Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 20th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 20th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman hugs his mother. He wipes her tears. Don’t cry anymore now. Nothing will happen to me as I have your blessings. She closes her eyes to silently thank God. Sugriv is all bruised. Anjana says if you wouldn’t have brought this Prasad from Vali then there would have been a very big problem. You saved Hanuman. We will always be indebted to you. Sugriv tells her not to say so. Hanuman is not my friend but brother. Why speak like this then? Kesari is touched. Sugriv adds that Vali couldn’t understand the relations that their families have been sharing since decades. I apologize to you on his behalf. Hanuman hugs his Sugriv Bhaiya. He notices his wounds. It must be Vali Bhaiya! Anjana and Hanuman take him to nurse his wounds. Kokat looks at them pointedly.

Devraj Indra

and Vayu Dev greet Mahadev and Mata Parvati. Devraj apologize to Mahadev. My love for my son Vali made me do this, which is why I gave him that boon. He is creating problems for Hanuman time and again. Vali has lost his way. I only am the reason behind it. I am the culprit. I am ready for any punishment. You can even remove me from my Devraj position but please stop Vali from doing something wrong. Even I don’t have the power to stop him now. Vayu Dev says Vali’s anger will only increase towards Hanuman when he will find out that Hanuman and Sugriv are alive. Vali is a very big obstacle in Hanuman’s way. We have to stop him asap. Mahadev replies that love overcomes all the good things in life. You did the wrong thing Devraj but you deserve forgiveness as you have realised your mistake. Devraj thanks him. I am concerned for Hanuman. Mahadev says it is time to complete his boons. He has to become Ashta Siddhi Dhaari Hanuman. We have to complete them now. You only will have to imbibe this knowledge in him. Devraj Indra happily agrees.

Anjana and Hanuman apply turmeric paste to Sugriv’s wounds. Kokat looks on. Hanuman explains that this paste has the love of a mother and a younger brother too. you will be fine till morning. Sugriv wonders why his Bhaiya could not understand this love. I will once again go to Kishkindha to make him understand. His mother tells him against it. She walks inside. Neither you nor Hanuman will go. Everyone greets her. Anjana shares that Sugriv risked his life to save her son. Sugriv’s mother stays put. My other son hurt both these kids. If Vali finds out that they are alive then he will again try to harm them. I am at peace seeing you both safe. I wont let you go there. Kesari says Sugriv will stay here with us in Sumeru till Vali comes to the right path. Sugriv’s mother reasons that it can only increase Vali’s anger. Any other problem can come on Sumeru. I will stay with him in jungle till then. Kesari denies. Sugriv is like my son. You all are like our family. I can bear anything to protect my family. I take the responsibility of Sugriv. I will keep my crown in Vali’s feet but wont let anything happen to Sugriv. You know a vanar King will die but wont keep his crown in anyone’s feet. So, no one can harm Sugriv till I am alive. Hanuman adds that he is ready to face any problem so his father’s words can be respected. Vali Bhaiya wont be able to reach Sugriv Bhaiya even if he is before him. I will create a Raksha-Chakra for the same. I have learnt about it from my Gurudev. Hanuman invokes the Raksha-Chakra by praying to Surya Dev. Hanuman thanks Surya Dev. Sugriv Bhaiya will be safe till he stays inside this Chakra. It is our responsibility to protect him now. Take rest now. Sugriv’s mother hopes that Vali gets his head straight.

Vali is angry. Sugriv is a traitor. He saved that Markat, proving that he is on his side only. You saved Hanuman but who will save you from me now! I will kill you before Hanuman. Ravan advises him to ignore pawns. Sugriv is your brother after all. Vali calls Sugriv his enemy. Ravan says we lay down an animal before a lion’s cave to get him out of the cave. Your brother’s love and friendship for that vanar kid can be your weapon. You can use your brother to call that vanar kid anywhere anytime and trap him. Vali smirks. Your suggestion is good. But Sugriv wont be able to escape from my punishment! Kokat tells him what Kesari and Hanuman have decided upon.

At night, Sugriv and his mother are sleeping. She wakes up hearing some sound. He shifts in his sleep and notices his mother looking towards the door. What happened? She shares that she heard something. He stops her from going to check. I will see what it is. She thinks that the door is also open. It will be a problem if it is Vali. Sugriv opens the door and is shocked to see Vali. Sugriv thinks to step back inside the Chakra made by Hanuman asap. Before that, Vali holds him angrily by his neck. Their mother requests him to spare Sugriv but in vain. Hanuman comes there. Leave Sugriv Bhaiya! Vali thinks his biggest enemy is here. He has made my brother my enemy as well. Vali does not let go of Sugriv’s throat. Sugriv and his mother keep requesting him to let go but in vain. Hanuman yet again tells Vali to leave Sugriv. He advances towards them. Pardon me but I am helpless. Hanuman holds Vali’s hand and lifts him up with ease. Vali falls flat on the floor.

It turns out to be Sugriv’s mother’s dream. She screams Vali. It was a bad dream. Brothers have become enemies of each other. Both are my sons and my favourite. I don’t want anyone to be harmed. The situation is worrisome. I cannot see this. Vali has lost his way. Please show him the right path Lord so he gives up on his enmity towards Hanuman.

Precap: Hanuman assures Sugriv’s mother that no one can harm Sugriv Bhaiya. I have especially made Raksha-Chakra for him. On the other hand, a mayavi Asura gets Sugriv out of the Raksha-Chakra by coming before him in Vali’s disguise. Sugriv shouts Hanuman. Hanuman wakes up.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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