Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 20th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 20th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anjana and Maruti are doing puja. Maruti is playing Damru while his mother sings a shloka. She gives him aarti so he too does it for her. Maruti wants to go out to play with his friends in the palace’s garden. She agrees but also tells him not to go out of the premises. Maruti nods. I don’t want to play with Damru today. I want to keep it in a safe place as it is my gift. Where should I keep it? Anjana suggests him to keep it near the Shivlinga. There can be no better place than this for a Damru. Maruti keeps it next to the Shivling. Please take care of my Damru. Lord Shiva smiles. Anjana does his tilak.

Kesari and Rikshraj are welcomed at Pambasar. All the kings greet each other. Kesari compliments King of Pambasar on his preps. I think the meeting will go on smoothly.

They head towards the court. Kalnemi appears there just then. I will tell you how peacefully it will go. A meeting against the Asuras! He turns himself into another king.

Maruti and his friends look at a bird’s nest. They are very excited to see the little kids. Maruti takes care of them personally. The babies of this bird are only 2 days old. One of the kids tries to touch the bird but it pecks him. Anjana tells them to be careful. They are very tender. Maruti shares what Dadhimukh was trying to do. Anjana explains that the big bird is the mother so it will not let anyone hurt her kids. A mother feels the same in all the forms. The mother was only protecting her babies. The kids reason that they were just trying to play with the birds. Maruti gets an idea. He gives all his friends a few balls of flour. We have to offer them to the bird. Anjana adds that this way they will become friends. They will trust it that you are their friends once you feed them. They will play with you freely then. Anjana leaves to do puja after giving all the little balls of flour to the kids. Take care of yourself and the birds. Maruti nods. The kids feed the bird with their own hands.

The head of a village comes to the temple. He has come to seek Lord’s blessings for his daughter’s wedding which is due soon. Chants of Om Namoh Narayana reach Chakrasur’s ears. He is getting angrier by the minute as they don’t pay heed to his threats. Now these Narayana devotees are going to die real soon. He reaches the temple. Stop praying to that cheater Vishnu! Everyone gets up. The head of the village asks him who he is. I have never seen you before. Chakrasur gives his intro. Whoever gets trapped in my storm dies. Everyone panics. Chakrasur remarks that he will kill all of Vishnu’s devotees. I will destroy everything.

The kids happily watch the bird taking care of her babies. An eagle comes there just then. It takes the babies in its beak. The kids are shocked. Someone save them!

Everyone tries to hold onto something stronger while Chakrasur starts the storm. People keep shouting for help.

The kids run after the eagle but it is too high. All the kids urge Maruti to save the birds. Only you can do it. Do something. Save them. Maruti gets determined and starts running. The kids look on in awe as Maruti starts flying.

Precap: Maruti tries to fly again but trips this time.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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