Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 20th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 20th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman turns to Devraj Indra. I fulfilled my punishment. Now I can take my mother with me, right? Please give me permission. Devraj Indra is impressed by his patience and perseverance. I allow you to take your mother with you. Hanuman is in tears. He folds his hands before Devraj teary eyed. Anjana does the same. Urvashi refuses to accept defeat. I will have to do something. Hanuman holds his mother’s hands. Now we can go back to Sumeru, to father. They share an emotional hug. Anjana nods. We will go back to our world, our family, and to our Sumeru, which is much more beautiful than Swarg. Urvashi looks unhappy. Hanuman and Anjana turn to go when Devguru Brihaspati appears there. Everyone greets him. Devguru says this cannot happen. Anjana cannot go. Hanuman asks him the reason

for it. Devraj has agreed to it. Devguru shares that ANjana’s curse is still not over. If she returns to Sumeru without freeing from it then the entire family will fall under the curse as well. Anjana thanks him for stopping her on time. Wrong would have happened with my family because of me otherwise! Urvashi is glad. Now Anjana cannot go back. Devraj Indra speaks up. I have done many good deeds. Can I not free Anjana from the curse? Devguru denies. This is not to be done by you. Hanuman asks him how his Ma will be free of the curse then. Devguru replies that the Rishi who had cursed your mother can only take it back. Anjana thinks of the past. Devguru adds that they will have to make him agree to it. Hanuman offers to go right away. Tell me where he will be at this moment. Devguru shares the location. Urvashi vows to make sure Anjana never gets free of her curse.

Hanuman folds his hands before everyone. I request you all to allow me to go to Narmada Van and succeed in fulfilling my mission. All the Rishi’s bless him. Anjana is in tears. Devraj Indra too wishes good luck to Hanuman. Hanuman also greets Devi Shachi and Devguru. Urvashi vows not to let Hanuman reach that Rishi. She goes somewhere. Anjana asks Hanuman how will he do it. You don’t have any special powers or boons anymore. He says I have your blessings, father’s guidance and the power to fly because of Vayu Dev’s blessing. Its enough for me. Don’t worry. I will be back soon and take you from here. He greets her to seek her permission. She blesses him and kisses him on forehead. He signals her to wipe her tears. Devraj gives him a word of caution. The third day is also going to end. Now you only have two days. Hanuman says I have mother’s blessings. I will overcome this obstacle just like I did the other ones. I will be back soon, Ma. Take care of yourself. He flies away.

Hanuman spots the location told by Devguru. I will have to be quick. Time is passing by. I only have 2 days left now.

The same Rishi is doing tapasya. A few Asuras come there. One of them picks his hut and him up in his hands. The Rishi still continues with his prayers.

Anjana thinks of Urvashi. Hanuman is doing everything to help me but Urvashi is doing everything to stop him. I hope she isn’t thinking of anything against my son. I will have to check on her. She turns to go when Indra Dev’s saarthi appears there. He says today Swarg is not like what it was earlier. Look at Urvashi. She has been creating problems for Hanuman in every step. She has again got down to something. Anjana is shocked to know Urvashi is not in her room. He says she is not in Swarg. He leaves. Anjana prays for Hanuman.

Those Asuras take that Rishi with them. Hanuman reaches there just then. He looks around but cannot see it. Devguru told me about this location only. Where is the hut?

Urvashi smirks thinking that Yakshraj did her job. Suddenly something falls near her. A bright fire emanates there. It turns out to be an Asura named Yakshraj. Lankesh appointed me for the task for which you had requested him. She happily greets him. Thank you for helping me. You did a big favour on me by kidnapping that Rishi. He says I deserved to become Yakshpati but Mahadev and Gods made Kuber Yakshpati. I can do anything against Gods. It is good that Lankesh gave me a chance. She advises him to make sure Hanuman is not able to take that Rishi away from here safely. She turns and is a little shocked to see him standing too near her. She moves a little aside. Yakshraj says that place is fully secure. No one can go there without my permission. She is relieved. Now my plan will succeed. Hanuman will spend 5 days looking for Rishi. I wont let you go ANjana. I had wanted to do it since so long. You helped me make it come true. He is mesmerised by her smile. I am happy that you praised me. What will you give me in return? She agrees to give him any ornament, jewels. She cannot give him Swarg. He says I want something which you can give me. She asks him about it. He asks for her. I want you. She is shocked. You sent a tapasvi to Yakshloka. Now I need you. Don’t back off now. You told me to ask you directly what I want. I get whatever I want either by love or by hook or crook. From now onwards, you will stay in my palace as my Rani. She screams for help as he holds her shoulders. Hanuman hears her voice.

Precap: Yakshraj picks up Urvashi in his arms. Hanuman warns her to keep his Massi down. She is like my mother. Insulting women is like insulting God. I wont let it happen.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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