Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 20th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with hanuman standing on the moon and earth. After his storm blow, shatanand’s planet is revealed. Hanuman says this looks like a planet and has a palace too, it is shatanand’s planet. Hanuman puts everyone on the planet and lord ram and hanuman goes and takes his normal size. Hanuman says see lord this is shatanands planet. Shatanands voice says so you all have come here and I will kill everyone of you.
Hanuman says if you are so strong then come in front of us and fight my lord ram. Shatanand gets angry and all his fiery heads appear. Everyone is shocked and they say these heads are so fearsome. Hanuman thinks iniquity always loses however powerful it may be. Hanuman says come and fight face to face shatanand. Shatanand comes and is angry, he comes

walking and stands huge in size. He says I lured all of you to come on my planet and you came, now my anger is enough to burn you all here. Hanuman says iniquity is what you and ravana have in common and that is why you will die. Vibhishan says wait brother. Shatanand says brother? Who called me brother? Shatanand says then that so my younger brother who is a traitor has come too and now even you will die, I will personally kill you. vibhishan says no brother, even brother ravana walked the path of iniquity and ego because of which he was killed for his sins. Even you are walking the same path brother and please don’t do that as I cannot see another brother die and please change yourself brother. Shatanand says you are a traitor vibhishan and don’t dare to make me understand and I will kill you once I have killed everyone and this cheap monkey and his cheap lord. Hanuman says the one whom you are calling cheap is the form of lord Vishnu himself and he lives in everything. shatanand says now I will show you all my power. Shatanand tells all his heads attack!!
The fiery heads of shatanand come on ground and each head turns into a form of shatanand. Hanuman says I have to save my monkey brothers. There shatanand sits on a stone throne and watches the battle.
Some forms of shatanand fly and come in between the army. They attack and kill many monkey soldiers. The soldiers tell lord ram for help. Everyone attack, lord ram attacks arrows. Hanuman hits them with his gadha and everyone fight the forms of shatanand. All of them die. Everyone is happy but shatanand is on the throne and he says no one can kill my forms of shatanand and they will keep on coming back. The shatanand forms come back and everyone laugh and this time they are doubled. As everyone is about to attack, hanuman says no wait! Stop everyone. Hanuman says the army became double and the more we kill the more will appear. Lord ram says so we have to find a way to get rid of them without removing blood from their bodies. Sugreeva says how will we do that lord?
There shatanand thinks so this monkey understood my tactic but still on my planet nothing will happen to me and everyone will die. Hanuman there thinks and then says I know a tactic and it was of pushpamitra and he killed an enemy without removing blood and that is by using hand tactics and also choking them. Hanuman says look at me and do as I do. Hanuman goes and then turns his hand around one form’s chest and it dies as his neck breaks. The commanders learn this and sugreeva jambhuvan, angad and everyone fight like this.

Precap: shatanand gets up and he says now I will kill all of you here. Shatanand walks towards the everyone.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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