Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 20th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 20th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Hanuman confronts all the demons, and after thwarting them off, he rushes to eat some more juicy fruits. one demon doesnt relent and continues to follow him. the demon is about to give a fatal blow, while hanuman stops him saying not now, as right now, his hunger hasnt been quenched. but when the demon doesnt comply, hanuman gives him a hard push.

Meanwhile, raavan wonders how did that monkey have the guts to get inside Lanka. just then, mandodari comes, and he asks whats the matter. ashe talks about Chamunda dei leaving Lanka. he gets tensed, as his security weakens. she says that it feels he has come to ruin lanka, and asks raavan to stop this monkey soon. soon the hurt and wounded demons reach raavan’s court room, one

by one, and inform him of what happened in Ashok Vatika, saying that a monkey caused it. Raavan is enraged and asks who is it. they show their ignorance. raavan fumes, at the mention of this monkey over and over again. he however smirks that a mere monkey can be caught by his most ordinary soldiers. he asks the commander to send his soldiers with this instruction, that they catch the monkey and get him here, on his feet, so that he gets his rightful place. he guffaws loudly, while all are tensed.

In the garden, he has a wonderful time later to eat to his heart’s content, these juicy sweet fruits and thinks that once he is done, then he shall leave lanka. he finds a swarm of bees approaching him from the far distance and wonders who came in his way now, and decides to find out. he takes his flight and comes closer to inspect. he understand that they have been sent by Raavan to stop him, and thinks that when everyone sent by him, gets defeated, then he would be curious to see him, and thats when he shall confront Raavan and his ministers. he thinks that these are special, and if raavan sent them, then they must be magical demons, and deduces their sting to be extremely poisonous, as they start hovering around him in circles, with a huge speed. he wonders what to do, as they suddenly send their stings all at the same time, directed at him. he intakes a huge gasp of breath and then gulps down all the stings and then exhales to send all of them back at the bees itself. they are affected by their own stings and killed. he smiles. but then he finds another similar batch approaching, and decides to teach them a lesson too. he throws out huge gasps of air, by the effect of which, they are directed away from him. midflight, the demons appear in their true self, and come on the ground, to get into attack mode. he finds hundreds of demons approaching him, guffawing loudly. he is tensed, as they come in original form. they corner him from all dircetions. but he calls them on, saying that he has come to kill them all. he starts showing them the lagical power of his tail, that thwarts them all at the same time, and they wince in pain. the ffect reverberates around and it creates ripples in the entire universe, as everything gets unsettled. The demons, facing hanuman, think that this isnt an ordinary monkey, and they need to cautiously approach him, as they need to kill him as per raavan’s instructions. hanuman asks them to come on, as he wants them to know, that if alone can kill them all, then what would happen, when his lord rama comes. he chants Rama’s name and the sound vibrates in the universe. rama is overwhelmed, while raavan gets unsettled. Hanuman vows in the name of sita, that he shall leave Lanka only after having completely ruined it, as he declares himself the messenger of Rama, who is capable of killing hundreds of raavan alone. the demons decide not to be unfazed, and chanting raavan’s name, they progress further. hanuman again uses his tail to thwart off their progression. Meanwhile, Raavan thinks that this powerful monkey might have stepped in, but he is sure that his soldiers would capture him. they throw their weapons at him and he escapes it somehow with dexterity. then he holds their weapon, midflight in the air, and then throws it back at them.

In the gardens, sita is overhwlmed that hanuman’s arrival means rama would come soon too. the demons tell sita that they have informed raavan about hanuman, and he has sent demons to catch him. another says that hanuman ruined their beautiful garden, and tells trijata that he killed the guards here. But trijata asks why is she being told. the demon says that he came to meet sita, and demands to know everything being talked about, so that raavan knows, or else he shall kill them all tonight. they barge her with questions asking her everything about hanuman. she smiles as she gets ready to talk. she says that warriors are identified by their bravery and they never give their own introduction. she starts talking about the strength, vigour and power of hanuman, that makes everyone gasp. while hearing, they too feel his strength in the form of ripples created, as sita continues on. sita says that even if still, raavan wants his intro, then he shall himself present himself.

While fighting the demons, Hanuman says that now he shall show them the impact of Lord rama’s name. as he chants aloud, the mere impact of the name in the wind, causes them to fly off in all directions, and some of them are visible from Raavan’s courtroom. he gets enraged and demands to know what the hell is going on. he asks his commander that an ordinary monkey cant have this power, and hence he has been sent by the lords to free the power of the Navagraha. mandodari denies, saying that Sita’s husband must have sent him. but he ridicules her idea off, and asks her where would that ordinary man have found this extra-ordinary monkey, and tells his commander that he has the fullest belief that this monkey has been sent by Indra. raavan wonders that soon he shall have to find out, who this monkey is, and what he wants. he thinks that once he is captured, then he shall find out everything. Meanwhile, hanuman continues to fight off one by one, as the screen freezes on his face.


Precap: Raavan asks the commander to send his extremely powerful son, Jambavali to fight off the monkey and get him back here, at his feet. he complies. his son arrives in grand form.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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