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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 21st August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anjana keeps calling out for Maruti. Are you upset with me? Why aren’t you coming to me? Has something happened to you? Your Ma will come to you. kesari stops her as she will land in problems. There is no further path there. Maruti’s friends think that surely something has happened to Maruti. Anjana cannot hold herself anymore but Kesari has to stop her. I will go there along with soldiers if Maruti is there not you! Vayu Dev Appears. Vayu Dev too tells Anjana not to go to that side. she wants to know what has happened to her son. You took the responsibility of him. Why is he there then? I dint see him flying but falling. Call him here if he is perfectly alright or is this some new game of yours? Vayu Dev decides against telling her the truth. Anjana insists. Either you call him

or I will call him. She screams out her son’s name but there is no reply. Your silence hints at something untoward. Tell me what has happened with my son! Don’t hide it from a mother. You will have to tell me! Where is my son? He says don’t worry your son will come. I will bring him back to you all hale and hearty. Be patient. She cannot keep patience anymore. I have seen my son falling from the sky! Please bring him here. I cannot wait anymore. He gives her a lotus. Keep it with you. I promise I will bring back Maruti safely to you before this flower withers away. Anjana takes it. Vayu Dev leaves to find Maruti. Anjana cries holding the flower.

Indra Dev is angry with Vayu Dev for promising that kid’s mother that he will bring that kid back safely. He is interfering in my work. This is wrong. Devguru Brihaspati appears there. You did the wrong thing by punishing a little innocent kid. Indra Dev sticks to his point of view. I did justice to nature. I know what justice or injustice means. I am the king of Gods! I have the responsibility to make sure nature runs properly. That kid had committed a crime. Devguru says one must think of all the pointers before punishing anyone, especially a kid. Death sentence is not meant for a kid. Indra Dev reasons that it isn’t mentioned in their pact anywhere. I will show you the Dev-Sanhita. Devguru has written it and knows it too well. But you have created a problem by killing a kid who was born to fulfil the tasks of Gods. Devraj Indra tells him not to worry about all this. Gods will take care of it. Devguru gets angry. He renounces his post. All the Gods are shocked.

Vayu Dev is pained to see Maruti thus. He recalls the happier times when he had met and taught Maruti. He thinks of Anjana telling him time and again not to teach Maruti how to fly; her request to return Maruti and of his promise to even sacrifice himself just to bring back Maruti safely to her. He picks him up in his arms. I had no idea that something like this could happen. I will do everything that I can do for you. Vayu Dev takes Maruti with him.

Vayu Dev used to love Maruti as his own kid. He was saddened to see him thus. But it is also true that you think of your loved ones only when you are in trouble. We must not keep any enmity or any negative feeling with them. They only can help us when we are in need. Vayu Dev went to Tridev as they were everything for him.

Vayu Dev brings Maruti to Kailash. Tridev are there. You know everything that happened. Maruti tried to eat Surya Dev in his childishness but Indra Dev dint even realise how much punishment should be given to a kid! He has been attacked with Vajra. The question here is on Devraj’s act; this kid’s life. Maruti was born for fulfilling a bigger task. He requests Mahadev to give Maruti his life back.

Anjana and Kesari are in their house temple. She keeps the lotus before the Shivlinga. I got my son from your blessings. My life is empty without my son once again. Please fill it again. I swear if my son does not return before this flower withers then I will end my life right here in front of you.

Precap: Anjana asks Bholenath the meaning behind the diyas blowing off on their own. I promise you, if a woman can give birth to someone and start the world then she is capable enough to end it too!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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