Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 21st April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with hanuman stopping pushkar and shatrugan and says listen to me, this plan wont work because they have a plan to make their strategy work against our army. Pushkar says hanuman ji you tried once to stop them but they did not listen. Now let me do my work and fight them. Pushkar goes ahead. Shatrugana says hanuman we cannot let him go ahead alone. Hanuman says yes and they both go with pushkar and the army too. as they all go, pushkar and shatrugana attack arrows and hanuman kills the soldiers with his gadha. Everyone fight as the soldiers die and shatrugana tells his soldiers to attack. The attack starts and fight starts.
There king subahu tells his sons that they should put the circle strategy now. Daman tells his soldiers to put the circle strategy. All

the soldiers march and they create circle around each shatrugan, pushkar and hanuman. All are encircled. Son drishti of subahu tells vichitra that brother use your mayavi powers now. Vichitra says monkey now see my mayavi powers, vichitra uses his power and throws an attack in the air, on the ground 3 demons come, each demon for each shatrugan pushkar and hanuman. King subahu laughs and says these are very powerful demons and no one can defeat them, no one! Hanuman attacks with his gadha, but nothing happens to the demon. Hanuman thinks I have to find a way to kill this demon. King subahu says the first to die will be that child. Hanuman attacks his gadha on the ground and it makes cracks and a pit hole is created behind the demon. As the demon comes near hanuman, hanuman kicks it and it falls inside the pit. Hanuman understands that the demons can be hurt by using hand and legs and without their weapons they have to defeat these demons.
There the other demon attacks shatrugana and and he attacks arrows and neutralizes the attacks. Pushkar is attacked with sword but he fights with his sword and punches the demon. The demon gets back and attacks again. Pushkar dodges.
There as lord ram is putting ghee, the fire diminishes moreand bharat says brother ram the fire is diminishing and the wind ahs also started vigorous. Laxman says don’t worry I will stop the winds, laxman removes ann arrow and shoots, the arrow creates a shield and protects the entire place. Rishi chyavan says the war has started which means. Lord ram says I believe hanuman and I know he will protect shatrugana and pushkar.
There hanuman makes signs by making sound from his gadha, shatrugana and pushkar see, hanuman then closes his fist and telling them to come together. They both understand. Hanuman flies upwards and the demon flies behind him. hanuman goes in the clouds and then punches the demon, he then jumps on the demon and bursts it with his knees. The demon bursts and dies turning into stones. Everyone is shocked and king subahu too. hanuman comes down and tells bharat and pushkar that these demons can be easily defeated but just not with our weapons, they can be killed if we use our bare hands and hand to hand combat. Pushkar thinks so this is the secret to defeating these demons and I will kill this one now. Pushkar fights with the demon and throws away his sword, he then punches it and throws him down and gives him a strong blow. The demon dies and bursts too. shatrugana then fights the demon and takes his weapon and kills him with his weapon.
Hanuman pushkar and shatrugana come together. Hanuman says if you stay united you can do anything. Pushkar nods his head smiling. King subahu tells the army to come back as the strategy is of no use now. The army comes back. As they head forward, pushkar sees the horse and says I have to go and take my horse back to protection. Pushkar goes ahead as hanuman says stop pushkar stay together.

Precap: daman tells the army to make an eagle formation as pushkar comes. Hanuman says what he saw in future is coming true.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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