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The lady asks him to leave his parents and Sumeru. You wont be able to return to Sumeru then. You should always be ready to serve us. Kesari instead requests the couple to take Sumeru but not their son. The man asks his wife to come. They wont be able to give us anything. The couple turn to go but Hanuman stops them. I will do as you say. Anjana asks him to break his promise but he stays put. You only say that we should live by our promises. He turns to the couple. I am your servant. I will do whatever you say now. The lady announces the same amongst all the people gathered there. Kesari and Nani request Hanuman not to go but he is bound by his promise. Hanuman apologizes to his family members. This was the time till we were meant to be together. He touches everyone’s feet. All

the people are really sad to see their Yuvraj go. Please don’t leave us. Hanuman folds his hands as he walks past everyone. Anjana / Marjarika smiles slyly.

The couple come to their original form. They are actually Ma Parvati and Lord Shiva. Everyone folds their hands. Marjarika hides. Hanuman very excitedly greets them. They bless him. Lord Shiva says it was your test. Ma Parvati adds that he has proved it that he deserves the boons of Nau Durga. Nau Durga appear there. All the Devi’s and Lord Shiva bless Hanuman with special powers. Ma Parvati says you got these powers to do the welfare of the world. You shall always win! Lord Shiva says these powers have been given to you for a special reason. They will make you meet your God in future. He also addresses Anjana. Lord Shiva blesses Anjana. Marjarika thinks that even they cannot recognize her. Hanuman and everyone cheers for Nau Durga Maiyya.

Marjarika shares with Ravan that even the Devi’s gave boon to Hanuman. I failed to do what you asked from me. Give me death. Ravan refuses to give her freedom. You will be punished. Engage that vanar kid in such a way that he forgets everyone else except you in the form of his mother. He should not think of anyone else. There should be no obstacle in my way this time. This is a warning for you! If you fail this time then I will give you a worst punishment than death. You will beg for death but you wont get it. She assures him that she wont make any mistake this time. She disappears. Ravan calls out for Guru Shukracharya.

Anjana is in the temple. My Hanuman is a little kid. I am only worried as to how will he be living without his mother. Devi Shachi comes there. Anjana greets her. Devi Shachi asks her till when she will cry like this. Life goes on. Hanuman too must be living his life. You are lucky to have an extraordinary son like him. Anjana says it is the saddest thing to leave him in this age. Devi Shachi can understand her pain. A mother teaches values to her son. Your love, values must be still guiding him. He will be surely applying them in his life. Accept fate. If you will be sad then it will somehow reflect on Hanuman too. Anjana nods. But I cannot forget the moments that I have spent with my son. The memories keep flashing before my eyes. A mother is the biggest shield of her son. I wonder who would become my son’s shield now. She prays that whoever is guarding her son should only encourage him to walk on the path of dharma.

Hanuman is playing with his toys. Marjarika holds Hanuman’s mace as she approaches him from behind. I will force you to follow the path of evil. Hanuman is surprised to see her holding his mace. She gives it to him. It suits you a lot. I want you to become the strongest fighter. You should practise for the same. The more you practise, the more stronger you will become. Hanuman agrees. I have to become Mahabali. He takes the mace from her. She adds that one must think of the opponent only as his enemy. The good fighter defeats the enemy. He nods. I will keep it in mind. He leaves> Marjarika wants to target Kesari too.

Precap: Ravan vows to destroy everything. I will destroy this world. That Nar Roopi Narayan and vanar will die as well. Hanuman practises before the mirror.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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