Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 20th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 20th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ravana pressing his leg on the stair on which lord shanis crystal is kept. Ravana says you gods were planning against me and my son meghnad that is why i have kept you captive. Ravana then looks at a diya and says what is this doing here and why is the light flickering? Advisor says because that is diya represents meghnads lifeline and it is still in danger.
There meghnad tells laxman that nice only you 3 came otherwise inwould have killed ram too. Laxman is angry as he remembers meghnad killing a holographic image of sita. Meghnad removes arrow and says this arrow is strong and see what it does, laxman retaliates with ankther arrow and the 2 arrows clash and burst. Meghnad is shocked. Meghnad femoves another arrow, laxman removes the vayushastra and

says you wont be able to withstand this arrow and neither will you chariot. Laxman attacks and vayushastra goes through meghnads arrow and hits meghnads chariot. Meghnads chariot is damaged, hanuman tells laxman that meghnad has various powers and he will do anything so attack fast. Meghnad says i am mayavi and will show what powers i have. Meghnad vanishes and comes in other direction and says laxman i will attack you with my powerful arrows. Meghnad removes an arrow and says this is the nagastra or snake arrow and this will kill you. Meghnad attacks, laxman removes his eagle arrow and attacks the nagastra, eagle arrow kills the snake and it goes towards meghnad. Meghnad removes a dagger and kills the eagle. Hanuman says i will help you laxman, he says jai shree ram and becomeshuge in size and says come on my hand laxman and vibhishan so you will be at the level of which meghnad is flying with his chariot. Meghnad says i have blessed weapons which are strong and you dont have them, meghnad says this is my blessed spear and it can absorb your weapon’s and your powers. There ravana tells advisor to remake meghnads kundli, advisor says i can show the kundli but i dont have the powers to manipulate it. Ravana removes meghnads kundli and he sets all the gods which decide setiny as he wants, then the diya which has fire lit doesnt flicker. Ravana says see now meghnad is safe and i have set his kundli so that he lives. Ravana tells lord shani now you must be suffering and suffer my wrath as i have powers that can keep you captive and make you do what i want youto do.
There meghnad attcks the arrow and laxman attacks too, but meghnads arrow absorbs th power of laxmans arrow and then goes and is absorbing laxmans powers, vibhishan says allow me to help or at least you do something. Laxman says i will do something dont worry and he attacks an arrow which destroys the absorbing arrow of meghnad. Laxman attacks 2 arrows simultaneously and they hit meghnad. Vibhishan and hanuman smile, but the arrows disappear and meghnad laughs. Hanuman thinks something sure is protecting this mayavi meghnad. Laxman thinks i have to remove the arrow that destroys all mayavi enemies and their powers. There ravana sees the fire lit on diya flickering and says why isnt meghnad yet safe? There in heaven lord indra and vishnu say to great god shankar that this way meghnad will kill laxman and rams army will be defeated because of ravanas misues of powers as he has taken the gods captive. There lord shani tell ravana that what did you think that holding us captive is going to stop lord indra and vishu from asking help from lord shankar? Ravana laughs and says that indra and vishnu wont be able to do anything. Ravana goes and sits in his room in front of the stone of lord shankar and says all my life i have prayed to you sincerely and if i have been your true disciple then i pray you that keep meghnad protected. Ravana says prayer.
There laxman attacks his arrow that kills mayavi enemies and their powers. Suddenly meghnad is protected by a shield.

Precap: hanuman says now i will attack you meghnad and laxman is injured. Hanuman attacks his gadha towards meghnad and says now i will see how you are saved from my gadha attack.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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