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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 21st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chitraketu says anything can go wrong because of this Naag kid. He shouldn’t be allowed inside. Hanuman refuses to leave his friends alone outside. I will stay with him here. Bhushan tells him to go ahead. Jatayu is happy to know how much Hanuman cares for his friends. He can come in with us. Chitraketu says Hanuman only will be held responsible if anything goes wrong because of Bhushan. Jatayu asks Chitraketu if he is fine with it now who nods reluctantly. Hanuman thanks Jatayu. They head inside the cave / tunnel.

Riksharaj is with his commander and courtiers. He proposes to make Vali their Nayak in the Mahasabha. Sugriv hears their voice. He asks Vali to get up from the throne before father comes here. Riksharaj enters just then.

Everyone walks inside the tunnel.

Suddenly they get stuck at a place. Arrows come towards Hanuman. Jatayu tells him to be careful. The arrows cross over as Hanuman saves himself and Bhushan. Jatayu is relieved to see them safe. You don’t know about this place. Don’t walk ahead. Follow me. this was as per our security. Follow me carefully. Keep your steps on my steps only. Hanuman nods. Chitraketu looks unhappily at Hanuman.

A courtier tells Vali he is still Yuvraaj. Vali corrects him. I am your Great Maharaj Vali, not Yuvraaj!

There is a huge fire inside the cave.

Riksharaj says this will happen after me. sit at your right place for now. Vali laughs. This is the perfect place for me. You can find some other place for you and sit down. Riksharaj angrily say Vali. Someone can sit on the throne only after Rajya-Abhishek. Come down now. Vali reasons that someone can get it by force also. Riksharaj calls it rebellion. Get up or I will have to punish you. Vali isn’t affected. Storms don’t affect mountains. I am also a mountain. Don’t try to do the same with me as no one here knows what I can do after gaining that boon.

Hanuman asks Jatayu where they have come to. There is no way ahead. It is all fire ahead of us. Jatayu calls it an illusion so anyone who enters inside wrongly cannot go in. He makes the Agni go away using his power. This is the secret passage that will take us to that special wing. The secret passage opens. They see a special wing on a Garud statue and are mesmerised. Jatayu asks everyone to follow him. An Acharya appears there (protector of their wing). Everyone greets him. Jatayu says this special wing is our power. It is kept in the centre of 10 directions and following some more rules. This gives us the power to fly. Hanuman is impressed. Jatayu shares that it keeps them away from all problems. I was fully sure about it. I was sure that this wing is safe. The moment it is shifted from its place we begin to slowly lose our powers. He turns to Chitraketu. Are you satisfied now? chitraketu nods. Hanuman wants to know how he got it. Jatayu replies that they are from Garud ji and Arun ji’s lineage. But only Garud ji had this power. So he handed it over to us so we could fly. Hanuman asks him if anyone who has this wing can fly. Jatayu nods. Acharya produces a letter. Jatayu replies that anyone will be able to fly only after chanting this special powerful mantra. The special mantra is written on this golden paper. He hands it back to Acharya / Rajpurohit ji to keep it back safely. Acharya obliges. Jatayu is glad that everything is fine. we should head back now. they all greet Acharya ji who disappears after blessing them.

Meghasur and his army are on their way to the Garud Rajya.

Jatayu comes out of the cave along with everyone else. Bhushan turns to talk to Jatayu. I hope you are satisfied now that none of the Naag stole that special wing. They are safe. No Naag knows of this place. Please free my father now. Chitraketu blames him for blaming their Maharaj. You can be given death penalty for the same.

Vali asks everyone what happened. You all look so shocked already. What will happen if I tell you about my boon? Riksharaj says whatever your boon be you will be punished for this mistake for yours. it is unpardonable. I will surely punish you. vali asks him by with right will he do so. I am the King now. I have all the rights. Accept it that you are no longer a king. Riksharaj is sad. You were not like this? Vali replies that greed for throne, wish for victory and other such factors make one do it. Sugriv points out that he is disrespecting father. vali gets angry on him but Riksharaj tells him he has crossed all his limits. You will be surely punished for it. Vali laughs hearing it. Will you try to light sun with a lamp? There is no one in the world that can stand before me even for 2 seconds. Riksharaj calls out for his Mahabali. Sugriv requests him not to do so but Riksharaj signals him to be quiet. He orders his Mahabali to keep Vali in jail. Mahabali walks up to the throne.

Hanuman tells Chitraketu that Naag’s will attack on them if he does not free Panchfann asap. Any war brings destruction. Chitraketu tells him to stop. This Naag kid keeps on blaming Maharaj. We would have finished him if it was someone else. Jatayu suggests taking the matter in their court. Soldiers too demand for it. Jatayu agrees. Hanuman worries for Bhushan.

Precap: Hanuman and Chitraketu argue over who is right or wrong. Jatayu gets upset. Is it not a thing to believe if I am saying it that I did not kidnap Panchfann?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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