Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 20th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 20th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anjana hears Maruti calling out for him but doesn’t see him. I am sure you have hidden somewhere. She asks him to come out and hug her now. Maruti calls out for her again. This time she can see him. Her eyes fill up. Maruti doesn’t like to see her thus. I am near you only. Please don’t cry. Please forgive me. I had gone but I will always stay with you even if I am not there. She is confused. Anjana calls Maruti closer to her. I am dying to hug you son. He steps back. Maruti replies that he is in her heart. You might not be able to touch me but you will see me only if you close your eyes. She is tensed. Why are you saying this again and again? You used to run to me to hug me. why are you stepping back today? Give me your hand. Pain is written all over Maruti’s face.

How do I come close to you! I have gone very far from you but don’t cry. I am near you only. I am in your heart. Anjana looks at him stunned. Enough! I will keep you near me now. I wont let you go anywhere. She tries to walk closer to him. He disappears when she tries to touch him. She looks out of the window and sees Maruti falling down from the sky. She shouts his name and runs.

Ma Parvati can understand what Anjana must be feeling. My son Ganesh’s head was cut too. Only a mother can understand the pain in such situations. Her pain will be no less than what I had felt back then.

A berserk Anjana runs out of the palace while calling out for her son.

Ma Laxmi calls it injustice on Indra Dev’s part. It does not suit a Devraj to hurt a little kid. It is an attack on motherhood. Lord Vishnu agrees with her. But Indra only did his duty. He has the responsibility to make sure everything in the world happens as it is destined to be.

Kesari tries calling out for Anjana but she does not pay heed.

Ma Saraswati talks to Brahma Dev. A child’s death is more painful for a mother than anything else in life. Indra Dev has not done the right thing by hitting a child.

Anjana runs in the streets calling for her son with Kesari and the commander running after her. Maruti’s friends too see them. Something is up! They look up in the sky and see something falling. Is it our friend Maruti? Atibal sees him too. Maruti, the vanar kid, is dead? This is a great news for Lankesh. He will be so happy to know this.

Lankesh is laughing at what Rahu has told him. I got over Indra’s head. the kid had gobbled up Surya but he couldn’t stand before me. I threatened Indra of a fight between Dev-Asuras and instigated him. I hit him on his most sensitive point – his arrogance. Things happened as per my wish then. I got that kid death punishment. Lankesh is very much happy. I am happy with what you have done Indra! I will give you a prize. My anger has calmed down. You are great Rahu!

All the villagers and Maruti’s friends follow ANjana and Kesari. They stop near a cliff. They are shocked to see Maruti falling. Kesari stops Anjana from going further. Maruti falls over a mountain and it breaks into pieces. A little sandstorm ensues afterwards. Anjana keeps calling out her son’s name.

Lankesh is glad that that vanar kid died. He is my enemy as he is Asur’s enemy. Gods had blessed him. Now Chakrasur and Vrikshasur’s souls will be at peace. We will celebrate the occasion while the world will weep!

Flower blossoms on the earth where Maruti falls.

Lord Shiva puts his feet down in anger and the earth breaks into two pieces. How dare Devraj Indra do this! He dint think once before doing this.

Anjana cannot stop crying. I wonder what has happened to my son. Are you angry with me? why aren’t you coming to me? Where are you? Are you alright? Kesari has to stop Anjana as there is no way ahead. Maruti’s friends are sure something has happened to their friend. Anjana refuses to stay put. I will go to my son. I will cross anything. Please let me go to my son!

Precap: Anjana questions Vayu Dev where her son is. He gives her a lotus. Keep it with you. I promise I will bring back Maruti safely to you before this flower withers away.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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