Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 20th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 20th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on


Scene 1:
Location: Raavan’s lanka
In his armour room, meghnad thinks that the monkeys wont be able to infiltrate lanka, and even if they do, they wont be able to stand the attack of his weapons. he guffaws louldy, eyeing his weapons, and then hears someone. as he turns around in attack mode, he finds raavan standing there, and apologises. raavan commends him on his alertness, and when asked whats he doing here, he says thart his heart was tensed due to many anxieties, and hence thought of meeting him. meghnad asks him whats the matter. he wonders whether the premonitions about him were right, and wonders whether submission and giving sita away is right, and that if he doesnt accept defeat he shall be alone, and then raavan thinks that his trap

is becoming successful. meghn ad rubbishes off his doubts and says that they wont accept defeat at any cost and that they shall fight if need be, and wont back at any cost. he talks highly of his grandeur. raavan says that they wouldnt be able to defeat hanuman. he asks if he doesnt trust his valour anymore, and if that is so, then they arent ready, and he shall kill himself, before disappointing his father. raavan asks him not to think wrong, and he isnt tensed for him, but his son. he tells him that he isnt capable to fight hanuman yet. meghnad swears that he shall pray to Nikumbhala devi, to get the way to success. raavan smirks, that he would wish something like amrit. raavan blesses him galore, as he turns around and grants him his wish. after he leaves, raavan smirks at his evil idea.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Laxman comes to rama and touching his feet, he says that he was with demons, but was alone, and now with monkeys, he feels his own place. he swears that he shall be with him, in his bid to destroy demons on the wrong path and freeing sita. rama blesses him. then hanuman and angad ask him to show an alternative way, other than crossing the ocean to get to lanka. laxman wonder how to get to lanka then. vibhishan suggests that rama can beckon the Lord sagar, is responsible for the origin of seas, and that he is ancestral royalty of Lord rama, and if rama asks him, then he shall surely comply. sugriva asks him to elaborate. vibhishan talks about how maharaj sagar did the ashwamedha yagya, in which Indra stole his horse, to create a distraction. then the priest asks him to go and search, and he sent his 800 sons, to find out, and when they didnt find him anywhere, they started ruining and creating craters on all the earth, that soon filled up with water and led to oceans. he asks rama to beckon the lord of the oceans who shall definitely comply. rama complies. hanuman is ready and eager to help. shaaran and shoork, wonder what if they succeeed, then their own death is certain. they decide to do something.

MEghnad and rama both sit at their respective places, to pray for a way out, from their lords and goddesses. rama sacrifices water and food, till the ocean accepts his plea. they are all shocked. Meghnad too begs for the goddess to be pleased. vibhishan meanwhile tell hanuman, that rama stands privy to an attack as they shall not be silent. hanuman says that he shall take care of security. Hanuman gets into his grand avatar, with all forms, while all bow down overwhelmingly. they all take their places and make a safety net around him. sugriva too tightens. the demons are scared. they however find the idea, as hanuman and sugriva are going away. they capture him, and then captivate him, and try qand instigate him against sugriva, as he gets affected, and says that he wont side with rama. they both guffaw. Meanwhile, hanuman and others are baffled as they hear surgiva bearing the shankh, and wonder why he is calling them all. when they all gather, surgiva starts speaking the voice of the demons, and tries to turn the entire demons against rama, saying that its a waste of time. hanuman is baffled, while jaamvant wonders how is he speaking. hanuman says that this isnt him speaking. he orders them all to return to kishkindha. they are baffled. when they dont comply, and are stunned, Surgiva tells them all that is his last and final warning, and beckons them all to back off. laxman and others remind him of what rama did to and for him. sugriva retaliates back. hanuman wonders what happened to him all of a sudden. he gets atop his rath and beckons them to move along. angad and others decide to go with him. laxman wonders how is this happening. surgiva starts retreating.


Precap: Surgiva starts retreating, while hanuman confronts him. he asks hanuman to get out. hanuman simply closes his eyes, and then appears in grand form, while emanating light from himself, that blinds sugriva, retracing the effect that the demons had on him.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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