praying to lord Shankar. Hanuman attacks his gahda towards meghnad, meghnad is scared and shocked, the gadha hits the shield protecting meghnad but rebounds back and hanuman holds his gadha. Meghnad laughs and says nothing happened to me. Hanuman turns back to his normal size and says you got saved from the gadha attack meghnad but now you will not be saved from my hands punch which is as hard as rock. In heaven lord indra and Vishnu and narayan are shocked. Lord Shankar listens to this, lord indra and narayan says now what is left lord Shankar? And your only son hanumans fist punch will fight with your maha mantra shield and the impact may destroy the universe. The gods say do something lord. Hanuman flies towards meghnad, there ravana is praying, hanuman punches the shield, lord Shankar closes his eyes, hanuman rebounds, hanuman attacks again but rebounds back and hanuman comes down. The world shakes a bit. Meghnad laughs and says you filthy monkey. Lord indra, Vishnu and narayan say lord you protected the universe by doing that. There hanuman says to vibhishan and laxman that something is protecting hanuman and I am sure it is ravana because no one in the world can escape the wrath of my punch. Vibhishan says meghnad now you will face me and no evil can stand against me. Meghnad says okay I will face you and after laxman and hanuman only you were left to fight me. There lord indra says your shield is protecting evil and this will have consequences. Lord Shankar gets up and says nothing can protect evil and ravana and his son are sure to die and at the end of the day only those win who go to the path of righteousness. There vibhishan tells hanuman you shall go and find what is protecting meghnad and I will fight him. Hanuman goes and vibhishan attacks meghnad, meghnad attacks arrow and they are attacking arrow to each other. Hanuman flies in lanka and says something is wrong here, then he sees the palace and hears ravana praying and he flies into the palace and turns very small like atom. He flies and hears the mantra ravana is praying and says ravana is using the help of lord shankars mrutyunjay mantra and that is why nothing is working, lord Shankar smiles from heaven. Hanuman then sees all the gods captive and decided as meghnads kundli. Hanuman asks the gods what happened to you and why have you been held captive? Gods say that ravana has held us captive. Hanuman says I cant hear you. Gurudev says he cant hear us because rvana has held us in such a way that only he can hear us and no one else can. Hanuman asks what happened tell me? All gods then with eye signs see up to tell hanuman something, hanuman says you all are watching up and what is up? There meghnad removes a horned gadha and throws it towards vibhishan and says now you will suffer. Laxman says vibhishan!! The gadha hits vibhishan but he is saved and holds the attack.
There hanuman sees up and then flies up and he sees that it is meghnads kundli and says okay it is meghnads kundli and these gods have been kept in that way forcefully. There mmeghnad attacks a chakra that goes and stands in front of vobhishan and laxman, the chakra attacks bolts of fire on vibhishan and laxman. Meghnad attacks chakra again, laxman holds it this time and crushes it. Meghnad attacks another and vibhishan holds it and breaks it.
There hanuman says gods please help me and how do I remove you from captivity? All gods show eye signs to the staircase. Hanuman thinks I should go there as there must be something there. There ram is worried as laxman hanuman and vibhishan have not yet returned.

Precap: hanuman sees that gods inside the crystal are actually kept on the stairs. Hanuman is happy, gods say release us hanuman. Ravana hears the sound.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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