Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 21st December 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 21st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman gets sad. I failed in the task. What will happen now? It will be good to tell the truth to Gurudev. He takes a U-turn.

Shree Krishna says the paths are always wrong when one chooses to take a shortcut. There is no shortcut to gain knowledge. Those who take such paths, their knowledge remain incomplete. It becomes the reason of their failures also at times.

Hanuman returns to where Surya Dev is. I failed in the task given by you. Surya Dev says one should never be sad at failures. It always teaches you a lesson. This one taught you that there is no shortcut to success. Hanuman nods. Surya Dev points out that he does lot many tasks from morning to night. Do you forget to breathe? Hanuman shakes his head. Surya Dev adds our body does lot many things at once. Your

mind holds vast knowledge. We need to understand and use that to our benefit. Focus your one part of mind on the bowl and other on counting the meteors. You will be able to multitask at too many things at once in future. Hanuman understands his logic. I will try one more time. Surya Dev blesses Hanuman. He refills the water bowl. Hanuman reminisces he has his parents blessings with him as well.

Kesari gets angry hearing Vajrasur’s challenging words. He pushes him down the mountain. Vajrasur is unable to climb back from that place. Kesari also throws down a big stone at him. Vajrasur repeats he wont die. I will end you and your lineage as soon as I am out. Kesari asks his commander to free the kids. We have to reach palace asap. There might be some news of Hanuman. Commander frees the kids.

Hanuman wants to prove it to his Gurudev that he can succeed in the task. He starts counting the meteors as he walks.

Nandi says Hanuman will succeed this time. Hope no new problem surfaces.

Narad ji reaches Lanka. Ravan stops him from taking Narayan’s name. He is a cheater. You wont take his name before me. Narad ji says I came to tell you what’s happening in Surya Loka these days. Surya Dev himself is training Hanuman for some special task. It is the same task which will become the reason of your end. Ravan asks him about Narayan taking Nar Avatar. You told Kumbhakaran about it but not me. Why? Narad ji suggests him to pray to Narayan. It will help you. Ravan angrily calls out his name. If it was someone else in your place then the person would have been dead by now. Narad ji remarks one day everyone has to die. He disappears. Ravan thinks to go to stop Surya Dev. Guru Shukracharya asks him to stop. Don’t use sword where words can do the work. Use a strategy. Hanuman has to complete his training in 7 days. Just like Hanuman, Varun Dev’s son, also went to Surya Dev for training. Surya Dev refused him. Ravan understands his point. Now it will be impossible for Hanuman to complete his training in 7 days time! He laughs evilly.

Hanuman keeps counting the meteors as he focuses on the water bowl and on his way ahead. Some burning meteors come his way.

Anjana waits for Kesari. Everyone hopes the kids and Kesari are fine. Kesari returns just then. The kids reunite with their families. They all thank Kesari. Kesari replies it is the duty of a king to save its citizens. Citizens are like kids for a king. Thank God that I succeeded in saving the kids. Vayu Dev adds Kesari is showing his bravery here by saving the kids and everyone. On the other hand, Hanuman is gaining education from Surya Dev. They all greet him. Everyone is happy to know that Hanuman has been accepted by Surya Dev as his disciple.

Hanuman thinks to do something. This burning light and smoke will make it difficult for me to count the meteors correctly. He blows at the burning meteors.

Precap: Surya Dev is informed about an emergency meeting that is due tomorrow morning. It is to stop Hanuman’s education. Hanuman wonders if he will gain knowledge or not now.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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