Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 20th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with hanuman crying, he is holding luv and kush’s hands as they cry. Hanuman says mata sita has gone forever, but we will go to ayodhya now and do what mata sita wanted. Hanuman gets up and lord ram opens his hands, luv and kush go and hug lord ram. Lord ram luv and kush are crying. Hanuman says lord ram you have to make luv and kush a part of the ashvmedh yag as said my mata sita. Lord ram says yes hanuman, you are right. Hanuman says we have to complete the ashvamedh yag. Lord ram says we shall go back to ayodhya.
In ayodhya, all mothers are waiting in the palace for lord ram. Lord ram and everyone come. Lord ram’s mother see luv and kush and are happy. Then they find for sita but do not see her. When the mothers know about sita, they all cry and everyone

is sad. The ashvamedh yag continues as luv and kush sit beside lord ram praying and looking at the fire. From sita’s statue, sita’s shadow is seen and hanuman lord ram and everyone see. Lord ram sees and smiles and hanuman smiles too. After the ashvamedh yag is over, lord ram is sitting in his room with sita’s statue, sad and looking at the floor.
Hanuman comes in the room and sees lord ram sad. He comes and says prabhu, today luv and kush enjoyed the day as I put them on my shoulders and showed them ayodhya, they were so eager to see more of the city. Lord ram is still looking down. Hanuman tries to make lord ram happy and says prabhu tomorrow again we will go out and I will teach luv and kush everything that you taught me. Lord ram looks at hanuman and says hanuman you have always bonded our family together, you are a part of our family and sita gave you the task of keeping everyone happy and protecting everyone. Lord ram then says hanuman but now that my sita is not in this world anymore, her purpose in this world was over, now I don’t think that ram has any work in this world, lord ram gets up and says hanuman I think even I have to leave this world now as even ram rajya has been established and all demons have been killed, so I have to go. hanuman is shocked and says lord ram please don’t say that. lord ram says I know hanuman, you wont let me go which is why even I cannot go. lord ram then says my brother laxman is my shadow, he has always been my shadow in his entire life, he came with me on exile and protected me like a father, he fulfilled all my wishes and himself stayed hungry without eating a single grain of food. Laxman has been my shadow, with him here It will not be possible for me to leave this world. Lord ram says laxman loves me with his heart so I cannot go. hanuman is sad.
In heaven, brahma dev says to all gods that now it is time for lord ram to go. brahma dev says lord ram’s purpose is finished in this world and he has to go. all gods are shocked and indra dev says but how can lord ram go? brahma dev says lord ram has a hint that his purpose is over but someone has to go and tell him that his work is over now. brahma dev says ram rajya has been established on earth but lord ram going cannot be possible with laxman as his shadow. Brahma dev says lord ram’s name will always be called as god but yamraj you have to do the work of distracting laxman before telling lord ram that his time is over. Yamraj says but dev how can I do that? I can distract laxman but how can I distract lord ram’s reflection, how can I take him away when hanuman is there? Yamraj says hanuman never leaves lord ram even if I go there in any form. Brahma dev says destiny will make everything happen yamraj, you have to go as a rishi on earth in ayodhya.
In ayodhya, mama shree comes injured. Bharat shatrugan laxman lord ram hanuman and everyone gather around and bharat says mama shree? Shatrugan says what happened mama? Mama shree says that prabhu ram, the demons of ganga ghat attacked my kingdom and now their commander is behind me to kill me. Mama says shree ram only you can help defeat these demons.

Precap: yamraj disguises as a rishi and enters ayodhya.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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