Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 20th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 20th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ashram
Durvasa eyes hanuman, as he thanks him galore, for listening to his request, and sparing Baali. he finds Durvasa in deep introspection. He asks what happened. while Durvasa narrates everything, Hanuman hears on intently. Hanuman makes a convincing arguement and begs him not to curse baali, saying that he considers him as his brother, and he can even imagine to hurt his own brother, and his mother too, by landing them into such trouble. Durvasa thinks that this cant be an ordinary child, with such conviction and wonders who is he. he then turns to his internal powers to find out, and understands that its infact a reincarnation of the lord shiva himself, as destiny had planned many years ago. he looks at hanuman overwhelmingly. Durvasa apologises

to himself that he couldnt identify this reincarnation of Lord. Shiva. he laments as to what he was going to do. he praises hanuman on being the true follower of justice and honesty, and prophecies that he shall always be true and just. Anjani is thankful that the lord saved her son from this trouble. durvasa agrees to his request, and takes back the curse, and gives Raavan and Baali a chance to mend their actions. Mandodari is relieved. Durvasa says that if they try to go against him one more time, they shall have to face his ire. mandodari is tensed. she promises that anyhow, she shall get raavan convinced to get on the right track. durvasa asks her to remember that its due to hanuman that raavan is alive, and hence in future, he shall have to repay back the favour too. she silently complies, and promises to pay back. durvasa thinks that this promise shall be very beneficial in the future. he eyes hanuman lovingly, and then she thanks hanuman, and takes durvasa’s leave. after she leaves, hanuman thanks him profusely, for having spared Baali’s life. durvasa compliments the lord’s mysterious plans as he eyes hanuman, and then wonders whats he seeing on hanuman’s forehead, as the entire solar system is visible on the forehead. he tries to read into whats the matter. he finds that someone shall curse hanuman, so that he loses all of his powers, due to his mistake. he thinks that hanuman is destined to be cursed, whether the medium be raavan and baali. durvasa thinks that as fate shall have it, hanuman shall commit a mistake. hanuman finds him in deep introspection and asks him whats the matter. durvasa says that he saw his future, and he is facing an imp[ending big trouble. this unnerves him with his family. he asks hanuman to stay alert always. hanuman’s parents are tensed, and wonder when shall he be able to live in relief. hanuman says that the biggest power is his paerent’s blessings. he says that if he has that, he doesnt need to be scared by any trouble. durvasa likes his answer, but adds that before destiny, all fail, and asks him to never make a misrtake. hanuman promises and assures him the same. hanuman asks how long would he continue holding onto this water. he says that its marked for curse, and he cant throw it anywhere, as wherever it falls, it shall cause ruin, and hence it has to be disposed off in a safe place. hanuman asks if he prmits, may he do it. durvasa happily agrees, and gives him the cursed waters.

Scene 2:
Location: Dwarka
Krishna proclaims to his wives, that its eternal wish of every person to be immortal, and raavan too harboured this wish. he says that raavan too feared death, and by hanuman’s birth, he had started plamnning his deqath, and despite durvasa’s threatenings, he had understood, that if he tries to do anything to hanuman, he shall have to face durvasa’s ire, but he still wished to be immortal. he decided to go on the way of acquiring Amrit, and after Mandodari, mother Kayekasi and father Vishwarva convinced him, he went on the path of meditation. one of them asks what happened to bali. he says that when love didnt work, fear was to be resorted to. his own mother was head bent on giving him a curse. one of them asks how can a mother curse their own child. he says that sometimes fear is needed to be instilled, and thats the same that baali did. he talks about how, hanuman saved him from durvasa’s ire, and he wanted his harm. baali gets enraged and says that he shall end hanuman. his mother warns him that if he doesnt let go of his ego, he shall be cursed by her herself, and before a mother’s curse, no godly powers shall work. baali is enraged and complies. Krishna says that when love doesnt work, fear needs to be used, which is what his mother used, and did exactly what it was supposed to. baali left his arrogance to get rid of it. hanuman left to find a perfect place to get rid of the cursed waters. he finds greenery in every area, and decides to go furthermore. he finds a grave tyoad, who is demonic, and threatens him that she doesnt allow anyone to pass through, by land, by air or water. hanuman thinks that people must have suffered a lot due to this demon, and thinks that if he pours the waters on her, then many people and living beings shall be saved. but he gets trapped, in his tongue, but deftly puts water on ehr, that brings her to ruins, and she vanishes off into thin air. he steps on the ground, boggled. suddenly a lady called chanchala appears
and says that she was stuck in this demonic avatar, and he is the one to have freed her. he identifies himself too. she says that she knows everything about him, and this is destiny, and she was bearing her fruits of previous deeds, and that he got her out of this curse. he says that it was his duty. she then says that his humility shall lend his name and fame in the world, and that the world shall know him as SANKATMOCHAN, and that soon, he shall meet his lord. he is baffled and surprised too. she vanishes, but her words resonate in his ears. he then again takes his flight, looking around nervously, and finally reaches Sumeru, thinking the even durvaasa must have left now. in the jungle, he finds delicious ripe mangoes, and starts feeling hungry. he aims at climbing the tree, but is distracted by the sweet sound of a a sweet bhajan. he is taken spellbound towards it.

Scene 3:
Location: Ashram
As anjani and kesri, along with the head priest and others, are totally immersed in devotion to the Lord. Narayana, hanuman progresses towards the temple, spellbound by some invisibly force, attracting him towards it. Hanuman overwhelmingly eyes the Lord’s idol, as the bhajan continues on with the Arti. he remembers chanchala’s words, and thinks that he finally met his lord. he progresses through the crowd, and is totally overwhelmed with devotion and devout following as the arti continues on. Finally, an emotional Hanuman speaks up aloud, Prabhu Shree Ramchandra Ki Jai. all are shocked as they turn to Hanuman. the head priest thinks that its lord vishnu, and hanuman is mocking him by addressing him as Ramchandra. anjani identifies the child to rishi, as their son, Hanuman. they are tensed and surprised. they continue on with the puja rituals, as Hanuman watches on. the head priest says that its time for the Lord’s bhog. Kesri asks hanuman if he finished the work allotted by rishi durvasa. hanuman narrates what happened and what he did. they are overjoyed. the priest come down, having pulled the drapes on the temple, and hanuman eagerly rushes to touch their feet. Kesri tells hanuman this is Rishi Angiras, the seniormost in the state. his son talks about how Rishi, always means them well. kesri also identifies the son, as RISHI SAAMVRAT. he says that he is here for another four months, and they have come for the start of the Jag Kalyan Yagya. hanuman presents himself to be able to be of their help. Rishi tells him, that he addressed to the Lord Vishnu, as Raja Rama which isnt appropriate. Hanuman profusely apologises, and says that since he saw Hid lord Rama, he was taken aback. Kesri asks if he has forgotten his mannerisms, and is arguing. hanuman says that he isnt lying. rishi is taken aback. anjani believes him, but is tensed that maybe hanuman didnt see the idol properly enough, as this idol is of the Lord Vishnu. kesri too points out that it may have been a misunderstanding. but hanuman stands adamant on his stance. Rishi asks him that its enough, as soon he shall understand his mistake, and shall know, that its Lord Vishnu and not Lord Rama. they take off the drapes, after Bhog. as they eye the idol, they find Lord Rama’s idol there instead of Lord. Vishnu. all are amazed at this miracle. HAnuman is overwhelmed as he progresses towards it. Finally, an emotional Hanuman again speaks up aloud, Prabhu Shree Ramchandra Ki Jai. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: RIshi Saamvrat tells everyone, that Lord Rama is Kalyug’s reincarnation of the Lord’ Vishnu, and due to hanuman’s unrelenting devotion, they could see him rightaway. But Rishi Angiras takes it upon himself, that hanuman isnt to be given credit, as this is merely a test of his devout followership, by the Lord Vishnu himself. Anjani is tensed whether he shall get enraged and give some curse to his son.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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